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There's a rumor surrounding bit Maine's Launch of the S21 yes that's new Bitcoin Miners on the horizon we have a new Snapshot from flux a release of version 1.8 for iron fish Caspa has released a Tutorial on how to verify the chain Surrounding the controversy of losing Part of the chain a couple weeks in to Its launch we also have a release of one Zero Miner and the textbook closing has Caused a lot of issues for people that Were holding their cryptos on exchanges Not your keys not your crypto just a Quick reminder there oh that and more on Today's episode of blocks your One Stop Shop for all cryptocurrency news from The perspective of a cryptocurrency Miner let's hop right in [Music] Foreign Has been a Trailblazer in the mining rig Manufacturing space and their popularity Has soared due to their consistent Innovations and efficiency in power over The last decade the hash rate of their Ant miners has skyrocketed by more than Three orders of magnitude and their Power efficiency is improved by over a Hundred times since their Inception as We know the profitability of Bitcoin Mining hinges on various factors Including technology Innovations power Costs and servicing expenses and Speaking of Technology one-way mining

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Enterprises can boost profitability is By securing the best prices on high-end Mining Hardware back in May the crypto Mining landscape saw an intriguing move By micro bit a notable competitor to Bitmain they unleash the M53s plus plus a cutting edge Hydro Cooling Watts Miner boasting a Phenomenal 320 hittera hashes per second And an Energy Efficiency ratio of 22 Joules per terahash meanwhile bit main Showcased its antminer s19 Pro hydro and Ampminer s19 XP Hydro reaching hash Rates of 184 terahash a second and 257 Tera Hash a second respectively what Stood out with the XP was its remarkable Energy Efficiency almost hitting the 20 Joules per terahash Mark at 20.8 joules Per Terra hash so what's the latest from Bit main the amp Miner s19 Series has Been stealing the spotlight including The s19 Pro Plus Hydro a liquid cooled Miner boasting an incredible 112 Tera Hash a second computing power and the Antmiter s19 XP hydro which pushed Boundaries with a staggering 255 Tera Hash per second we can't forget that the Earlier antminer s19 series which Includes the t19 s19 and s19 pro reached Up to 110 terahash a second 84 Tera has A second and 95 Tera has a second Respectively now taking cues from Intel's block scale chip major Development the Asic landscape that main

Could be ushering in a new era with its Anticipated antminer S21 Intel's block Scale chip with its optimizing hashing Functions offers a glimpse into the Customizable feature for Asic miners This could potentially influence bit Mains next moves as their history of Surpassing competitors in hashing power Might merge with Intel inspired Customizability we all know bit Mains Prowess in Bitcoin mining but they've Also provided impressive miners for Other proof-of-word cryptocurrencies the Antminer E9 a beast of the ET hash minor Announced in 2022 clock to phenomenal 2400 Mega Hash a second an energy Consumption of 1920 Watts when it comes To acquiring mining rigs the landscape Can change quickly that's why it's Crucial to partner with a trusted source And I have links to a few down in the Comment section below including Coastal Crypto Mining and com While we don't have current numbers on The S21 right now and is purely just a Rumor from Asic jungle you might want to Keep your ears to the ground in Anticipation for this launch because it Should affect the pricing of older units In the near future the Block's Marketplace remains an integral tool for Hosting and operating a range of Applications projects and even games the Forthcoming Cipher Ponca 2023 a

Prominent web 3 conference presents an Opportunity to engage with the community And explore a more emerging Trends the Flux ecosystem continues to evolve Evident in growing deployment of Decentralized WordPress on flux the Beta Release has enabled the establishment of Over 300 websites highlighting the Platform's robust capabilities while This Innovation aligns with flux's Mission to redefine the decentralized Internet empowering users and Facilitating smarter more efficient Engagement within the web 3 Paradigm It's important to note that it is still Still very early in its beta phase I Have seen reports of websites losing Data pretty regularly even to the point To where some have reported moving to New platforms this is going to have to Be basically resolved and we are going To have to see a more mature solution From WordPress or from flux with WordPress if we continue want to Continue to see adoption for it I know That from my personal experience I have Had persistence issues for the data Itself and I think that this is Something that goes across any kind of Hosting with blockchain and it'll be Interesting to see it get resolved and How that will be resolved from a Technical perspective I'll definitely Keep an eye on it diving into the latest

Update for iron fish version 1.8.0 there Have been some significant changes in Notable enhancements so let's break it Down what's truly intriguing about this Update is its support for the iron fish Standalone wallet a command line Interface this enhancement paves the way For future support of asset ownership Transfer which is a compelling direction For iron fish to take there's quite a Lot that's been tweaked and redefined Under the hood some of the changes Include the addition of the new wallet Get node status RPC the introduction of Wallet node interface to connect to RPC Handlers and support for v2 transactions To Raw transaction the developers have Also been busy optimizing and Streamlining various processes as Evident by the several refactorings and Code reorgs what's impressive is the Extensive list of contributors who've Made these improvements possible from Refining RPC methods to optimizing Processes the collaborative efforts of The community have indeed driven the Advancement of iron fish all in all the Iron fish version 1.8 update showcases a Commitment to redefining and expanding The capabilities of this cryptocurrency Network with enhanced support for the Standalone wallet CLI and future asset Ownership transfers ironfish is clearly Moving in a direction that aligns with

The evolving needs of the crypto Community however I would point out that There are needs on the mining side of Things and it is still up in the air as To whether the iron fish network will Change algorithms there have been rumors From rabid mining that this is going to Come to a vote and there will be a Decision as to whether or not Asic Resistance in fpga resistance will be Implemented in the future algorithm as Always remember to keep an eye on their GitHub repository for the latest updates And changes let's delve into the world Of Casper where cryptographic methods Play a role in verifying the Integrity Of its chain this process not only Assures authenticity but also Underscores transparency and security so Let's unravel the details together you See what happened a while back is that It was very evident with the Implementation of pruning that some data Was lost on the public block Explorer And this has been addressed in a various In various amounts of ways including of Course a push to have people submit any Old data that they may have had on nodes Run before pruning was enabled so they Do go on to say that our objective today Is to uncover the process that validates The authenticity of Casper's utxo set Using cryptography this verification is A crucial step in confirming that this

Utxo set evolved naturally from an empty State establishing the Casper Network as Pre-mine free which is the biggest Concern by outside opponents of course My concern from the inside opponent Component is like how was this not you Know addressed immediately I get the People make mistakes but like I pointed Out before this is a mistake that from Any other perspective perspective in the Tech industry could get you fired and That is losing data right and so let's Go ahead and see how we're going to Verify this though as we journey back in Time we encounter a significant bug that Emerged shortly after Casper's main net Launch causing Network fragmentation This issue arose around November 22nd 2021 leading to a fully fragmented Network by November 23rd in response Users shared no data from before the Crash ultimately identifying a pivotal Checkpoint block this particular block Time stamped on November 22nd 2021 is What we refer to as the checkpoint block Subsequently a new node was introduced Equipped with a hard-coded Genesis block Designed to mirror the utxo set of this Checkpoint block the block thickens as We uncover a unique challenge no data Enables validation of the chain solely Upon the hard-coded Genesis Point yet a Significant Gap remains demanding proof That the hard-coded Genesis utxo set is

Congruent with that of the checkpoint Block to bridge this Gap the Casper Community stored data directories from The crash time frame this supplementary Data is subject to cryptographic Validation offering a comprehensive and Foolproof solution but wait there's more Bitcoin's Integrity enters the scene as A Time stamping service verifying the Accuracy of creation times for both the Original and hard-coded Genesis blocks The process itself involves a meticulous Series of steps that collectively Ensures the alignment of the current State the hard-coded Genesis and the Original Genesis this multi-step Approach secures the Casper Chain's Integrity against potential time stamp Manipulation this rigorous process Underscores caspa's commit commitment to Maintaining an authentic and a Pre-mind-free blockchain by employing Advanced cryptography Caspa upholds the Highest standards of Integrity Instilling confidence among its users of Course that is what the pr statement is And not my statement as Casper seemingly Merges blockchain technology with Cryptography its ecosystem is fortified Now what I do want to go into here is That obviously you can now go on to the Link in the description below and verify This for yourself presumably I would Cur Encourage anybody with knowledge in the

Space to go through this process and Especially the naysayers is those are The ones that are going to bring up any Issues that are revealed personally my Problem here when we look at this and we Take a step back is initially when it Was reported on basically it was Completely tossed to the side died you Know we had a bunch of arguments that it Didn't matter that the that this missing Data was irrelevant it didn't have any Effect on the Chain Etc but it clearly did and because of The push and further forward they Finally come out I liken it to Everything that's going on with LTT and Gamers Nexus right now where Gamers Gamers Nexus has to continue to push and Say hey there are issues here while LTT Keeps defending themselves as opposed to Just resolving the problem and then Finally they get to the part of Resolving the problem it's a little Frustrating to say the least that it was Put into this manner of telling Everybody that had concerns surrounding It that they were fighting when it is a Legitimate concern and if blockchains And developers are going to react in This way then these are the types of Blockchain developers and that we should Not trust because you have to be able to Come out and say hey look we made stake Here's our fix so that is what we

Finally gotten so every single time Someone pushes you and says that you're Fighting in to shut up don't shut up if It's a if it's a valid issue you're Going to be the one that pushes progress Forward to resolve these issues for the Greater good I just want to let you guys Know that you can go ahead and speak out When you see something wrong you don't Have to sit there and remain silent Another example of course recently would Be a dinex and mine something and you Can check his YouTube out down in the Description below or he found issues With manipulation of the mining software To increase the hash rate on Dynex which Was a bug and initially there was a lot Of pushback everybody saying that it was Fun but there was clearly an issue there That was eventually found if you find an Issue speak up see something say Something and don't worry about what Everybody is telling you not to talk About because at the end of the day the People that are solely behind one Cryptocurrency so hard that that Cryptocurrency can do no wrong that is The quickest way for that cryptocurrency In particular to fail and I'm tired of Seeing this kind of talk and pushback Against people that are legit bringing Up legitimate concerns for different Projects and I don't care what project That is it could be flux it could be

Dynex it could be Casper it could be Bitcoin it doesn't matter we are here to Push forward together to make this space Better not to push things under the rug So that we create a house of cards that Completely collapses on us one zero Minor version 1.23 introduces a series Of improvements that are worth Highlighting firstly there's an enhanced Security with the introduction of SSL TLS support you can now use the SSL or Stratum plus SSL prefix in your pool's URLs to enable SSL for more secure Mining connections for those who prefer Flexibility in their options a new no Cert validation option has been added This option allows you to skip SSL and TLS certificate verification if desired Monitoring your mining performance is Now easier with the addition of rejected Shares monitoring in the Watchdog this Feature keeps you informed about your Mining activity in real time the Watchdog itself has been refined in its Issue handling if any issues arise The Miner now performs a full restart of Connections ensuring smoother mining Operations the miners dependency on open SSL 1.1 has been removed instead the Internal open SSL library has been Updated to the latest version and is now Statically linked this contributes to Improved performance and efficiency the Max no job option which was redundant

Has been deprecated in this version this Streamlines the configuration process And prepares for its complete room Removal in the next release to alleviate The load on pool servers more Development pools have been added Moreover the dev pool selection process Now incorporates randomization for a More balanced distribution various bug Fixes have been implemented including Addressing a bug that could cause the Miner to freeze during multiple Malibu Reconnections one zero minor 1.2.3 marks Another step forward in the realm of Crypto mining as it pertains to Dynex These updates do not only enhance the User experience but also emphasize the Commitment to continuous Improvement in Security within the mining sector the Closure of text bit is having massive Impacts on various altcoins currently There are significant delays on Withdrawals for both radiant and Dynex Due to trading being closed there is no Option but to wait unfortunately in Addition to this Dynex has additional Issues of wrapped Dynex being stuck on Textpit while Sumitomo hosted that they Are looking to take over the wrapped Dynex he does recommend to convert to Dynex from right wrapped Dynex I see a Couple of issues here first I am not Sure this is actually possible with a Trading being shut down however I do not

Have any wrapped Dynex or Dynex to test This with even if it was open it would Drive the price to zero on all wrapped Tokens in addition unless there is a Decentralized option and takeover of the Rap token they are worth nothing this is A reminder to never keep wrap tokens in A centralized exchange and if it is Wrapped specifically for that exchange Avoid it at all costs come on guys we Know C5 is already stop doing it Thanks everybody for watching be sure to Hit the like comment subscribe and Notification bells down below if you are Interested I post my daily moves over on and you can get a Free month as a supporter for extra Additional content with a purchase of The crypto mining e-course at son of a I will see you next Tuesday

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