Ironfish Listed on Kucoin | Is It Profitable?

What's up Sons it's blindroid with son Of attack once again and the iron Fish Network finally is listed on an exchange That I trust enough to determine Mining Profitability and it has been pulled Through the API into hash rate Calculators such as so we Can take a look finally at the Profitability for iron fish see if it's Worth it for you to mine it and so on Now iron fish as a network of course we Have talked about how to set up the node So definitely go ahead and check that Video out if you're interested in Setting up a node we'll talk about if It's worth it or not from a mining Profitability standpoint in this video And then of course don't forget to check Out the video covering the tokenomics For iron fish because there are some Concerns there if you are more a Fundamentalist cryptocurrency Dude guy dudette then you may not in Enjoy of course their tokenomics because It is very very institutionalized so With all those disclaimers out of the Way let's get into profitability right After a word from today's sponsor Today's sponsor is myself I recently Launched a crypto mining e-course at son Of a and it includes nine steps To cover when you decide to start your Crypto mining Journey this is Specifically pertaining to 2023 crypto

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Mining profits and taking advantage of The DOW market to achieve skyrocketing Growth as we move into the next having a Bitcoin you learn buying mining Equipment in a bear Market using outside Investment to speculative mind begin Mining once profit is established sell Mine crypto to pay for electricity hold And prep for the Bull Run sell at the Top of the bull market sell mining Equipment at the top of the bull market And begin investing in land and power so That you can bring in outside investors To utilize excess resources thanks Everybody for your support and I hope You enjoy the course let me know what You think of it in the comment section Below Welcome back so it's pretty exciting to See this iron Fish Network get launched Get listed on an exchange and all of That here's some great things about iron Fish from my perspective in general Right now is it had one of the smoothest Launches that I've seen from a Cryptocurrency ever right what we saw From Iron fish as far as a launch goes Is everything pretty much functioning Right off of the bat now it did Experience some significant Network slow Down times due to the amount of people That decide to mine it right off of the Bat but all things being said the Network was still functioning which

Means that you know pretty impressive Stuff especially because it does have The most hash rate on it that I think We've ever seen from a new coin launch Which is pretty nutty I think a lot of That can be attributed to their Documentation as well as the fantastic Job the marketing team did on the actual Project itself making sure that Everybody was aware and ready for it to Launch it had Day One support out of the Box for a majority of the popular mining Pools which was quite impressive and it Had day one launch support for all of The mining software which is something That we typically don't see either and That makes this coin very unique in from A launch perspective some of the Negatives on the launch side of course I Think right off the bat was the network Slow down time the difficulty adjustment Was a little bit of a bumpy road Initially but that seemed to smooth Itself out and then I think the biggest Problem was the hash rate distribution Primarily due to the fact that there Were incentives to mine the hero miners That weren't present on other mining Pools I.E they're ten thousand usdt Airdrop for mining iron fish on their Pool and I don't think that those Practices are healthy for the network so I wanted to point that out as well that Being said we have very impressive

Pricing right off of the bat for iron Fish coming in at eight dollars per coin And this means that it does make it Pretty profitable across the board and Extremely profitable for units or gpus That are efficient at Blake 3 what gpus Are these you may ask well those are Going to be the AMD GPU specifically the 7000 series and the 6000 series while The Nvidia gpus are profitable as well Still isn't as efficient as it would be On Dynex so that's just some things to Keep in mind but as you can see we Finally have what would be in my opinion Something that is competitive for the 7000 series and the 6000 series from a Mining perspective as where before iron Fish we really didn't have something That was competitive on a a Profitability and revenue standpoint as It would be on the Nvidia side of things The 7900 XT for example at 10 cents a Kilowatt hour pulling in 45 cents a day On on profit and the 6900 XT pulling in 43 cents a day on profit some of the Favorite gpus that people were building Out in the previous Bull Run was the 6600 XT and 6600 which are now both Profitable on this particular algorithm With the 6600 XT being at 14 cents a day After 10 cents a kilowatt hour and the 6600 being 13 cents a day after 10 cents A kilowatt hour and the price has been Pretty stable at around 750 to 8 dollars

Since the launch and you can go through The order book and kind of see where It's sitting at right now that being Said this has just launched on kucoin so Things could change as as miners begin To liquidate what they've done what They've had as well as test net users Begin to liquidate what they have so if You guys aren't familiar with iron fish Part of the reason they were so Successful with the launch was they had Incentivized test Nets that people got Basically air drops later on after Launch for participating in these test Nets and that means that there is a Certain amount of iron fish that is Going to be pushed to the market from People that were basically on the test Net and moving through it so test net Rewards for example look something like This this was a node that I ran for a Test net 3 Pretty low I only got 1.6 iron fish in This particular setup so and this is one Of the guides that I did for you guys For the incentivized test Nets but this Is what I'm talking about essentially You get these rewards it was based on The amount of points which was based on Basically the amount of participation You had in any of the test Nets and so That is actual real iron fish that you Can send to the markets and sell so that Is going to be a basically an

Influential piece to how much this coin Settles out So I think it'll be a little bit Volatile obviously over the next few Weeks and then we'll settle in on a Price and we'll have to see where it Goes from there if we look at difficulty Etc on the network it did have a very High Spike early on and then now it has Begun to basically recover after a dump Off when people were basically just Having issues with slowness on the Network and then it slowly started Building back up on that difficulty Chart and you can see here that part of The problem still is going to be this 4.27 Peta Hash a second on hero miners Definitely taking up a majority of the Network as you can see there's six Peta Hash on the network meaning that from a 51 percent attack Uh issue there could be hero miners you Know participating in that now when we Talk about 51 percent attacks that Doesn't mean that I think hero miners is Going to attack the network but in the Case that there was someone malicious That wanted to attack the network they Could feasibly go through hero miners Hack it and then utilize whatever power They have on that pool to Fork network Not something that has been done in a Long time mind you the last one that I Can remember was from sumocoin to Rio

Coin and that was in a two cycles ago at This point so You know I I pool Security's gotten a Lot better there's not as much of a Concern I don't have a direct concern With hero miners either it's just Something that's notable to pay Attention to so spread your hash out if You can I get it a 10K USD airdrop is Enticing and you want to get that as Well as here are miners typically has Like in the U.S some of the best ping Times which is definitely a benefit as Well for a lot of people or a lot of Miners so I get why this is happening But if you do have good ping to any of These other pools definitely go ahead And consider basically moving your hash Rate over another thing that makes it Extremely difficult too is you got a Zero percent fee right now for the Launch on hero miners I think this is Kind of not healthy for the network to See this but at the end of the day pools Are a competition they are a business so I understand why hero miners went this Route and that's the way it's going to Play out now I do have one rig mining on It but it's down right now because I was Messing with overclocks and I definitely Need to basically reset all of the Overclocks on this particular unit and Then we will cover basically the RX 6000 Series hash rates in a later video

Thanks everybody for watching hit the Like comment subscribe and notification Bell down below let me know are you Mining iron fish and is it coming out to Profitable for you in the case that you Aren't mining iron fish does this Information in listing on Deku coin Change your mind are you going to begin Mining iron fish and then what gpus are You mining iron fish with thanks for Watching I'll see you next Tuesday don't Forget to check me out at son of a for my crypto mining e-course As well as checking out the locals at Son of a for my daily Moves

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