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This Bitcoin crash could become much Much worse and in this exact video I Will be talking about this I will talk About to see me get the Bitcoin big Support darkers below us and I will be Exactly talk about where I think Bitcoin Is heading next towards my trades the Big support that currently is trading Below us bearish Divergence and much More important stuff that we're Currently seeing because the volume Looks to be decreasing will the price Action keeps on going higher so this is Very important to pay attention towards Watch this video till the end I will Exactly talk about all of this and I Will give a brief update on ethereum so Don't forget to slap off that like Button can we smash it back above 600 That will be absolutely incredible and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Initially let me start talking about the CME game because currently we do know We've still got a Simi Gap trading below Us on 28 000 and also won around twenty Thousand dollars I don't think that the CME Gap around twenty thousand dollars Will be be getting filled up however it Becomes more and more likely that the CME Gap around 28.2 K is potentially Going to get filled up so keep your eyes Wide open there is still a seaming gap Below us so it could be that we're going

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To see a flash move towards the downside Before potentially continuing back Towards the upside again looking at the One hour time frame we do know that After yesterday we broke bearish of this Level right here we basically also Confirmed the break below this very Important level right here and ever Since we confirmed the break below this Very important horizontal level of Support we straight away move down Towards our next Target that way you Discussed yesterday on the video that Was around this level right here that Comes in around 29.1 to 29.2 K so we've Reached that price Target and right now The question is where are we heading Towards next so if I do my Trend Analysis right now of course we're Creating a lower highs together with Lower lows So currently yes we are Clearly trading in and downtrend for Bitcoin only one hour time frame I can't Really see what the next move is going To be that easily of course if we Potentially retest this level it could Be playing out in two ways a rejection Continuation down or if we break above It we could see some more further Continuations towards the upside however For me it's going to be important to see What the four hourly time frame is going To do so first of all the four hour Moment the Bitcoin is almost getting

Oversold again on the Farley time frame Was actually quite a good signal because That could mean that the bearish Momentum is going to get reduced on the Eminent short term and that we Potentially either are going to see a Small little bands back towards the Upside or some sideways price Consolidation but if I will purely look At horizontal support and resistance I Think the big big level of big support For Bitcoin is going to be found around 28.8 K that we have traded against for 23 days here and like you can see every Single time we touched it we got Rejected we got rejected we got rejected And as soon as we broke outside of it we Shoot towards the upside and if we right Now we'll have a retest of this level it Will allow us to be of course doing an Extremely goodbye because probably this Level of previous resistance is going to Flip into very significant support so You can also see it on this chart right Here we broke below this very important Neckline and after that the next big Targets of support are either 28.8k and If we fail to hold on towards that level It's going to be 27.8k so we could even move down another Thousand dollars if we fail to hold on Towards this level and of course what I Want to be pointing out right now we are Currently trading on a very important 12

Hour uptrend for Bitcoin this is an Important trendline we should be looking At and I was already looking at this Trendline before we touched it I Discussed it yesterday I discussed it in My Telegram and currently we're Balancing from of this level I think This is an important level to look at if We fell below this level then a rule Will be really looking for the Continuation down here currently yeah We're training on quite important Support here we could be creating some New patterns right here maybe a Potential Rising wedge here where Bitcoin is creating us of course another Losing momentum structure but currently Yeah what I'm currently doing with my Trades I'm currently still short making More than 5000 dollars in profit right Now here and basically what I'm doing With my short is that actually I'm still Targeting lower levels I actually still Think we're going to go lower yes we're Currently trading on very big support we Could potentially Bounce from this level But in my opinion we are right now Seeing still more bearish momentum Getting generated than bullish momentum On The Daily time frame we can currently See the Bitcoin price action is creating In higher high while the RSI is creating A lower high and Welding macd as well is Creating that lower high so this is very

Important to pay attention towards we're Still creating a bearish Divergence here On the daily time frame for Bitcoin and If I'm actually looking at the 12 hour Time frame you can see also on the RSI I Have to adjust a little bit here lower High on the RSI lower high on the macd Higher high on the price section so Bitcoin is creating a significant Bearish Divergence where we should be Paying attention towards and that is why I am being very conscious right now here I still think we could see some more Downside why is because as well as well If I will be looking at the daily volume For the Bitcoin price action it is very Interesting thing and this is the Bitcoin index so this is the best chart To be looking at if you want to be Measuring volume in the market so you Can see first of all in the initial Breakout back above 20 000 we saw an Insane inflow of volume and you see of Course also the orange line so this is The average volume also increased Significantly then of course on the Consolidation phase we saw some Decreasments in volume that is not all Too bad here then on the second movement Towards the upside breaking above twenty Five thousand dollars we once again saw An insane inflow of volume right now While we were actually breaking above Thirty thousand dollars and yes I do

Know this movement is for sure less Exponential and that is also what I want To be pointing out actually is the Volume is significantly lower than the Previous breaks of these very important Levels and do remember we traded against This level for like 23 days and then the Breakout volume is so low it just Doesn't make any sense for me and also What you can see exponential rally Exponential rally less exponential rally So what we can make of this Market Structure that we're currently seeing is A Bitcoin is creating a less X Exponential to Rally every single time We break higher what means that right Now we're in a middle of an extremely Big losing momentum structure the volume Is drying up here and at the same time The market moves towards the upside or Becoming less exponential what is a big Warning shot and of course it doesn't Necessarily mean something that Bitcoin Is going to be crashing tomorrow or Bitcoin is going to be dumping tomorrow No not at all this is just market Analysis from the structure and it could Take very long times before it plays out It could take maybe another week maybe Another two weeks but still I've been Saying this for quite a while already The market momentum looks to be drying Up and that is why I am currently very Careful with trading Bitcoin towards the

Upside of course I want the long Bitcoin But I'm going to be very conscious and That's why I'm currently also still in a Small short position on bitcoin and if I'm looking at the weekly time frame of Course yeah we broke up of 30k for a While but currently we can still clearly See in the weekly time frame we Officially not broke back in towards the Region yet here set this for quite a While right now and this is very Important to pay attention to ours of Course I've already discussed this and Yesterday and the day before Bitcoin Dominance of course writing is seeing That rejection and of course that is a Very nice thing to see many people are Saying okay altcoin season is getting Started right now but be aware if Bitcoin is going to go in and Crush Short to downside it could also just be That all coins are hurting less than Bitcoin and that means that that Bitcoin Dominance is going to decrease right so It's going to be important to be looking At this here and if I'm looking at Ethereum of course many people are Extremely excited about it but still Ethereum yes it's holding up way better Than Bitcoin for sure but still ethereum Still has not broken above this very Most important level of resistance so Yeah I mean this was exactly my Resistance Target while we were going

Parabolic towards the upside and Currently this is still the level we've Not been breaking above of so please Take this level very seriously is of Course that low right here in the market It's the high right here and currently Once again we're retesting it it's an Important love to break above of and if We can't break back Above This level Yeah probably we would see some more Slight potential bearish momentum before Continuing further on towards the upside And be very much aware I am very excited About ethereum especially for the longer Term I think ethereum is a very good Investment especially if you're going to Stake it but for the short term it just Brings some risks with you and to be Very clear I am buying more Bitcoin in Ethereum every single day on Sports Because I'm doing a DCA strategy but for My trades right now I am very cautious I'm not selling off any of my Bitcoins Or ethereum right now because I will be Just buying more every single day for The spot market so that was it for me in Today's update video I truly hope you Did learn something from today's update Video here I mean yeah there's still a Scenario that if Bitcoin is going to be Breaking below this level right here the Red line that you can clearly see that's Previously around being that big support Target big resistance Target right here

If we see the break below that level Bitcoin is a big problem and Realistically speaking probably many People don't want to hear this I Personally still think that Bitcoin can Come down to 25 000 if that happens if If to be very clear if of course there Are some big support lines between that You can see this level right here that's Probably going to be providing some very Strong support for Bitcoin once I will Be opening up my next legendary trade Like my big big trade you will be the First one to know on the channel so make Sure to subscribe right now here but Anyways that was it for me in today's Update video thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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