Intel Arc A580 Hashrate

Intel silently launches the cheapest Brand new GPU you can buy with over 500 Gigabytes per second of memory bandwidth It's called the Intel Arc A580 which is a cutdown version of the Intel AR a750 which is of course a Cutdown version of the A770 and today we're going to take a Look at its mining hash rates and Performance right after [Music] This Welcome back everybody so we'll pop into The the spec sheet here on the Intel Website this will be a part of the Intel Arc a series graphics cards formerly Known as Alchemist for the code name the Model number is the a580 and it is on Tsmc's 6 nmet architecture and it was Just launched this quarter of 2023 now It is cut down on the GPU side across The board with lower XE cores than the A750 lower Ray tracing units and even a Cut down Graphics clock down to 1,700 Mahz what makes this interesting is the Total board power does get cut down a Little bit as well down to 185 Watts Which could prove itself to be good for Mining of course in the future it is Going to be PCI Express 4.0 by6 and to Run at full capacity or even at all Right now you will need to have a Chipset that supports resizable bar for The Intel gpus another big note about

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This GPU in general is there is no DX Support because there's no fp64 support For Intel at this time unless of course It's simulated in which case the Performance is not that good but the Real key here that we're interested in Is going to be the memory specifications The memory side is going to be is going To be a whopping 8 GB and that is of Gddr6 with a 256 bit bit bus clocked at 16 gbits per second resulting in 512 GB Per second of memory bandwidth meaning That right now at its current price if You check on Amazon at $179.99 is the most memory bandwidth you Can get for this price at the cheapest Price brand new out of the box which in And of itself should be good for mining If you're considering you know the old Adage of mining which is of course Memory hardened algorithms to prevent of Course as6 and fpgas now the specific Model I tested in this particular setup Is the sparkle Intel Arc a580 orc Overclock Edition and I did go ahead and Test a bunch of different algorithms Here that we will get into one of the Big notes Here is this GPU does require 28 pin pcii epress power adapters so That will of course take up some extra Slid in your octo miners or your mining Rigs Etc and this particular model does Go up from the 185 watt total board Power two 225 watt uh TDP in this

Particular case so keep that in mind This one does have a little bit more Head room for the overclocking on the Core than the reference design however It does allow you to turn that down as Well in the settings this is a big note About the a582 and we'll have to see how It interprets later on when you can play With the Cor CL a little bit more but You can turn down the power limiter all The way to 75 Watts whereas on a750 is And a 770s you can only turn that power Down to 90 Watts unfortunately what I Have found and what you will see is that 90 watts is still kind of the Peak Performance as far as megahash per watt Across the board is concerned so while You do have this capability of turning It down even further it doesn't really Result in a better efficiency than the A750 the flip side of that though is for The most part what I am seeing is a750 Performance at a cheaper price on memory Intensive algorithm so as opposed to the $220 Mark we're $40 cheaper at $180 Getting the same performance on memory Hardened algorithms and that is always a Good thing right so let's go ahead and Hop into it with Ergo at stock settings We saw 119 megahash of second at 145 Watts according to software yes I do not Currently have the setup right now for Me to test with the kilowatt but I will Do that in follow-up videos especially

As we get more support for these Intel Gpus and if we turn down to 90 Watts we Got 10.58 mahash a second at 87 Watts which Is fantastic and as you guys know on the A750 is we actually saw even lower power Consumption at the wall I presume it'll Be similar in in this particular case Cuz it is reading about the same so We'll have to check this one out for Sure either way this is still really Good performance in this particular case At 70 Watts however it didn't really Seem to give us any better megahash per Watt as when we turn down the 75 Watts We hit 59.7 2 mahash a second at 75 Watts so really The Sweet Spot still Even on the a580 is going to be that 90 Wat setting for Ergo and of course if You want to take a look at profitability On this according to Hash rate. no at 10 Cents a Kow hour is not profitable right Now you would be losing about 9 cents a Day and that's going to be a trend with Almost all gpus at this given time so Getting the efficiency of course is Going to be the most important thing you Can do next we're going to take a look At ethereum Classic where we saw at Stock clocks 45 megahash a second at 153 Watts if we turn down to 90 Watts we get 31.7 78 mahash a second at 89 Watts Which seems to be The Sweet Spot once Again and at 75 Watts it takes it down

To 19.77% Second resulting in software Reporting 75 Watts now of course you're Going to be losing about 17 cents a day For ethereum classic at its peak setting At Lose Less on that now there is radiant Support for this particular card of Course radiant we are expecting to get Hit you know with more and more fpgas so It will probably be less and less Relevant over time but just to give you Guys an idea over here at stock clocks We're at 453 mahash a second at 152 Watts with the overclock version being At 53979 mahash a second at 181 Watts which this is just turning Everything up as high as it can go as Far as clocks go this results in because Of the high power consumption a loss of 31 cents a day so just keep that in mind There are dual mining options here Between urg and radiant that we will Take a look at later and if you're Interested in that let me know in the Comment section below and we'll cover Dual mining in a later video then we Have reum which at stock was showing at About 34.5 to 35 mahash a second at 156 watts And then if we went to the preferred 90 Watt setting we saw 37.8 to 38 mahash a second at 95 Watts

Which is you know going to clock us in Pretty good there as far as yeah Efficiency goes it takes us from 326 Kashes per watt to 397 Kash per watt so 90 watt setting seems to be the best There is a couple other options we can Look at with Linux though if we Calculate that in we're losing 11 cents A day which is better than everything But Ergo on this particular GPU so just Keep that in mind finally I did take a Look at Capal because of the core clock Intensiveness of Capal it doesn't really Look like it functions very well at all There's probably optimizations that need To be done as well I'll have to talk to The developer over at bz minor to see What's going on here because even if we Took a look at the a750 it was much Better this one in particular you know We're looking at 9 to 10 megahash a Second at 158 Watts really not going to Be worth it you know you're going to be Losing about 28 cents a day a little bit Better than radiant but overall not that Fantastic so what's the moral of the Story well Intel still needs more Support as it currently stands because With the memory performance that we are Seeing we should be closer to for Example on ethereum classic that 55 to 60 mahash a second compared to other Comparable gpus on the Nvidia and AMD Side of things however we start to see

Some really nice and you know numbers From ergo still just like we saw on the A750 as well as the a770 I think Primarily because as we kind of saw with The LOL developers charts there it Doesn't utilize all of the memory and so Because of that that bandwidth kind of Makes up for it and starts to show Similar you know hash rates to the Competitors on Nvidia or AMD so Ergo Really holds up here with these Intel Gpus on auto Leos V2 algorithm for the A580 if you're going to be purchasing These obviously you are probably going To be looking at building an Intel rig For auto lios V2 and you'll probably Have to sit around and wait for more Support outside of that while the re Theum hash rate isn't too bad per se at 51 mahat a second due to the tweaking Cap capabilities of both AMD and Nvidia You can still get out ahead on both of Those other GP GPU options so just keep That in mind however for the price it's Pretty incredible brand new GPU $180 and is basically on par you know With cars that are much more expensive As far as like somewhere between the $250 to $300 range even on the mining Side of things with less optimizations All that sort of stuff let me know what You guys think about the Intel Arc a580 Down in the comment section below let me Know what other testing you'd like to

See what I'm going to be doing here Pretty shortly right off the bat of Course is getting this in an MMOs rig With a kilowatt hooked up to get our Actual statistics here and make sure That it doesn't look even better than it Already looks on Ergo which I'm betting It does look even better on Ergo than What we see in the software because the A580 and a77 do as well thanks for Watching be sure to hit the like comment Subscribe and notification bells down Below so you're notified when I release New videos and I will see you next Tuesday

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