I am currently selling my Bitcoin and on Today's video I will be discussing why I Am currently doing this so without any Further Ado on today's video I will be Discussing the most important charts I Will talk about the liquidation heat map Because currently weekend once again Start to see that there is actually a Massive amount of liquidity once again Piling up above us but more importantly I will be discussing the most important Charts on today's update video so Without any further Ado don't forget to Slap off that like button on today's Update video can we smash it back above 900 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Content so Bitcoin indeed has been Seeing a significant move towards the Downside but why am I selling my Bitcoin Off right now and that is and to Straight away answer this question it is Purely due to the fact that the ethereum Sport ETF is only 4 months out because In an approximately 100 days from now on The ethereum spot ETF will be arriving And at that point I do expect that the Ethereum price action is going to be Seeing a massive surch towards the Upside also there's going to be a Massive ethereum update that is going to Come out and also in approximately four Months from now on so this together with

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The ETF I think that ethereum could see A massive continuation back towards the Upside from off this point onward so if We're approaching ethereum compared to Bitcoin you can currently clearly see That it is still hanging on support of Course it is still trading in somewhat Of a downward soing resist line but I Actually think that this is actually a Good time to be stepping in towards Ethereum so I have been decided be Selling off actually a bunch of my Bitcoin to right now step in towards Ethereum so that is what I've been doing Here recently and more importantly if You're looking at ethereum on the bigger Perspective I think the upside potential As well is a little bit higher than Compared to bitcoin of course I'm not Standing off all my Bitcoin but I do Sold a portion in my portfolio to Towards ethereum since I do expect the Gains could potentially be a little bit Higher so looking at that imature term On bitcoin we can currently see of Course that we're still trading in this Consolidation phase and honestly if Bitcoin were to be seeing a push towards The upside I think that 44.6k is going To be the resistance to be looking at Yesterday we saw a small little push Here but Bitcoin straight away got Rejected once again from the downward Sloping resist line so currently looking

At Bitcoin you can clearly see we were Trying to be breaking about $43,000 5 100 but unfortunately we saw that Rejection from off that point and still I do think that the next big support Target for Bitcoin is going to be that Level below us and for me to really Predict where Bitcoin is going to go Towards in towards that exact immin the Short term I still think that we're Actually could still go a little bit Higher before potentially having that Move towards the downside because Currently sitting around 43.4k we have about an approximately 200 Million US dollars in Bitcoin liquidity And honestly usually what tends to Happen is that Bitcoin tends to grab the Liquidity and then move towards the next Region so since there is right now an Approximately $200 million Us in Bitcoin Short liquidations laying around 43.4k I Do could be expecting that we're first Going to be seeing this slight push Towards the upside before potentially Moving down again or before pushing up Even higher and then moving down again For Bitcoin of course so that is my Expectation right now on the iment short Term you can clearly see that Bitcoin is Still listening towards all my most Important support and resistance levels And once we're breaking either above the Resistance or below support that is

Where I'm expecting a next big move is Going to be happening for Bitcoin so I Said this already approximately a week Ago well Bitcoin was sitting around 48 To $49,000 us there is still a lot of Unep liquidity in this Bitcoin region Right here and once Bitcoin is get to be Tapping in towards this liquidity that Is the point where I want to be opening Up my next big trade here on bitcoin so For me I just need to be a little bit More patient before I'm going to be Opening up that trade but it is going to Be happening any moment right now here So while Bitcoin is indeed still sitting Around $42,000 right now here I'm going To be opening up my orders around 39.7k like I showed you many times Before here on the channel I am like a Lion I just wait for the prey to come For me to me and you have to understand As a Trader you don't want to be rushing In towards your trades no you want the Trade to come to you so that is what I've been doing for quite a wall right Now I'm sitting on the sidelines and Waiting for me to be opening up the next Trade so if you want to be staying up The about my next trade don't forget to Subscribe to the Channel first of all And of course make sure to check out Buyit in the link description of today's Video where you can be trading crypto And if you do so if you go to the link

Description of today's video you can Actually claim a free $1,000 position And all you need to do for that is go to The link description of today's video Click on that link below deposit $100 in Your first seven days and then you could Already claim that free $1,000 position What is of course absolutely massive Since the only required deposit is $100 And you can literally read it here on The conditions on how to be claiming it And on top of that guys if you can't Trade on buby due to KC reasons check Out fmax where you can trade without kyc And they're giving you a 10% cash back If you sign up an account using that Link below so yeah if you want to be Trading make sure to go there but if We're looking at Bitcoin right now here We can actually start to see that we're Of course creating the massive bearish Divergence so Bitcoin is still creating A massive bearish Divergence and Honestly this bearish Divergence on Bitcoin already played out so I am Currently not all too worried about that But of course if we're looking at Bitcoin and in terms of the US market Cap we can currently see that indeed we Are seeing a large inflow of new Liquidity in the market and like you can See if I'm starting to zoom out here the More liquidity flows in towards the Market the higher Bitcoin goes here and

In the bare Market we started to see That liquidity was flowing out of the Market but now again we're starting to See new liquidity com in towards the Market and that is of course a very good Thing for Bitcoin and of course a very Good thing for the ecosystem overall so It's just a matter of time before Bitcoin is going to be seeing new Autumn Highs so it is just all about timing in The market so here on that Weekly time Frame we can also see that we're Creating an inverse handy shoulders on Bitcoin and this pattern actually has Got a price Target sitting around $72,000 us and you can clearly see we Formed that left shoulder right here That head right here on the lower side And that right shoulder and after we had That Breakout of the right shoulder on Bitcoin we saw that massive continuation Towards the upside so indeed maybe we Are going to see some sideways Consolidation for Bitcoin before moving Further but this pattern is a massive Bullish pattern that's currently Breaking out and of course like you can See here I think that the main Resistance for Bitcoin to be breaking is Just once we do break above that $48,000 Because once we do break above $448,000 that is what point we are Breaking above the most critical Resistance in this entire trend and I

Would say that if Bitcoin break above The $48,000 it would confirm the next Bitcoin Bull Run so this is what I will Be looking at for Bitcoin we saw a Massive rejection on the previous candle I've been talking about this level Numerous times before so yeah this is The level to be looking at for Bitcoin And if we're breaking it you will be of Course the first one to know here on the Channel so thanks so much for watching Towards the amazing new update video Make sure to slap that like button guys I am going big in towards ethereum right Now because that's spot ET Is going to be the thing that is going To be driving the markets up in the Coming period in the market so this is It for me in today's update video thank You so much for watching and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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