Introduction the the Blockstream Mining Note

Before we begin a statement on behalf of Blockchain this is not professional Financial advice this video is strictly For educational and entertainment Purposes only So with that let's start with a general Overview of what the BMN is the block Stream mining note is an EU compliant Digital security that provides qualified Investors access to bitcoin hash rate at Blockstream's Enterprise grade mining Facilities One BMN token entitles the BMN holder to Bitcoin mined up to 2 000 terahashes of Hash rate over a 36 month term what Makes the BMN unique and such an Attractive investment is that it is a Registered security complete with Investor rights and a designated icing Issued through a Luxembourg Securitization fund the Bitcoin mined by The BMN is held in Cold Storage in a Pond of completion of the three-year Long-term investors will receive Directly into their desired Bitcoin Addresses minus costs Because the BMN is issued on the liquid Network it unlocks some neat features That would otherwise not be possible on Legacy channels for example the BMN can Be traded 24 7 365 days a year Peer-to-peer in denominations as low as 0.01 BMN and even on exchanges like Merge exchange that denomination can go

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Lower another unique aspect of the BMN Is that it could be self-cosity for Optimized Security in any amp compatible Wallet such as the block stream green or Side swap or it could be held in offline Storage on the Block stream Jade Hardware wallet when sending or Receiving the BMN peer-to-peer liquid Enables the transaction to be Confidential meaning no one besides the Sender receiver and stalker who is the Registered agent of the BMN will know The transaction details If you want to learn more about the Liquid Network and financial privacy be Sure to check out our previous Deciphered right up here [Music]

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