Inside Meowcoin: Co-Founder Interview on Crypto for Good

What's up Sons it's blindroid with some Attack once again and joining me today Is Andrew the co-founder of meowcoin Which has been one of those the top Gainers actually recently on well any All proof of work coins and one of the Top gainers across cryptocurrency as a Whole going up 558 percent over the past Seven days and definitely making some Waves so welcome to the show Andrew and Thanks for stopping by today No worries thanks for having me so let's Get a little bit of a background Congratulations on the success of Meowcoin here in the recent weeks so That's impressive as far as that goes do You think that is mainly Community Driven or do are there any other Indicators that you think contribute to That Yeah look we've we've tried to pin it Down ourselves we think obviously There's some Community involvement Because uh people are trading that have Been part of the outcome Community for a While Um but a couple of us are sort of Thinking that there might be some larger Macroeconomic stuff going on with proof Of work coins sort of being in a Positive Um headlight at the moment Um because we weren't the only coin that That moved we were one of uh several

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Proof of work coins that sort of pushed Up and we think we were part of that Whole wave being swept up which was Really cool yeah it's kind of almost Been staggered right we saw Casper kind Of start the first run then it kind of Held above three cents and then we saw What was it raid or I don't think Radiant for was it radiant or neoxo First either way or not New York so Nexa New York's a went up though too but I Think it was radiant and Nexa together And then we kind of saw you guys come up With New York so and I do think you're Correct it's a little bit of a macro uh Adjustment for proof of work coins going On there So to get back to meowcoin what made you Guys decide to create meowcoin what's The purpose behind it Yeah look that's a that's a good good Sort of story Um it's just sort of all the way back to Just before the the merch happened and Uh mate and I were sort of sitting Around a computer having a chat and um We were kind of trying to come up with Sort of things and ideas of how do we Contribute a bit more because we're very Passionate miners we really think that Mining is is a an important part of the Ecosystem uh we'd sort of say it's Paramount in one sense we think proof of Work is the best consensus mechanism

Um and uh both of us have rescue cats Who were sort of Um watching and talking over Discord About and I watched mine do something Really dumb and was sort of Um relaying what was going on and and we We then sort of started to talk about The fact that our rescue cats and where We got them from and Um the conversation sort of evolved with How about we did something where we Could actually help some of the animals That were sort of Um being impacted by a covert and being You know shipped out of there um their Location into different shelters and Stuff like that and sort of what we then Came up with was this concept of it's Not just the the animals that are Impacted by but it's also the shelters Have you know quite a lot of work that They need to go into to house them and Um it evolved to the point where we sort Of came to the idea of what if we had a Opportunity to tokenize animals on the Blockchain and in the process of doing That what if we could sustain that Um by basically producing a piece of Technology for the the shelters that Would you know be free and and valuable For them because obviously a lot of Shelters run without a lot of money Which is Um you know a challenge that they face

Um so we sort of built this idea of what If we had a blockchain where miners Could mine on it and uh they knew that There'd be a percentage of the block Reward go to Donating towards the animal shelters and We would work to tokenize on the Blockchain the animals that were going To be adopted Um and then the sort of last piece of That puzzle is we had a couple of people As we were sort of discussing it amongst Ourselves um a guy actually mentioned to Me he said oh if you're going to do Something like that you should think About pedigree pets as well Um because obviously the the family tree For for breeders is is really important That's something that blockchain could Help with so we sort of wrapped this all Up together and thought why don't we why Don't we build this out as a project and And we sort of teased around the idea And we just ended up on the outline Because I mean who doesn't love cats Right so well some people don't I guess But most people do so Um so yeah that's kind of the the story It was it was really that that sort of Organic sort of you toss around a few Ideas and then the ideas have become Quite captivating and then they build And I mean the purpose and the meaning Behind it is because we love Mining and

We knew that the merge was coming we Want to try and create an ecosystem that Other miners could get into to remain Profitable Um and we have some layer two options That are coming and some other Development that we're we're getting to As well because we want to build out a Small ecaf system where the wire one has Meaning but the layer 2 is being built On that layer one can sort of feel good About the idea of what they're putting Their their software on so that's that's Sort of the reason behind it okay so I Mean I'll dive a little bit into Technicals of course here it is a fork Of Raven coin right a clean Fork I've Definitely reviewed the GitHub and so on So congratulations on that it's not like You got a whole bunch of references left Over from ravencoin or anything like That and then you're using Prague pal Um for the consent or the the algorithm Right the mining algorithm and then yeah You've got a 60 second block time with Uh 3000 as a reward now that is is that A decreasing reward is there a having Rate on that This is a standard topping right after Four years so we maintain the same Emission schedule that Raymond coin does Possess um and we thought that that was Important that's what you started at a Lower uh reward right

No no so we are at 5000 block reward and We keep 2000 for the what we call the Devil right right right donations Okay yeah yeah all right perfect I Understand that so when it goes through The having then it'll get cut down to The 2500 and how much does that reduce The uh the dev reward Down to Uh so my maths is that means it'll be A hink Um 1500 to The Miner and a thousand to The dev I think okay thinking of Matt Yeah yeah Cool cool and then the weekly donations Go out or from the dev wallet to Whatever uh project you decide to send It to and then you make that public on Uh Twitter and other outlets as well Yeah that's correct yeah cool so at the Moment just due to the the way that it's Done we have to convert it from meow to Litecoin because Um the giving block only receives Certain coins uh but the longest story But we can get into that if you want Yeah sure Um and then right now it says the Network's at 271 gigahash I think that's Gone up though pretty significantly Hasn't it let me check mining pool stats Yeah we're at probably 54 what three Months four months yeah it says 329 Gigahash a second on the network right

Now I think It's about right with wooly pool in the Lead and our plant in a second as far as Mining pools are concerned So that's cool and then I think that Pretty much covers it obviously we Talked about price in the beginning what Made you guys decide to go with Ravencoin and Fork off of that Firstly we can't the technology is Fantastic and we know that it's also a Fork um a long time ago of Bitcoin so we Wanted to sort of cake in that family in That sense Um I sort of think that that's important We also really love the fact that There's tokenizing asset layer which is A really powerful piece of our what We're trying to produce which is Obviously tokenizing animals on the Blockchain having that without having to Mix around with smart contracts just to Me seem like a really sensible thing so That was the reason why um my partner And I were also Raven Maxes for a little While so we spent a fair bit of time in The Raven coin just Corner really like That community and and got to know kapow Quite quite a lot and and Um yeah so we we sort of thought we'd go With something we're familiar with as Well cool all right and then so when you Talk about burned meowcoin is that the

Dev wallet or essentially and then you Take that you convert that to Litecoin And when you do that is that part of the Burn process am I understanding that Correctly Um so the the burning is the same as uh Standard sort of um kapow where our Assets burn that part what we end up Doing is we um have a couple of small Um uh people who are interested in Investing and supporting the project and So what happens is we'll complete a Couple of over-the-counter deals and That comes back in Litecoin and we then Sent that on to the giving block Um the reason behind that is the giving Block is a wonderful opportunity I think For crypto to engage with uh charitable Or philanthropically minded Organizations the challenge around it is It's based in the Gemini Exchange so unless you're on Gemini you Can't be part of the giving block so Part of our roadmap obviously at a Longer term focus is to get on Gemini so That eventually we're actually just Donating in the outline and Um you know the the actual receivers can Then convert that at their their Leisure Got you okay cool so I think from there I was curious as far as going with proof Of work does that offer any regulatory Benefits for what you guys are trying to Do

It's looking like it will Um we think that obviously the proof of State challenges Um the security laws obviously so that There's obviously some things there that Are problematic that are being sorted Out again that's why we think proof of Work is this little bit of a pump Um well that's my personal personal view Of it I think what it does is in Australia um so I'm from Australia in Case you haven't noticed um and the my Partner's in the US we've sort of Noticed that between the two countries Proof of work sort of has a similar kind Of regulatory basis to be consistent With so we felt like that was a good Idea to to work with proof of work there And just in general proof of work isn't Ruggable we can't rug the whole thing Whereas proof of stake there are Instances that are happening we felt Like there were two things around that One we wanted that security that people Knew that we couldn't do that firstly to To work with but so we want a Participation because Community is Important and we wanted to build a Community that that was behind the Project and obviously miners mining Create that we think that one of the Reasons well I personally think one of The reasons eth was so successful for Such a long time was it had minus mining

On it Um and I personally believe that mining Communities either the Bedrock of Cryptocurrency so yeah along the lines Of like what bispy tripping says and all Of that for sure and you're part of that Community so I'm sure you've run across Him a couple times and I mean it's Interesting because I think it was Earlier this week Hillary Clinton came Out and said basically like binding is The actual threat to destabilization of Currencies and and pinpointed Mining Which was kind of funny I talked about That on my show Um I don't know at this point what time This will come out but I talked about it Previously on my show because I thought It was really interesting that it does Seem like uh from a government Perspective right a federal government Perspective they're starting to catch on To where it's like Specifically what she said is like There's no way to shut it down if Someone decides to mine we can't we Can't it this destabilizes the currency Proof of stake doesn't do the same thing Because you have to have an inlet of Fiat currency for proof of stake to work So I think we might start to see Governments shift the way they're Approaching them you know I think here Recently we had like the SEC come out

And say like you know proof of stake is Definitely a security but proof of work Is a commodity I'm wondering how much Those definitions change further on down The line as they come to this Realization that like if I am in a Geographical area where I'm not allowed To purchase cryptocurrency I can still Purchase a piece of equipment whether That's a CPU a GPU Asic and fpga Whatever it is on the general consumer Market and turn that into cryptocurrency And then exchange that right away and I Never have to touch that's that's my Inlet and I don't have to touch if I'm Using crypto currency to purchase those Products I don't even have to ever touch The fiat currency which means then You've completely eliminated that from The equation right it's really Interesting Yeah and it is fascinating I think more Of those discussions are going to sort Of stop to emerge Um I think that the only thing I'd say Is I think that they have missed the Boat in so many ways there's no way to Police a GPU usage there's no way to Police a CPU usage so in that sense it's The threat might be there or not Depending on your philosophy of it but Just trying to stop it and and monitor It or somehow regulate it yeah I don't Think it's possible and I think that was

One of the the genius pieces behind what Satoshi did is he knew that as long as Computers are going to be around mining Can be a feature of that and and that's Really important I think because Personally that's that's one of the Liberating factors of cryptocurrency That I I'm very much in For I believe in Um giving people the opportunity to free Themselves from a banking system that is Essentially pitched against them right And it's uh it's extreme I equate it to Kind of the a similar Um industry as far as the War on Drugs Where like as soon as you try to squelch One you're just gonna have 50 more pop Up like you could try to cut down or Shut down every single IP that's ever Hosted a Bitcoin node and somebody's Just going to pop another one up at some Point you just have to shut down the Entire internet which is like not going To happen at this point because all of The systems that the government uses for Military Etc run on that so how are you Going to really regulate that right it's It's nearly impossible it go it's the Same thing as all the peer-to-peer Networks that have been around even like Mega upload or you go to like BitTorrent And all of that sort of stuff it's like You shut one down you shut down a Pirate Bay for a time in a season and another

One pops up right you're just it's not Something that you can control and so to Kind of act like you are going to be Able to control it I think from people That are in the industry it sounds kind Of laughable right it's like all right Go ahead absolutely try to do it but It's not going to work right I think Adoption though is something that can Definitely be if you scare people enough Then you slow down adoption right so if You say you know it's illegal to do this Then it it scares people off but just Like pirate bays and the and the Peer-to-peers and the mega uploads if There is a significant enough need to Participate within that then people will Participate within it right and it'll Get that kind of thing where you get a Slap on the wrist from the ISP and then You start using a VPN right and that's Kind of the route absolutely right yeah Yeah and I think it's disappointing to Me that there's such little Self-reflection on Why people are using it I think that's That's the the thing that is staggering To me like I can't understand how they'd Be faced with this challenge that they Perceive and not sit there and go how do We get to this point ourselves and what Part did we play in that you know right I have a think you know it's it's such a Disappointing element to it all I think

Right well from the regulatory Perspective it's like we've got we've Put people in a position Economically where they're looking for Ways to actually store some sort of Generational wealth and there is no Other way to do it anymore right you Have real estate regulated to hell and Gone to the point to where most people Individuals within uh younger Generations are never going to own real Estate or property so that's pretty much Out of the out of the question right so How are you supposed to pass that down To your you know your kids and future Generations and if you look at it's like Okay well Bitcoin could work right Because I don't think It it's less likely that Bitcoin Disappears than any given fiat currency At this point too right Um especially with everything being Brought into questions surrounding the US dollar and it become the Dollarization going on right now all the Talks with bricks and everything uh Surrounding that I I think that you Would be a fool if you were to say that The US dollar will continue into the Future as the world's Reserve currency Indefinitely right Yeah absolutely I think that that that's Gonna change and I know we're all seeing The changes happen right I mean there

Wasn't what was it uh two weeks ago or Something like that there was a deal Bank done where um uh it was South America I think in China used the um Either part the the the South American Uh currency there and part of the the Wines that settled the actual deal Um and France did it as well I think With China for a gap still as well so I Mean it's starting to in France I think Came out this week uh the president of Uh France came out and basically was Like we need to separate ourselves from From the U.S and from the US dollar and I know like a lot of people I think are Blind to this fact especially that live In the U.S it's just a given that They'll always be the number one country Right or we will always be because I Live here when in fact if we look at What what reality is saying is saying no That's not going to happen And it's interesting to also see the Plays that other countries made Surrounding Bitcoin where you had a Complete 180 reversal in Russia after The sanctions and all of a sudden it was Like no taxes on bitcoin and it's Completely legal right and that's to Protect their oligarchs right because if They can protect them uh from the Sanctions then they can continue to Generate funds and it's important to Understand that you could you can choose

Whatever side you want but the reality Of the situation is is that means that There is this thing that is set apart From borders right that's going to Enable people to move outside of being Regulated within one Fiat system right And that is very powerful it's going to Be interesting to see how it plays out In the future Yeah 100 agree with it it's a it's an Interesting story to be watching that's For sure it's moving way faster than I Thought so I think uh as far as meow the Meowcoin platform goes I think I covered All of the questions that I had in Particular as far as like you know why The fork why did you guys choose you Know I guess that would be a good a good Question did you make any modifications To Prague pal when implementing it No and we were very specific about that At the time um one of the reasons why is At the moment it's a lot easier to get Um now coin this did with exchanges or With uh pools because the ability to do That on the pool or exchange to be half Is a lot easier especially if they've Seen something like that in the oxa or a Raven coin um so those challenges there Make it us a lot easier to adopt that's Not to say down the line that we we Won't try and Um tweak it somehow a little bit to to Personalize it a little bit more uh

We've sort of talked with the idea of Having it pulled in our power because Why not you know go with it Um but yeah at the moment we haven't got Any any plans in in place to change it In the immediate future Um and that that was a very deliberate Reason I've kind of looked at Prague I Like Prague pal from the perspective of Like it's definitely extremely difficult If not impossible for it to ever go Asic Or anything along those lines However right the I'm a minor in Texas Right and the heat is insane and Prague Pal does Hit those cards extremely hard because You're hitting memory you're hitting the Core it's kind of I definitely have some Issues there as far as that's concerned I do wonder if there's ways to modify That at some point to where you kind of Reduce the stress on the gpus but I Haven't looked into it personally enough At this point but that's a change I'd Like to see it at some point with Progpow Yeah look and and I'm in the same boat Right the Australian summers are in Their head it's it's like death but um So we had a my original setup was in um In in my back back room which is pretty Common for most most home miners uh oh My gosh it was like the walls one Melting

Um and then eventually actually got it Out of um my house into like a little Storage unit which was Um framed in metal and that was just as Bad it was like you can just see the Sweating condensation from the walls Um so it was pretty crazy yeah so in That sense I agree with you I'd love the Opportunity there I wish I was Technically capable and proficient Enough to actually engage with that and Go yep but Um yeah I'm not quite at that level Unfortunately I'm not either so don't Worry about it I'm the I'm the idea guy Thinking about it right just from Personal experience as far as that's Concerned but super impressive on the 551 over the past seven days a unique Project so congratulations on that super Nice to meet you is there anything else That maybe I missed that you wanted to Mention or talk about Uh that nothing major Um we have got a a couple of cool little Things coming out very soon so Emporium Launches this week which is our entity Marketplace so we're very excited about That and that is the stepping stone to Getting paw print out which is the Adoption technology that we've got so Um they're they're sort of the things That are coming um p2b Launches on uh The 30th I think it is as well which is

Awesome Um so we're yeah we're making inroads But we're very you know we're very Grateful to to have you know your time And grateful for the community and People who supported us to get here Because at the end of the day that's What it's all about you know Um we we love people and we love minors In particular and we want them to Um you know have an ecosystem that can Mine profitably and that's the that's Really important to us so thank you so Much yeah it was great meeting you hope Hopefully we can talk again and maybe we Can just uh pick a random topic other Than uh meowcoin next time and kind of Get into the nitty-gritty I guess that Is the one question I did want to wrap Up with you mentioned that you're a Minor uh are you currently mining meow Coin a hundred percent of the time and What does your farm will look like right Now Yeah I've got 29 gpus um spit amongst Mostly uh 30 series so um I was crazy Enough to get in when gpus were as rare As hence teeth and um I really love the Idea uh built four rigs uh technically You've got a fifth which I call Quasimoto it's my little mutant that I've got a 10 series that someone gave Me uh 1070 and I'm like I feel like I'm In Back to the Future with that thing in

Fact it's awesome Um so yeah I currently uh part mine now Coin and I've split my roots across flux Uh a radiant at the moment um and Nexus So they were the sort of four things That I want which is about equal hash Rate Um so I wanted to secure obviously the Mealco network but I love the projects That uh sort of up and running at the Moment particularly um flux were Obviously part of flux Labs it's Meowcoin and I really enjoy supporting Them Um and I think that they've got a hugely Compelling and Powerful Um sort of proposition to bring to the The world Um and I really like radiant and nexo You know I'm all about supporting new New projects that are coming up and and Helping them with securing their Network So that they can have success as well so That's sort of what I'm going on at the Moment yeah and I think naxa is pretty Similar to you all from uh a code and uh Mining algorithm standpoint and I think I'm going to have Paul Church on Tomorrow as far as for the you guys Watching I'm actually not sure if Paul's Gonna come on specifically tomorrow on The channel or later on down the line Depending on what's going on but we have A lot of GPU releases I got Asic

Releases coming out I got a ton of Review videos to get done so we'll just See where all these land in in the mix Of things but thanks for coming on and Uh where can people find you Um so you can come and find us at um Discord uh so we can send you some of The the links to put in the video Channel as well so we've got Discord Um telegram Um we've got a website UC Um or check out uh and That's the they're the main ones that You can check us out on and our Twitter Handle is meowcoin2023 as well so come Check us out and um yeah we'd love to Sort of uh yeah have you along and watch It along cool Thanks everybody for watching I'll see You next Tuesday Today's sponsor is myself I recently Launched a crypto mining e-course at son Of a and it includes nine steps To cover when you decide to start your Crypto mining Journey this is Specifically pertaining to 2023 crypto Mining profits and taking advantage of The DOW market to achieve skyrocketing Growth as we move into the next having Of Bitcoin you learn buying mining Equipment in a bear Market using outside Investment to speculative mine begin Mining once profit is established sell Mine crypto to pay for electricity hold

And prep for the Bull Run sell at the Top of the bull market sell mining Equipment at the top of the bull market And begin investing in land and power so That you can bring in outside investors To utilize excess resources thanks Everybody for your support and I hope You enjoy the course let me know what You think of it in the comment section Below

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