The most important resistance for Bitcoin in this entire Trend just Slipped into support and on today's Video I will talk about what is going to Be happening next for Bitcoin what are The big support targets below us what Are the big resistance targets above us And many more important charts we need To discuss right now in today's update Video so without any further Ado don't Forget to slap the like button back up Of 700 likes on today's update video and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the a Short-term on bitcoin where I will be Approaching the $43,000 us as the main Level as big resistance for Bitcoin and Even yesterday while we were trying to Be breaking Above This level we saw a Significant rejection and Bitcoin moved Down all the way to 41.7k and is currently already bouncing Back up to $43,000 us so I have said This several times before in yesterday's Video as well as long as Bitcoin is not Breaking above the reped box here on the Top side I won't expect that Bitcoin is Going to see such a significant Continuation towards the upside and of Course if we break Above This level that Is the point of the confirmation where We're breaking Above This most important Level of resistance and then I really Expect Bitcoin could start to be flying

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Towards levels somewhere around 45 to 46,000 but as long as we're not breaking Above This level My ultimate Target is This level right here 39.7k why is because honestly in this Entire Trend I think the lowest amount Of risk on buying a long position is Sitting around 39.7k and of course I Don't necessarily have to get entered But if I want to get entered I want to Have a good position like you guys know I already filled up a small little trade Here back around this region right here And currently that trade is in Approximately in $1,000 of profit but of Course for me to be opening up a massive New trade I just want to be getting an Entry in this region right here and I Said it as well in yesterday's video Guys I am a lion I am not going to chase My prey I just wait there in the corners Sit very calmly and let the prey come to Me and that is how it should be as a Trader I mean I have set up my levels Where I am interested in buying and in Trading sometimes you just have to be Very patient before your trade is going To get filled up and of course at the Same time I am looking at new Opportunities as well potentially if Bitcoin breaks that $43,000 level but for me this is the Lowest risk amount of trade I want to be Entering and I'm going to keep my eyes

Wide open on it and of course if Bitcoin Right now breaks above that 42 $3,000 Continues further towards the upside I'm Of course going to close out this Position and going to be looking at my Next trate right here so this is what I'm doing the W pattern for Bitcoin is Still definitely in play and it will be Breaking out if we confirm the break Above the red box right here so if we're Also looking at the liquidation heat map We can see that currently sitting around That 44,000 to 437k is a massive amount of liquidations Of Bitcoin short positions laying and That makes it in my opinion very Interesting because that is exactly just Above uh that rap box of resistance it's Approximately right here and if we touch That level approximately a billion US Dollars in Bitcoin shorts are going to Get liquidated and that will be massive News and of course you have to Understand that also while we saw this Bounce here it exactly bounc from the Descending triangle breakout and it yeah Flipped literally the previous Resistance into support what is of Course also a very bullish development In my opinion but just like I said in The beginning of the video in my opinion I'm not going to be bullish until Bitcoin breaks above this region right Here but if Bitcoin really comes down

Here I think not this level is going to Be providing support this time no it's Going to be the 39.7 to 39.3k that is really going to be Providing support and honestly wouldn't A lot of people be freaked out if we go Down here and then bounce once again Back towards the upset honestly it would Probably caught a lot of people off Guard and that is of course a thing I Absolutely love so that is currently What I'm looking at of course in terms Of my forecast everything is still Playing out here I was expecting we were Going to see some consolidation and that Is exactly what currently is playing out And guys if you want to be knowing what Is next this is my prediction I think Bitcoin is still going to be pumping but The question is when is it going to Start to be pumping because I think it's Going to be pumping once the Bitcoin Sport ETF uh window is going to be there So I think the big pump for Bitcoin is Going to come in approximately 13 to 14 Days here so make sure to get ready for That I think we've got one more week of Reaccumulation for Bitcoin around this Region and then we're probably going to Be going up here so make sure to Accumulate accordingly and I mean guys If you want to be trading yourself you Could do so in the link description of Today's video because if you R an

Assignment account using that link below To buy bit you could claim it a post Bonus up to $40,000 and like you know You could also claim this insane free $1,000 trade and all you need to do for That is literally go to the link Description of today's video sign up an Account using that link below complete Kyc level one deposit $100 in your first S days and you could be claiming this Insane airw position so make sure to Check it out in the link description of Today's video you could claim it on Bitcoin ethereum or on Pepe whatever you Want and I mean if Bitcoin right now Pumps 20% you're literally making more Than $20,000 from like an what is it a $1,000 from just a $100 deposit what is Of course absolutely massive and of Course if you can't trade on bu but due To any reason make sure to check out FX In the link description they're offering You a 10% cash back on everything you're Depositing and yeah fix is very similar To bit but it's just an exchange where You don't need to do kyc and that is Also a thing I really like going further In towards the content here on the Bitcoin price section we can currently See that Bitcoin is potentially even Creating a bull flag right here so this Is actually a very interesting chart Here you can clearly see Bitcoin had a Massive rally then another massive rally

And now a re accumulation and Potentially a breakout of this bull flag Is looming so keep your eyes wide open On that but I set this several times Before guys I think right now we are in This reaccumulation phase between the Red box what is resistance and the green BX which is support and I still think That um we are probably going to be Trading in this region for quite a while Here and that wouldn't be bad at all That actually would be super good for Bitcoin that is a very good thing to be Seeing in my opinion and of course we Can currently see that I think really if We break above this red box right here Completely that is the point where I Would really start to say okay right now The bull market could potentially maybe Really be starting yeah this has been The drop off point what literally cause Bitcoin to dump down from $47,000 all the way to 15,000 while was Of course a massive collapse towards the Downside so yeah 43.2k is also the exact Level of resistance and of course the Level above us is going to be 46.8k That's that is going to be the next big Level we're going to be aiming for as Resistance to be breaking above of and Honestly guys if you're just zooming out On bitcoin right now here and just Approaching it we had this massive rally Towards the upside right now we're

Seeing very strong consolidation on the Price action of Bitcoin I think the Price action is looking very good and Very healthy and honestly this is really Price action that gets created that Really can continue because sometimes You see these exponential rallies and in Big dump towards the downside or Um or sometimes you see these Exponential rallies and Bitcoin just Dumps towards the downside again and Comes back towards the beginning of the Point that is not what we're seeing Right now here we're seeing strong Consolidation around this region what is Very good for Bitcoin and that is really Making myself extremely bullish on it as Well so looking forward towards where We're going to be going towards Especially with the Bitcoin Hing only 110 days out here and of course the spot ETF is going to be almost there and guys Before finishing this video make sure to Check also altcoin Rover I just uploaded This video a day ago about what is the Next 100 di in crypto and I mean I Called this already around $200 but Currently this is uh the Bitcoin puns Are sitting around $3,000 us and once I Uploaded this video it was around $2,000 So it's already like a 50% increasement Ever since I made this video so guys Make sure to subscribe to altcoin Rover Where I discuss altcoin opportunities

And other opportunities in the market It's a very super it's an amazing Channel that you definitely need to be Checking out so thank you so much for Watching guys and I see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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