Intel Arc A750 Rethereum Hashrate

What's up Sons it's blind rod with son Tech once again and today we have a new Release from bz minor to discuss Specifically as it pertains to the Intel Arc [Music] Gpus have an arc a750 and an arc a 380 On me today we'll have to take a look at The 770 8 GB and 16 GB variants at a Later date when I can run to the farm And pull them out but we have support For ethereum which is the mining Algorithm eash B3 for both of these gpus As well as support for deckd but I will Save that for a later video If you're Not aware we have had a rig of a750 in My farm for quite some time now they are Very efficient at Ergo for a while they Were the kings of DX until of course the Fp64 support knocked them out of the Race there but fret not bz Miner has Released a new version that supports Them for Eb3 which is for right now the only coin Available is reum and of course support For deckd coming up here shortly you can Find the release on their GitHub which Will be linked down in the description Below there is apparently Support also As well for iron fish alium radiant Chlor XNA ravencoin Game Pass neoa and Meal coin of course Capal covering most Of those or Prague Po in this particular Case covering most of those other ones

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And then of course alium being a pretty Easy switch for Blake 3 as well as iron Fish which some of these are going to be Changing their algorithm soon two off The top of my head iron fish will be Shifting here pretty soon as well as Meow coin I was really interested in the The reum hash rate here in particular I Do have the ark performance here pulled Up in case we want to overclock and I Already do have it downloaded which I Will show you here in just a second Let's go ahead and get into our miners Folder here we have bz minor version 17 and as you can see down here we have Our batch file for reum scroll down just A tad more double click here and get it Going so I do know running this Previously that this is already quite Accurate and you can see here that we Have have the ark a750 at 152 watts and that is coming out to 50 Megahash a second sometimes it can get To about 51 megahash a second I did Discuss this with the devb there is There are more tweaks that are going to Be made on the minor side to get this Even better from an efficiency Standpoint this does put it at 313 around 300 Kash uh per watt which is Going to be if you're translating that3 Or point yeah3 about megahash per watt Which we will compare of course here in Just a second to the rest of the

Available gpus for this particular Algorithm but there is one more thing we Can do unfortunately there is no memory Overclocking yet available for the ark Series gpus but you can bring down the GPU Core Power limit now I've played With this uh quite a bit already on the Ark a750 but if we want to here we're Going to go ahead and drag it on down to 90 which is what I found to be the most Efficient and apply that out and we'll Get the efficiency numbers from the a750 Here for you guys too because obviously Right now with the way the mining Market Is the more efficient you can get the Better and that doesn't matter if you Are at fpga's gpus or CPUs or anything All of the above as6 included becoming As efficient as possible is always Important but it's extra important right Now so you can see here we ended up Having the hash rate dro drop down on The a750 to 42 mahash a second however We also had the power drop down to 95 Watts resulting in 442 Kash per watt or 44 megahash per Watt if we go ahead and pop on over to Hash rate. for the benchmarks we have The efficiency charts up here for reum And we can kind of scroll down and find Where this would place on the chart you Can see here that it would be pretty Much around the same efficiency as the RTX 380 12 GB now from that perspective

Of course for density reasons if we took A look at the RTX 380 it has 97 mahash a Second it would probably still be better Or more advised to go with a 3080 in This particular case if you were Comparing the two because of the fact That you would have double the hash rate Of course then we get into pricing right Which is like the RTX 380 is way more Expensive than the a750 but if we're Looking in the a750 range of pricing it Does appear that you would still want to Stick with AMD on this particular Algorithm as the 6800 XT or sorry excuse Me as the 5700 XT would be in the same Price range and come out to 67 mahash Per watt and the 6600 XT would come in At the 67 mahash per watt and is around That same price range of the a750 as Well even brand new I think you can pick Up of course the RX 6600 for about 239 Which would be 65 mahash per watt so Unfortunately right now with the Intel A750 it is not quite as competitive as We would like it to see right out of the Box with reum but as I stated earlier The developer does say there are uh more Tweaks that can be made unfortunately With the a750 as well as we got to Mention the memory is locked at 2,000 Megaherz unless you get the a770 in Which case it goes up to 2100 MHz but 100 MHz on the memory is really not Going to push you above much more than

What this is we can definitely take a Look at it later and I will be going Over the rest of the algorithms on the Rest of the gpus and covering all of That for you guys I just wanted to get This out there because it was pretty Exciting the support uh for the a750 From bz minor is awesome as well getting Some new algorithms being able to play With that sort of thing for now though With the Intel Arc series it does appear That you're going to be best served Going ahead and sticking with Ergo and The auto Legos V2 algorithm if you're Mining with these gpus in particular Thanks for watching be sure to hit the Like comment subscribe and notification Bells down below and I will see you next Tuesday

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