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Iron fish to introduce voting for The Hashing algorithm change on September 1st we have new releases from bz minor And rigel Miner as well as new releases From ethereum Space Mash and flux all of That and more in today's episode of Blocks your One Stop Shop for all Cryptocurrency news from the perspective Of a cryptocurrency miner as quickly as Possible let's get into it Together In the latest weekly miners call for Iron fish several options of changing The mining algorithm were proposed these Options include modified ET hash B3 ET hash with Eip3372 autolicos V2 and progpow the Purpose of this change is to make the Algorithm more resistant to Asic mining The team is also open to considering Other suggestions from the community to Move forward the team plans to update The original Discord thread with Summaries from the previous two minor Calls and the top algorithm options they Then intend to put these hashing Algorithm options up for a vote if the Community chooses the modified ET hash B3 they hope to work for or with the Community members as well as the LOL Miner developers to review and finalize The specification once finalized the Hashing algorithm candidate will be Deployed to the test net with the

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Assistance of if Labs regarding the Voting process participants will use an Iron fish custom asset and must have an Iron fish wallet to cover transaction Fees and provide the voting token for The hashing algorithm the team will send One or of each to participants who Provide their public addresses each Voting choice will have a dedicated Wallet and participants will vote by Sending their voting token to the wallet Representing their preferred hashing Algorithm the voting window will open on September 1st and continue until the end Of the day on September 12th for those Concerned about privacy during the Voting process the team suggests Transferring the voting token to a fresh New wallet before casting the vote to Ensure transparency all view keys for The wallets representing the hashing Algorithms as well as the wallet that Created the voting token will be Disclosed for anyone to verify to Participate in the voting for The Hashing algorithm interested individuals Are requested to send their public key To the team via the Discord thread Direct message or telegram DM overall The iron fish team is actively engaging With the community to determine the best Mining algorithm for the project by Opening up the decision making process To a vote and involving community 80

Members in the review and deployment Stages they aim to ensure a fair and Transparent approach with these steps in Place iron fish is well on its way to Achieving a more Asic resistant mining Algorithm of course Asic resistance is Always a point of contention and if we Look at the four options that are Presented to us there's really only one Option that we know has no signs of fpga Or Asics and that is Prague pal however There is a ton of complaints about the Power consumption and heat Involved with Prague pal so a lot of People are leaning towards the ET hash B3 at least from the mining pool side of Things because of its easy Implementation on the mining pool side I Think from the actual minor side Autolicos V2 makes a lot of sense for The GPU miners in general because while There is you know hints of the fpgas Coming on to the network they aren't Super competitive by that I mean they Aren't way better than GP uses from what I have seen on leaked evidence of the Fpgas with Auto likos and then of course The ET hash with Eip3372 would be more likely to have ET Hash A6 on it as well in the future so Keep all of that in mind let me know Which one you're voting for down in the Comment section below and the reason why Moving on in the latest release of BZ

Minor version 16.0.3 there have been some notable Improvements and fixes the developers Behind bz minor have continued to listen To user feedback and have made necessary Adjustments to make this release better Than ever one of the improvements in This release is a slight enhancement to Ethereum which is sure to please users Who utilize this particular feature Additionally there has been a further Improvement to ethereum when used in Conjunction with radiant the previous Issue of ethereum causing the GPU to Hang or crash on Nvidia 10 and 20 series Cards has also been resolved in this Update users can now use ethereum with Confidence knowing that this issue has Been effectively addressed furthermore The issue of the GPU hanging or crashing When using ethereum in combination with Radiant on 10 and 20 series cards has Been fixed as well this is great news For individuals who rely on this Particular combination another Significant fix is the in this release Is related to ethereum and rejected Shares the developers have successfully Resolved the issue ensuring that users Will no longer have to deal with the Rejected shares when using ethereum Which I personally experienced and moved Off of BZ minor version 16.0.2 back to SRB minor I'll have to give

16.0.3 another chance one of the notable Improvements in this version is the Optimization of various algorithms the Following algorithms were optimized for Ethereum and ethereum with radiant Silica Ergo and Ergo with radiant Including Etc hash ethw OCTA and cancium These enhancements aim to provide users With smoother and more efficient mining Experiences additionally in the previous Release a potential crash issue with the Rhythirium on RX 580 gpus was addressed And fixed this fix ensures that users of The RX 580 gpus will no longer Experience crashes when using ethereum Overall feedback is welcome and Encouraged by bz minder development team This demonstrates their commitment to Continually improving the software and Providing users with the best possible Mining experience in the latest update Of rigel 1.7.2 exciting new features Have been added to enhance your mining Experience one of the notable additions Is the support for rutherium plus Elysium and ethereum plus Elysium plus Silica mining this means that users now Have the option to mine those Cryptocurrencies alongside ethereum to Make the process easier for users a dual Ethereum a lithium bash script has been Included this script allows users to Configure and optimize their mining Setup for both ethereum and the lithium

Simultaneously by utilizing this script Miners can maximize their efficient see In profitability Additionally the Ethereum plus radiant performance for 30 Series and 40 series gpus has been Improved this enhancement ensures that Miners with these specific graphics Cards can achieve higher hash rates and Better overall performance when mining Ethereum with radiant the update also Focuses on improving the performance of Ergo with radiant elithium and Caspa These enhancements aim to optimize the Mining efficiency and hash rates when Utilizing Ergo coin in conjunction with Radiant elithium or Caspa despite these Exciting new features and improvements It's important to note that there are Some known issues that users should be Aware of specifically when using Ergo Dual modes the hash rate improvements Are only seen when the Dual ratio is Locked in the command line parameter Dual mode a12 colon rxx Auto tuning May Incorrectly pick low ratios resulting in Poor performance therefore it is Recommended for users to manually set The Dual ratio to ensure optimal mining Performance as the rigel team continues To develop and refine their mining Software users can expect further Updates and improvements to enhance Their mining experience now I want to Bring your attention to a recent update

By virtual on ethereum Geth just 19 Hours ago they released version 1.12.1 and it seems like it's a hot fix To address a specific issue the hotfix Is labeled as C82cb25 and it aims to fix a problem Related to how the chain handles Previous uncles from what I understand These uncles were causing some invalid Block errors that were being thrown this Update seeks to resolve that issue and Ensure smoother functioning of the chain Now I'm not an expert on the technical Details but this fix appears to be an Important one handling uncles correctly Is crucial for maintaining the integrity And stability of the blockchain and when Errors are thrown it can have various Negative impacts on the system Fortunately J.A birchall has been Proactive in addressing this issue by Releasing this hotfix they are taking The necessary steps to rectify the Problem and improve the overall Performance of rutherium gas it's worth Noting that developers and users alike Rely on updates like these to keep their Software up to date and ensure a Seamless experience the world of Blockchain technology is constantly Involving and developers play a crucial Role in identifying and resolving any Issues that may arise so if you're using Ethereum Geth it's advised to update to

Version 1.12.1 to to benefit from the Hotfix keeping your software up to date Not only ensures that you have access to The latest features but also helps Maintain the security and stability of The system as always it's important to Stay informed about updates like this Following the GitHub releases and Reading the release notes it can give You valuable insights into the changes Being made plus it's a great opportunity To learn more about the technical Aspects of blockchain development if You're curious about the specific Changes made in this hot topics I Encourage you to check out the release Notes yourself I'll have them linked Down in the description in the latest Space mesh update version 1.1.2 several Changes and improvements have been made To enhance the functionality and Performance of the platform one Significant change is in this update is The removal of the Legacy Discovery Protocol in ticket number 4836 this Protocol has been rendered Obsolete and As a result the configuration option in Flag P2P disable Legacy Discovery no Longer serve any purpose furthermore it Is important to note that these options Will be completely removed in future Versions highlighting the continued Commitment to optimizing the space mesh Experience among the highlights of this

Update ticket number 4893 has introduced An extension of the time given to nodes For publishing an ATX short for Activation transaction nodes are now Granted a longer period before the start Of a new proof of elap time how it for Short approximately 12 hours on the main Net to publish the ATX in order to be Included in the upcoming poet round However in the event that I node misses This deadline it will still have the Opportunity to publish an ATX and Receive rewards for the subsequent epoth Albeit skipping one round in terms of New features ticket number 4845 has Introduced an API that allows users to Fetch information about opened Connections this provides a convenient Way to obtain real-time data about the Network allowing for more efficient Monitoring and Analysis several Improvements have been made in this Update as well ticket number 4882 Focuses on the optimization of caching Increasing the cash size and introducing The ability to configure the data store Parameters by enhancing these elements The performance and responsiveness of The space mesh platform are greatly Improved ensuring a smoother user Experience in ticket number 4887 it Addressed a crucial issue issue that Caused crashing during API calls with This fix users can now enjoy a more

Stable and reliable interface when Interacting with the space mesh API this Improvement contributes to the overall Robustness of the platform allowing for Uninterrupted utilization of its various Features and functions additionally Ticket number 4871 brings forth an Enhancement that adds Jitter to the Speed out request for obtaining poet Proof and submitting challenges this Implementation introduces a randomized Delay in requests making the process More distributed and reducing the Likelihood of congestion or bottleneck By spreading out these requests to load On the network is effectively managed Resulting in a more efficient and Reliable transmission of data overall The version 1.1.2 update for space mesh Introduces important changes and Improvements to the platform with the Removal of the Legacy Discovery protocol The extension of the ATX publishing Deadline and the introduction of new Features and Optimum stations users can Expect a more seamless and efficient Experience when utilizing space mesh These updates demonstrate the ongoing Commitment to enhancing the Functionality and performance of the Platform ensuring that space mesh Remains at the Forefront of Decentralized systems finally the flex Update version 4.10.0 was released two

Days ago by the trunk this update Includes two commits to the master since Its release one of the main features of This update is the support for V7 Application specifications in the Marketplace this means that the Marketplace now has the capability to Handle applications that are built built Using the V7 specifications in addition To the marketplace update a new flux Message called flux app removed has been Introduced this internal message is Broadcast to the flux Network whenever An application is removed from a node This update is significant as it Improves the accuracy of the application Locations within the network with this Improvement users can now have a better Understanding of where their Applications are located within the flux Network another Improvement introduced In this update is related to the testing Of unup NP support a test known as flux UPnP mapping test is now conducted on The API Port plus 3. this test is Designed to avoid interfering with the Ports in use by flux OS by conducting The test on a separate Port the Developers ensure that the testing Process does not disrupt in normal Functioning of flux OS in a previous Version firewall Port adjustments were Conducted regardless of whether the Firewall was active or not however in

This update firewall Port adjustments Are now only conducted in the firewall As active this change enhances the Efficiency of the firewall by reducing Unnecessary Port adjustments and Ensuring that adjustments are made only When required furthermore this update Includes the addition of language Pre-selection to script handling on Port Adjustments this means that the language Used for the script handling can now be Pre-selected providing users with a more Seamless and personalized experience by Allowing users to choose their preferred Language the flux update aims to Increase user satisfaction and ease of Use moreover the developers have taken An additional precaution when handling Firewall Port adjustments these Precautions ensure that the adjustments Are carried out smoothly and without any Unintended consequences by implementing These precautions the developers strive To provide a safer and more reliable Experience for users when making changes To their firewall settings the flux IP Changed messages have undergone Improvements in this update as well These messages are used to notify users When there is a change in their flux IP Address the improvements made to the Messages enhance their accuracy and Reliability ensuring that users are Promptly notified of any IP address

Changes within the flux Network lastly Some corrections have been made to a few API paths on the syncing service these Corrections address in any issues or Errors that were present in the API Paths ensuring that the sync thing Service functions smoothly and Efficiently overall the flux update Version 4.10.0 brings several Enhancements and improvements to the Flux ecosystem from added support for V7 Application specifications in the Marketplace to improve the accuracy of Application locations and better testing Of UPnP support this update aims to Provide users with a more seamless and Reliable experience with additions like Language pre-selection enhanced flux IP Changed messages and corrected API paths This update strives to address user Needs and optimize the functionality of Flux OS so there you have it today guys That is quite a bit longer episode of Blocks than usual because we add a lot Of news to get covered let me know what You guys think down in the comment Section below about all of this lots of New changes and exciting stuff happening Within the mining scene specifically as It pertains to you know GPU mining so I Look forward to that if you'd like to See my daily moves you can join me over At son of a links down In the description if you'd like a free

Month of supporter status on my locals You can get that with a purchase of my Crypto mining e-course at son of a thanks for watching and I will See you next Tuesday

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