Intel Arc A770 16GB Hashrates

What's up Sons it's blindroid with son Of attack once again and today I have The review of the hash rates for the Intel Arc limited edition 16 gigabyte Model of the a770 and this one actually Puts itself in a unique position where It could be considered a purchase over Some of the other Intel Arc models just Depending on which algorithm you're Actually going to end up mining let's Get into the details right after a word From today's sponsor today's sponsor is Coastal crypto Coastal crypto can be Found at Via the Affiliate link down in the description Below they don't want to take up a lot Of your time and neither do I because I Want to get into the video they're here To help miners find parts if you're Looking for Asics or even gpus or any Other parts be sure to check them out Use promo code soat at checkout for five Percent off any purchase on the website Welcome back let's go ahead and go over The spec specifications of course this One is going to be the top of the line Model meaning that the amount of XE Cores you have is going to be the max Amount that you can get currently on an Arc series The amount of render slices The amount of Ray tracing units all of That right Ray tracing is not going to Really affect mining as much but your XE Cores are going to of course your

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Graphics clock goes up to 21 Mega 100 Megahertz now in the software you can Get this locked up to the slider goes to 2400 megahertz what I've found is 2200 Megahertz it's pretty much its cap Before it starts doing weird throttling Things it does run across a PCI Express 4.0 by 16 and that is pretty much all of That memory specifications 16 gigabytes That's going to be the big deal here That's going to set it apart from other A770s they only have eight gigabytes and Of course apart from the a750 when we're Talking about my lining it is running Gddr6 on a 256-bit bus just like going All the way down to the a750 but it is Clocked higher at 17.5 gigabits per Second which gives it a total bandwidth Of 560 gigabytes per second compared to The 512 gigabytes per second that's Found on the a750 and this is really Where you could consider some potential Benefits from a memory perspective However it's just not that much higher Things may be different once we get Overclocking for the memory itself but As it sits the 512 to the 560 isn't a Huge noticeable increase when you Consider the fact that you're also Increasing the power consumption at that Level now it does support of course all Your typical new stuff and you shouldn't Have to worry about that this one comes With DisplayPort 1.4 display 0.2.0 up to

Uh br10 it has HDMI 2.1 and HDMI 2.0 B Support and then as far as the power Goes you're going to have a single eight Pin and a single six pin power adapter With a total board power of 225 watts And that will be dependent on your power Supply as well as the type of voltage You're running on your particular rig Let's get into the hash rates now Starting off with the lithium we ended Up at 1.71 gigahash a second at 210 watts and this was with the core Overclock 220 200 megahertz which is Like I said pretty much the cap before It starts throttling now we don't have Actual temperatures on this so it's hard To tell if it's throttling from actually Not being able to hit higher clocks or Throttling from temperature but I have Found pretty much across the board Meaning the a778 gigabyte and the AC 770 16 gigabyte this is pretty much the cap On the core on Dynex we had the video That you should check out on tripling Your Dynex hash rate it does involve Running three miners three instances of SRB minor in particular and I get to 3.34 kilohash a second at 110 Watts Which is frankly pretty good then we Took a look at Ergo and Ergo was at 118 Mega Hash A second we did lock the core Down to 1400 it will go up to 128 Mega Hash a second if you don't lock the core Down but it's not worth it with the

Amount of power consumption extra that It starts to take this was at 80 Watts At the wall so pretty impressive and I Think that the Intel Arc series is Proving to be extremely potent on Ergo Now we did have this error that I was Talking about earlier and this was Without any overclock on the core and it Was trying to push it above 24 400 and You can see here it was at 410 Mega Hash A second on cast but this at 21.50 and That pretty much will stay at 410 Mega Hash a second but you'll have to lock That core down to 2200 megahertz like we Showed you earlier so Caspa did end up Being around 410 Mega Hash a second and That was at 210 Watts but of course with Caspa the move to fpga and the potential Move to Asics has pretty much made GPU Mining on Casper kind of irrelevant at This point in my humble opinion at least For most home miners due to the power Cost next we had ethereum on LOL Miner Which does have support now we lock the Core down to 21 100 megahertz or left it Pretty much a 2100 megahertz this did Put ethereum at 170 Watts at the wall at 48.76 Mega Hash a second probably could Do some more tuning on the core but this Is pretty much where we're at right now Just wanted to get a quick number and Then finally we have radiant at 608 Megahertz a second at 210 Watts at the Wall pretty much just like your elthium

And your Caspa so anything core related Is going to push you in that realm Finally we did run it through a Calculator at this point and you are Profitable on Dynex at 23 cents a day With this particular GPU and that's Really where it shows its strength However if you do take a look at ergo it Is breaking even right now and depending On your power cost it could be Profitable on Ergo and these Intel arcs Are really proving to be exceptionally Good at Ergo however due to the amount Of power consumption increase on the A770 you will actually be profitable or More profitable on an a750 than you are On the a770 because they get the same Hash rate at less power consumption so That's something to take into Consideration up to 10 watts Less on the A750 over the a770 on the rest of these They are in the unprofitable range as Far as on a lithium on ethereum classic Ethw and radiant so wrapping this up of Course the a770 sets itself apart in one Particular algorithm right now and it Requires a kind of work around to get Working and that is on Dynex if you are Not going to be mining Dynex or if you Want to kind of bounce between Dynex and Some other things you may want to just Go ahead and consider getting the a750 As on algorithms such as ET hash and Ergo it does the same amount of hash

Rate at less power consumption so it's Really where you're at if you are hoping You know in the future that there is More support on intels for other Algorithms than we you could potentially Buy these as kind of a a future proofing With the 16 gigabytes it is the cheapest GPU currently available with 16 Gigabytes of memory which is something To note and you do get the slightly Faster memory speed which in turn could Mean that it overclocks better once Overclocking is available for the memory But as it sits right now I'm really Still pretty heavily leaning towards the Intel Arc a750 outside of the fact that I do think that resale ability on gpus In the future will account for higher Memory Capacity than than it has in the past Just due to the amount that is being Required by games these days and so from A resale point I do kind of think well Maybe the a770 is the way to go because You might have a better resale ability In the gaming Market later on these are All my thoughts surrounding the Intel Arc a770 limited edition 16 gigabyte I Hope you found them useful hit the like Comment subscribe down below and I'll See you next Tuesday

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