Right now Bitcoin is creating an Ascending triangle and for the past 12 Days Bitcoin has been finding support on This most crucial upward sloping support Line and right now again we are Retesting this level and in the exact Video of today I will be talking about This level for Bitcoin I will talk about My trade that currently is making more Than 4 000 US dollars in profit and I Will be exactly talking about my take Profit targets and how I will be shaping Up this trade in the coming days ahead Of herself so make sure to watch this Video till the end that's going to be a Very important one and can we once again Slap up the likes backup of 600 that Will be absolutely incredible with that Have been said let me jump straight away In towards the content and first of all If I am looking at the 15 minute time Frame that the consolidation for the Bitcoin price action is coming fairly Close towards an end now and we're Expecting to see a new breakout Happening anytime soon in the the coming Hours ahead of ourselves so I will be Expecting I will be looking at this and We will be looking at potentially a Break of the airport solving support Line or of the down sloping resist line And if we break either of these lines we Could be expecting a huge continuation Towards any of those directions

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Furthermore we can currently see on the One hour time frame is that we once Again got rejected from the top side we Can also clearly see it on the four Early time frame I've been talking about This yesterday as well I said this is The most important level of resistance And it is probably going to be likely That we're not going to be breaking Through it that easily and currently yet Again we have seen more rejections and While we were retesting this level like I also said in yesterday's video I added More liquidity towards my trade here and Currently my position margin is in about 11k and my quantity of this position is An approximately 8 Bitcoin so that is Somewhere around 180 000 US Dollars furthermore we can Currently see that we're already in Small little profit right now here and I Am so far not even close by reaching my Price circuit why is because currently I've been waiting for it for in quite a While right now here I am still Targeting the lower side of this support Range here I still think it's going to Be likely that Bitcoin is going to be Touching that Lower Side before Potentially breaking above the higher Side and that is why still my take Profit for the short rate is Down Below On 26.7 000 US Dollars I'm still going to be

Very patient and if I will be sending Out my take profit around that level I Will be making an approximately 14 000 US dollars from of this exact trade that Is currently what I'm aiming for and if I am looking at the 4la time frame we Are currently retesting this very Important airport solving support line And once we basically break this line That is the point where I think the Continuation towards the Lower Side of Support is going to happen and we just Have to be very patient because maybe We're going to still find support on This level but if we break below it that We potentially could start to head lower For Bitcoin because so foreign Things on the bigger picture are still Looking like it's in an uptrend and I Mean maybe we're going to be bouncing From it and we're going to retest the Top side again here but as long as I'm Not seeing a breakout of this level Right here I will stay very neutral on Bitcoin but as soon as we do break it Then I'm going to see that confirmation Of buyer where you really are heading Towards for Bitcoin but currently we can Clearly see we've been basically Consolidating in this range for quite a While right now here to be exactly Because solo dining for over 20 days and Basically we have to wait to see which Direction we're clearly heading towards

I have to be very patient for the entire Consolidation phase so once Bitcoin Either breaks above the top side or once It breaks below the lower side that is Going to be for me the confirmation on The bigger picture whether we're going To be bullish or whether we're going to Be bearish so I'm going to be very Patiently wait for Bitcoin and it will Be opening up a massive short position If we break below the support and it Will open up a massive long position if We do break above the resistance on the Top side is basically the way how I will Be trading it right now furthermore if You want to be trading this yourself as Well you could do so on by bit and if You sign up the account right now using The link in the description you can Currently claim the deposit bonus up to 30 000 US dollars so make sure to check Out that link in the description right Now because without that link it's only Four thousand dollars and buy it it's Definitely the best trading Exchange in Terms of interface in terms of liquidity And in terms of order books so Definitely the best trading exchange if You want to be using one you can find The link in the video description Furthermore if I'm going to talk about Bitcoin we are still creating sort of a Flag here on the daily time frame we're Basically consolidating for that 20 days

Already here and basically we're going To be looking at where we're really Consolidating at we are clearly Consolidating below very previous bull Market sport you can literally see in The previous bull market this was the Level that provided the support we are Literally retesting the previous bull Market support and I don't think this is An easy level to break above and Personally I think it's going to be Likely to see a small push towards the Downside and which level am I aiming for Is going to be the 25 000 because that That has been the previous big support Of this entire Trend right here and if We retest that level then I think we're Going to be seeing that exponential Reality towards the upside so still if I'm looking at my trades I still got Another short order on 29 000 and also Another long order that you can see Right here on 25 000 US dollars so if Bitcoin comes down to twenty five Thousand dollars I'm going to open up a Massive massive massive Bitcoin long Position and why am I going to do so is Because I think that the retest of 25k Is going to be a very important one to Take care and I just don't think are Going to be breaking through this level Straight away in one go if it does Decide to happen so Bitcoin does breaks Above 28.6 K yeah we confirmed the break

Above it with the daily candle close a 3D candle close as well I'm definitely Going to flip bullish and I'm going to Look to longest retest right here so That is exactly my strange that I'm Currently aiming for in terms of trading Bitcoin on right now furthermore we can See that the three day time frame is Still flashing a huge danger signal but A very big one because on the three-day Time frame we are right now creating a Beverage Divergence we're creating lower Highs on the RSI higher highs on the Price section of Bitcoin I've said it Already a while but we are currently Running in towards the most important Resistance while creating a barriers of Virgins this is an insane bit big big Red flag and everyone should be warned Right now for Bitcoin furthermore we can See actually on the weekly time frame That we've been going sideways for Already three weeks what is actually Quite interesting because if you look Back at the price chart of Bitcoin we've Not seen such kind of a cybers Consolidation for a very long time I Mean the last time here was two weeks uh Really the last time we've been Consolidating like so closely towards Each shot on the weekly time frame is All the way back here in 2020 so it's Quite a while back here but Bitcoin is Still consolidating being very boring

But of course at some point the boring Stage will enter currently it looks to Be there potentially we could see a Breakdown if that happens I'm going to Be anticipating the 26.7 to 26.8 K and If that get reached I will be of course Closing out on my shorting position Because on this lower side right here The risk is too high to hold up your Short position so that was it for me in Today's update video this is basically All the things that I'm looking at I've Said it for quite a while right now here On the channel for like already the last 15 days here I've been quite bearish on Bitcoin because I just don't think we Could break through this level very Easily and while everything is playing Out at the meantime we can also see Let's say on the eight hour time frame Or also on the four hourly time frame is That we're creating someone of an um Losing momentum structure right we're Creating that exponential rally towards The upside and right here we're seeing That rendering top getting created we're Seeing a losing momentum structure going To create for Bitcoin and that is just a Very dangerous signal and maybe even you Could look at the eight hour time frame And say okay we're creating somewhat of A consolidation phase yes we are and Currently we're trading at critical Support so yeah I'm going to be keeping

My eyes wide open on this level right Here if we confirm the break below it Bitcoin probably is going to go towards The lower side of this range and once we Confirm a breakout towards this range Once we see a clear Direction outside of This range that will give us the Confirmation of where Bitcoin is really Handing towards after that so that was It for me in today's update video it was A little bit of a longer video today Here but there's been more things to Talk about but anyways thank you so much For watching and I'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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