I Was Wrong About Kaspa

What's up Sons it's blindroid with son Of attack once again and I was wrong bit Main did not delay the Casper miners Like they typically have done in the Past with both the kadena miners as well As the dash miners so it's up in the air Now as to how the coin price is going to Be impacted along with difficulty Etc Let's go ahead and get into the details Right after a word from today's sponsor Today's sponsor is BT miners BT miners Has been a long time sponsor of the Channel and a proven reliable source for Asic miners if you're looking to Purchase Asics Hardware from Bitcoin to Dogecoin miners they are available for Purchase on Bt-liners.com BT miners is a trusted Source by both asicminervalue.com and Cryptominer.com follow the affiliate Link in the description and tell them so Sent you to support the channel welcome Back everybody so to start things off Basically what we are seeing is a a Shipment or an announcement of shipments For batch one of the bitmain ks3 Caspa Asic Miners and that is on today August 21st 2023 there was this assumption that They were going to delay it like they Have in the past with a lot of their Other altcoin miners like the ka3 for Kadena and that we would start to see a Spike in the hash rate on the network From bit main testing the units now

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Bitmain has been testing the units if we Take a look at for example the Miningpoolstats.stream page we can see The F2 pool has had a steady increase Interestingly enough here just recently There is this quick little dip off now Presumably what's been going on is that They have been slowly adding units to Test and then pulling them off the Network and this is actually a smart Play if they don't want to tank the coin Right away right or tank the possibility Of selling a second batch which they Have also announced and surprisingly Enough here with the second batch we're Going to get better hash rates on these Ks3 units they're going to go from the 8.3 Tera Hash a second at 3 300 watts to 9.4 terahas a second at 3 500 watts so Yes a little bit more power consumption And a little bit more hash rate on the Second batch of ks3s so if you purchase The first batch unfortunately I guess You're just gonna have to deal with the 8.3 which is still going to be extremely Profitable right now but not as Profitable as you might think once they Start hitting the actual Network so from Third-party retailers that we've heard We are aware of at least 2500 units that Are ready and that does mean in general That we are going to see a spike in the Network hash rate from the current 12 Peta Hash a second as you can currently

See on mining pool stats to presumably Around 33 Peta Hash a second depending On possibly taking away some of this 2.26 pet a hash a second and maybe the One pet a hash a second and it's solo Mining somewhere off in The Ether so Somewhere around there presumably I went With the 33 Peta Hash a second and ran That through a a percent calculator Which gave us the 261 percent of the Current hash rate which is then Calculated into the difficulty number Here which gave us this difficulty Number what this is going to give us is An estimate based on the current price Of Casper for what the ks3 will make Once 2500 units have been deployed to The network now this number could be Much higher than expected in theory it Could technically be lower too because Depending on how many retailers have Purchased this and whether or not those Retailers are going to mine on them While they're selling them or preparing To sell them is still up in the air so That's kind of where I think there is Going to be a little bit of play I think Initially what we're looking at was 40 Pet a hash on the network it looks like That's still going to be relatively Accurate for the you know bile a little Bit less here on the first batch for These getting shipped out so I did go Ahead and calculate that out with what

To Mine here and I did put in a ks3 a Current hash rate which is the 8.3 Tera Terra hash at the 3188 watts and then Just added in the 10 cents per kilowatt Hour and then the block reward of 174 Caspa Because by the time these hit the Network it's definitely going to be September 6th I mean if it's local to China and there's a certain amount of Units there I would presume we start to See those on the network within the week Or so so maybe a little bit earlier but For anyone Stateside here this is this Emissions reduction is going to take Place a pretty pretty guaranteed as far As that goes so we adjusted that out and Then we got that difficulty number uh From the percent calculation that we did On the presumed 2500 units getting added To the network what that's going to end Up being at the end of the day is going To be 149 US dollars a day in profit After power cost now I did want to go Ahead and continue our calculation for Cost to Mint at 10 cents a kilowatt hour Which is frankly I think pretty low Power so what I mean by that is we could Adjust this up a little bit more but Most miners should be at the 10 cents or Lower especially if they're putting in An investment of this magnitude right Now right because these are you know 34 50 000 units and so once you start kind Of calculating that in and some people

Were paying sixty thousand my assumption Is these guys that are purchasing this Are going to have a decent power rate Even if you're getting hosted it's not That hard to get hosted Stateside for Seven and a half to ten cents a kilowatt Hour somewhere around there seven cents To send ten cents a kilowatt hour so Somewhere in that range and you can get You know hosted I think that these are Probably what we're going to see that Would take the cost to Mint down to two Tenths of a penny of course custom mint Isn't going to be everything there's Still drive for adoption and so on you Still gotta account though I think for The selling pressure that will be coming Onto the network too how much that's Going to be and how fast people want to Try to pay these off it's going to be up In the air because keep in mind if we Have a let's just say the thirty four Thousand after the coupon uh cost of These and divide that by the hundred and Forty nine dollars that we got here per Day that Roi would be 228 days after Adjusting for difficulty on these Particular units and that'll put you Well into next year if you purchase one Of these so kind of wondering exactly How fast people are going to try to Roi This or how many of the miners are going To try to hold this uh this will be a Miner's game and it will be a large

Investment Miners game and it will be Interesting to see how they want to play This out it really is going to depend on Fear I think at the end of the day Meaning that these individuals that Purchase these miners how confident you Know how much fear is driven if the Price starts dipping and it pushes that Pressure as they start to try to Roi or Are they going to try to prop it up this Is really interesting too because as We've seen the GPU miners in the fpga Miners have now completely moved off of The network and that's pretty much we Can see correlated into fpga hash rate Going up significantly on iron fish for Example as the most recent increase in Hash rate that I've seen and that's Where most of the fpgas have gone most Of the gpus have just turned off or Moved now there is still you know with Hive on statistics a hilarious amount of Casper being mined I think at this point I think seven seven percent still yeah On gpus which is still you know a little Crazy if you really think about it but Because they're not profitable at all if You even now because fpgas and the A6 They have come from Ice River and then You know as far as the fpgas are Concerned they're a little bit more Quick to adopt new coins and so on and You've seen like the E300 and stuff gets Support for Kyla coin and iron fish who

It seems ironfish is kind of the the Choice for a lot of people I think we See that with even on the GPU side with Uh red panda mining running his for the Past 30 days on iron fish a lot of Institutional money behind that one so I Guess people are feeling safer with that Personally I'm not a big fan of the Token Distribution on that one that Aside going back to Caspa let's go ahead And look at the new numbers for the Revision the second batch that's going To be coming out which will be at the 9.4 Tera Hash a second so basically we Can kind of come back over here and snag This down and we'll go 9 400 and then we Will put in the 3 500 watts here and Calculate that out and what you would See with the second batch is that these Units would be earning a 167.25 now the question will be where Does that price point come in I don't Know if it's going to be closer to that 30 000 Mark or if we will get below that That's going to be up in the air so I Don't know what the ROI on the second Batch will be necessarily especially Because we also don't know if there's Going to be a lot more units that were Initially shipped with these K this Initial bash of batch of ks3s so the Question will be of course is what Happens once these miners get them in Hand will it be a selling frenzy will it

Be a race to Roi for these miners or Will they be trying to prop up the Network so we already saw a reduction of Active addresses in the past 30 days From 28 000 active addresses on Casper Down to 15 000 active addresses this is Because we have a lot less people mining With more hash rate because the way Active addresses will respond to less Amount of miners on the network is that You will have less active addresses That's because essentially the pools That we're supplying for fpga miners as Well as for the GPU miners we're taking The Caspa and making payments out so We've all that's another indicator that We've seen on Kas.ffyi which I can show you here as to The miners over the past 30 days Basically uh moving off right so you can See here I think on the 24th 27 000 Active addresses and then I think today It looks like 15 000 have been active it Does that would actually be kind of a Weird indicator it's early in the day Right it's it's coming around six O'clock today so already 15 000 active addresses on that uh Yesterday was 14 000 interesting little Pump up I think that is because of the Increase in the price of Casper that We're also seeing today that's kind of The shift you'll have less people that Are going to be kind of controlling the

Network and how that functions so you'll Kind of be beholden to whoever those Individuals that are earning all of this Caspa are going to be and I don't know Who they are and I don't know what their Business models are and I don't know Exactly how what their plans are right So that's kind of up in the air as far As that's concerned so there's my update We have basically a second batch of Castle miners coming out the first patch Has been pretty solidified and there you Go thanks for watching hit the like Comment subscribe and notification bells Down below so you can get notified for The latest cryptocurrency mining news as I can get to it I will see you next Tuesday okay

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