Intel’s Exit from Bitcoin Mining Paves Way for Jack Dorsey’s Block – 250

We talked a little bit about the the Access to specialized mining equipment To the public there is a little Hope on The horizon there coming from Jack Dorsey's blocks As it snaps that Bitcoin mining chips as Intel winds down production the payments Company could start selling Bitcoin Mining Hardware as early as next year Jack dorsey's fintech payments company Block recently bought a large number of Bitcoin mining chips from Intel which Will accelerate its plans to enter the Mining Hardware Market just as the Chipmaker winds down production the Purchase will help it bring mining Machines to the market as it focuses on Developing its Cutting Edge three Nanometer chips Intel announced in February a last date for production of His Bitcoin mining application specific Integrated circuits in April 2024 as it Discontinues the chip block recently Jumped on the opportunity to buy a large Quantity of these Asics from Intel it Said in a Friday blog post the firm was Planning on finalizing its design of a Five nanometer chip for Bitcoin mining This quarter and build machines based on That the purchase means that the team Can focus exclusively on three nanometer Design said the post Anatomy using chip Design referred to the size of each Transistor millions of which are packed

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Together to make up a chip these smaller Transit sisters the more that can fit on A chip so it can run more calculations Making for a more powerful chip blocks First party products will come as early As next year said Thomas Templeton Blocks Hardware lead in an interview With coindesk asked about the quantity Of the chips the company bought he said It is enough to bridge the time until Block can design and produce its own Three nanometer chips so it was kind of Bad news Now we saw Intel shutting down their Production of Bitcoin mining chips You know I was a little sad but it's Nice to see that it looks like block is Going to pick up the design and they Have a starting point at three Nanometers which should be pretty Competitive on the market with other Product Producers and manufacturers such as Bitmain and uh of course what's minor Avalon all of that right block said it Aims to improve the decentralization of The Bitcoin Network and this is good to Hear when it comes to mining the main Problem is the diversity of Manufacturing and supply chain said Templeton on point I agree Templeton we Want to make more tools for more people To build and use when you dig into Mining the Asic is at the center of

Mining the mining manufacturing industry Is dominated by two players bit Main and Micro BT which are the what's miners of Course in March block announced it was Working on a mining development kit Which will allow other Engineers to Create products using blocks chips this Will provide the developers with a suite Of tools to unlock innovation in Bitcoin Mining Hardware The Firm said block is Open sourcing this technology and wants The community to contribute to its Development which is why it announced The kit and Bravo This is exactly what we need to see an Open sourcing of it a mining development Kit here and basically decentralizing The Asic manufacturing is going to play A major part in what we can see as a Robust Network for Bitcoin and like I Said we could all go into well I hope a GPU minable coin takes over a CPU Minable coin but we still come back to That one fundamental principled problem Which is the people problem and Bitcoin Doesn't have that to that extent because Of The Disappearance of Satoshi Nakamoto Things could change and maybe they do And maybe they change for the better but The other problem that I see here or 4C Here of course is the fact that when we Talk about the relevance of Bitcoin in Particular we're talking about the Inability for countries to attack the

Network there is not really another Network that is cost prohibitive for Countries to to attack the network and That's where you really get the freedom For the individual from is the inability For the country to do this thanks for Checking out this clip from the crypto Mining show you can check out the full Episode here or more crypto content down Here also I'd like you to check out my Locals page at son of a Where you can become a member for free Or choose to be a five dollar a month Supporter that unlocks additional Content

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