Bitcoin created a gigantic barriage Divergence so in this exact video I will Talk about what this exactly means for Bitcoin I will talk about the most Important charts on the imminent short Term the most important support levels That we're literally retesting right now While I am recording this exact video so I will be discussing this and many more Important charts so without any further Ado don't forget to slap up the like Button on today's update video again we Smash it back up a 400 that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said Ley jumps straight away into Towards the content and exactly on the Point I uploaded yesterday's video I Warned everyone that potentially we were Going to come back down here and that Was actually exactly the top that I made The video on so that was of course a Very good update video but right now We're going to be looking at this Massive support line that Bitcoin is Creating so for the past what is it 8 to N days right now here I mean already 10 Days Bitcoin has been holding this trend Line and has been actually forming Higher lows every single time and right Now we are retesting this this exact Level if we however do break below this Very important over loping support line For Bitcoin we could be expecting some More bearish price actions going to get

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Created and that could lead towards uh Some more bearish price action for Bitcoin I mean right now we're literally Retesting the symmetrical triangle we Created we created that symetrical Triangle we broke towards the upside we Were about to be reaching our price Target then moved all the way back down Again here retesting this very important Support for the first time we held on Towards it but now we're breaking below It so the question really remains are we Going to be holding the upward sloping Support line here on the 4 time frame Because that is going to be the most Important support to look at and Honestly I think the 1 hour time frame Here as well is very important since you Can clearly see because we've created More than six very clear touch points From of this level and every single time We've been touching it we've been Bouncing from these levels so I will be Once again looking very closely towards This level because if we remain to be Bouncing from of this level right here I Could be expecting the continuation is Probably going to be extending for Bitcoin so Bitcoin is creating an Somewhat of a consolidation phase Towards the upside right now here as Long as we remain to be holding the Support on the lower side I don't really See a reason to be really panicking on

Bitcoin but once we break below this Very important support line we could Potentially see some more bearish price Action for Bitcoin so quickly saying a Thing in between here guys Sam Beckman Free finally got the court decision and He is facing 115 years in prison so basically a life Sentence in prison due to the fact that He was of course still in customer funds From FDX so massive news that just hit The market important to know and once Again an important lesson do not scam Because this is literally what your Faith is going to be and just another Quick lesson please don't scam people on The Internet or whatsoever just don't Scam in general because your faith is Going to be imprison just like SBF if if You are going to be doing so further on We can currently see that actually on The 4ly time frame Bitcoin is scating a Lower high here on the RSI while the Price action is gring in higher high What means that we're currently creating A bearish Divergence and I already Discussed this on yesterday's video once Again also exactly on the top side I Mentioned this yesterday and of course a Lot of people were not taking me Seriously because the price action was Only going up but in these Spirits you Have to be very very careful and you Have to be very very focused because

Bitcoin was literally losing some Momentum on the move towards the upside Not only on the 4ly time frame but also On the daily time frame also on the 12-hour time frame also on the 10 hour And basically we were just spotting a Momentum loss and that is why I Mentioned it and actually since of that Point Bitcoin came down a little bit Here and right now remains to be Consolidating in a $34,000 region I also Yesterday was looking at the chart and Actually I think we're in a very similar Range like this region right here let me Go to the Daily time frame for Bitcoin I Think we're right now in a similar range Like this region right here why is Because here we also saw the barish Getting created bitcoin moved upwards But then went down but basically Consolidated sideways I think we're Going to get something similar like that Like this something like this in the Price section before then once again Creating a gigantic move for Bitcoin Coin in that case previously right we Went up a little bit higher then we went Down again and had something like this In terms of the price section so Bitcoin Could be quite boring for the PO so to Be very honest if we're looking at History after these big moves happen Obviously Bitcoin tends to be quite Boring afterwards so I won't be

Surprised if we're going to be once Again see a lot of consolidation right This region and see somewhat of this Price action for Bitcoin on the price Action right now so looking further on In towards Bitcoin I mean we got Projected by this most important Resistance line here sitting around 36,000 dollar what I've talked about Many many times before in my videos I Mean honestly if Bitcoin really moves Down here and gets rejected massively Comes down to $31,000 that will be a Massive opportunity since that was Previously arounded massive resistance On the price action of Bitcoin and if You were to be trading anything make Sure to go to the link description of Today's video because you can right now Claim a $40,000 deposit bonus and Without the link it's only a $400 Deposit bonus and also if you're Interesting on spending your crypto you Definitely should sign up to BU because You can write a sign up freely for the Buybit card where you can spend your Crypto earnings so I've got it here the Buybit card I can literally spend my Crypto using this debit card so this is Absolutely insane if you're interested In getting that make sure to also sign Up using that link below claim that Theos bonus get that buyit card right Now further on we can currently see that

If we're looking at Bitcoin right now Here on the daily time frame we're Looking at somewhat of a momentum loss Right I just already discussed it on the Daily time frame we can clearly see Bitcoin is creating some of a bearish Divergence but clearly we're looking to Be somewhat at the top side of this move Here so what I'm expecting is probably Somewhat of a correction and some more Sideways consolidation action I don't Really am expecting right now any big Moves of course I am expecting a big Move once the ETF news is going to hit The market but until then I honestly Really would expect it's going to be Somewhat of radio silence so we'll be Remaining to be very conscious and of Course right now for Bitcoin I'm going To make some new analysis on the price Action right now here but really what Bit Bitcoin needs to be doing here is at Least to hold up that award soling Support line and if we really want to be Continuing this rally towards the upside I need to see that previous High getting Taken out so looking further on towards Bitcoin I mean we created this perfect W Pattern we broke outside of the neckline And right now we are continuing towards The upside so if Bitcoin really were to Be coming down and retest the W better It will be a very good opportunity but To be very clear the price target of

This W pattern is somewhere around $38,000 so so far the price target has Not been reached here and probably Bitcoin is still going to continue Further on here but honestly the biggest Resistance for Bitcoin is laying ahead Of us around 36.5k so I'm going to be Looking very closely towards that level Since that is going to be in my opinion The most important level to be paying Attention towards and if we're really Going to be looking for Bitcoin on the Weekly time frame we are literally Breaking back into towards the bull Market territorium like you can Currently see so I am definitely very Excited for Bitcoin right now here I Honestly do think that we're right now Seeing a gigantic shift in Trend here And honestly I still think is probably Going to be happening a potential retest Of the $31,000 but if that happens You're literally longing this level that Previously ran provided support in the Bll market flipped into resistance and That will be a massive massive Opportunity if we were to be opening up Any long position red level so if Bitcoin really comes down here I think There will be a lot of buyers over there But I will be also be one to open up a Massive massive Bitcoin trade here so I'm going to be looking closely towards That level Bitcoin right now about to be

Getting overbought and historically Speaking once it gets overbought tends To stay overbought for a little bit Longer so maybe this move could get more Exponential but for now on I will remain To be very very cautious on the price Action of Bitcoin for the imminent short Term you should be looking at your bir Sling support line do we break this Level I do think there's a little bit More downside coming for Bitcoin but Anyways this was it for me in today's Update video today is Friday the last Day of trading tomorrow it's weekend so Expect not a lot of volatility tomorrow But anyways this was it for me in Today's update video and I see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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