Bitcoin got exactly rejected from the Level I've talked about yesterday on my Video and on my Twitter page so in this Exact video I will exactly talk about What is next for Bitcoin what are the Levels we should be looking at and what Will happen if we break Above This Resistance the C Me Gap and many more Important charts we need to discuss Right now so without any further Ado Guys don't forget to slap the like Button back above 400 likes on today's Update video with that being said let me Jump straight away in towards the Content because right now for Bitcoin We're still creating CME Gap below us But be on high alert 98% of all the C Gaps they tend to get filled up here Approximately a week after creation will This one be filled up again here but am I 100% sure no of course not so we'll be Paying attention towards this level but I'm not 100% convinced we necessarily Have to fill it up but more importantly Bitcoin got once again rejected from This exact level I have talked about in My previous video and on my Twitter page I said Bitcoin is running in towards Resistance and if we break this level I Think 26.5k is next and I will be Exactly talk about why I think 26.5k is Next because 26.5k is exactly my resistance Target But you can clearly see this is the

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Level to be looking to be breaking since We already got rejected by it three Times in a row and if we do break Above This level this could definitely very Well mean a very good long opportunity To actually long this retest on the Breakout but at the same time Bitcoin is Potentially right now creating a new Consolidation phase and if we're looking At Bitcoin we're creating somewhat of a Downward sloping resistance line here on The 4 time frame and also yet we are Right now creating an upper sloping Support line so Bitcoin is maybe Potentially creating a new symmetrical Triangle here on the 4ly time frame but Anyways Bitcoin is getting ready for a Big move here and I'm thinking the best Training opportunity out there in the Market right now here is actually to Wait for that confirmation of that Breakout long that exact retest and then Expect another move towards the upside At least that is what I will be doing Here for the imminent short term I mean Another thing for the imminent shortterm Bitcoin of course has has moved up Significantly towards the upside and Right now it's consolidating in this new Consolidation phase and honestly I think It's going to be breaking out whenever The news is going to hit the market that The Bitcoin Bol ETF is going to get Accepted right and we're expecting it's

Going to get accepted in the coming 71 Days why is because in exactly 71 days From now on the final deadline is going To be there for the arc investment Bitcoin B ETF so due to the fact that Gryk actually lost the case against thec We're right now 100% certain it's going To come and of course we do know Gary Gensler is currently working together With the issue to complete the filings So we're expecting that probably within 71 days we're going to get this Bitcoin Hing since the fact that if the ETF gets Accepted it only takes 5 days before it Hits the market and also pricing in the Fact that in 162 days there's going to Be huge shift in Supply demand is Actually going to rise the supply is Actually going to shrink and that will Probably cause another massive bump here So I will be expecting that Bitcoin is Really going to be breaking outside of The region once really the news is going To hit the market about the ETF getting Accepted so I mean Bitcoin right now Also creating that Golden Cross on the Market the last time we created the Golden Cross Bitcoin actually dropped There so let's see if it's going to be Playing out the same here honestly I Wouldn't be surprised but eventually Still after the period Bitcoin still Moved up higher it even retested the 200 Daily moving average what is definitely

Very interesting but honestly I think That this period is one of the most Interesting periods in the market why is Because currently actually what we can See here is that if I'm zooming out here Is it actually the long-term Supply is Still accumulating and the short-term Supply is not accumulating at all what Currently means the opportunity for Bitcoin is only getting bigger and Bigger and that makes myself super Excited so honestly I see this as a Gigantic opportunity in the market since Short-term Supply is not really paying Attention towards the market for of Bitcoin right now here so if you want to Be trading this guys make sure to go to The link description because this is Literally the last opportunity you will Have to accept and accumulate this $1,000 us Bitcoin air position because It's gonna expire in 16 hours from now On and all you need to do here is sign Up account us the link below deposit $100 within 7 Days complete kyc and you Can claim a free $1,000 air drop Position on bybit make sure to check it Out here it's only valid for another 16 Hours and yes if you do not claim it it Won't be available after anymore so if We're going to be looking at Bitcoin 2023 has actually been a amazing year For Bitcoin so we've been moving upwards And right now once again we create a new

High and the question really remains What is going to be happen next for Bitcoin right what is going to be the Next move for Bitcoin and what should Our next move be so looking then at Bitcoin I really think that this is the Level to be looking at if Bitcoin were To be coming down here what some people Are predicting I honestly don't think We're really going to dump very hard I Think we're going to come down to 31 to $3 32,000 and find massive Support over There and honestly if I do get the Opportunity to Long Bitcoin right here I Would definitely do it so this will be My perfect scenario Bitcoin comes down To $32,000 I open up a million US dollar Long position and I make a ton of money Along the way up here since I do really Think that this is going to be a super Important level you can clearly see that This basically has been the previous Bull market support and here it flipped Into resistance so if we were to be Having a retest of this level it would Definitely mean a gigantic opportunity The reason why I also said if Bitcoin Breaks Above This level right here $36,000 is the next Target is since $36,000 is my main resistance Target and If we manage to be breaking above that I Think $43,000 is going to be the next Target but since 40 sorry $ 36,000 is The weekly low I really expect that this

Is going to be a tough level to be Breaking above of and if we retest it I Probably will be expecting we're going To see at least some resistance getting F around that level so I will be looking Closely towards that level but of course Once the Bitcoin sport ETF news hits the Market it's probably not going to be a Very hard level to be breaking because I Personally really think because at that Point of time I actually think Bitcoin Is just going to be crushing through That level so Bitcoin I mean we're right Now seeing a gigantic shift in Trend This was the boom Market phase in the Market this was the bare Market phase in The market and right now we're breaking Outside of it so a big change of trend Is currently playing out here and this Is something to be paying attention Towards and of course like we do know Here once Bitcoin get overbought on the Weekly time frame those are the periods In the market where the majority of the Gains come from and right now we're About to be getting overbought so Definitely interesting to see here while At the same time volume remains to be Dropping what means that actually Relatively speaking the bit Market is Not the required a lot of money to be Moved and that makes it also very Interesting in my opinion and this is More a signal that there are less sell

Orders in the market and that is why Bitcoin is moving up because the volume Is not necessarily spiking and this is On the BLX chart guys and that means That there's all the Bitcoin charts Combined so the volume is very accurate On this chart right here so it's Definitely very interesting the volume Is not necessarily spiking the Bitcoin Is so there's just a shift on people That are actually not willing to sell Anymore so is it really Bitcoin pumping Or is it really that the sellers are Exhausted and it looks to be that the Sellers are just super exhausted and That is why Bitcoin is currently moving Towards the upside and it's quite Interesting to see that also the Behavior on onj data is really Indicating that people are not really Actually willing to sell their Bitcoin For $34,000 so that is why Bitcoin Already has been hovering above $34,000 For 7 days straight here so super Bullish developments in the market but This was it for me in today's update Video thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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