I Turned Off My GPUs

I'm now a dirty Asic Miner all my gpus Are currently turned off here's [Music] Why welcome back everybody so if you pop Into my hive dashboard right now you can See that all of my rigs are currently Powered down and that is because I am Utilizing all the power at my current Facility to test out some bit main ant Minor S9s before Shi them off to hosting so Yes I click baited you we will be Turning the gpus back on they're just Currently off so that I can test all the Units before I get them sent out now What units did I get and why did I get Them well I got units the s19 from Coastal crypto and the reason is is Because they have a group buy right now And you can actually have a minimum Order quantity of one if you like on the S9s and they are $597 .97 per unit and Free shipping I know they say free Sipping here but they are alcoholics so Let's go ahead and give them a break Love you guys over at Coastal you can Check out the email information down Below if you want to email them to get In on this deal you can't purchase it Directly through their website and I Will get an affiliate payout if you do Order from them but this isn't a paid Video and yes I did purchase these from Them so that's why I'm talking about

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Them in particular we'll talk about BT Miners and some options there as well And the reason for purchasing these of Course is to start preparing for the Next Bull Run having cycle of course Coming up early 2024 the presumed Bull Run if we go off previous Suring cryptocurrency mining you can Check out my Crypt mining ecourse at son Of ach.com so let's go ahead and get Into these miners I have already added Them into foran I will leave a link down To foran down below it's a fantastic Piece of management software that does Work with the stock firmware of the s9s Or any of the bit main units so you Don't need to be purchasing any Third-party boards like the zy Linux Boards or the Epic boards Etc and you Can get them all in there and running Now we are in Texas so these Max Temperatures are running a little bit Hot right now and here's all the 10 Units so far as far as shipping goes to Give you guys an idea they did ship them In secondhand party boxes right so they Weren't in the original s19 boxes Unfortunately what this does mean is That we did end up having a few units With some damage mostly just to fans we Had three fans that were broken and then I had a couple dents and bruises on some Of the power supplies but they all did Power up and are running quite well

After I replaced some fans you'll notice Here that the top one the S901 has a fail State we can monitor That of course from our dashboard you Can see here on our hasbo number one we Have an abnormal chip State on number 39 The coastal crypto will be helping Resolve this as well as shipping the new Fans they are very very good at that so One of the things I do like about Coastal is they have a great turnaround Time on assisting you with any damaged Hardware Etc so there is that you can't Really get too upset by that in my Humble opinion just because shipping you Are going to experience damages and as Long as you can get those remedied I Think that everything is good to go There so that is pretty much what we got Online I did Flash all of them to low Power mode you'll notice that those that We talked about were the s19 995 Terahash models and I flashed on the new Bios or the new firmware excuse me old Computer PC it guy here saying bios I Flashed on the new firmware to the hash Board and put them all into low power Mode that's just going to be under your Settings here and then you can go ahead And hit that low power mode once I went Ahead and put them into low power mode You can see here that even on the one That is is not performing fantastic has A dead chip we're at about 73 terahash a

Second and the meter reading was at 2200 To 2300 Watts it didn't go over 2300 Watts but that's what we were at and if We take a look at a unit now it is Getting a little hotter out so the hash Rates are coming down that being said if We look at a unit that's at full Performance here we're at 74 terahash a Second 74.5 ter a second is essentially At the 2300 Watts so I'm pretty happy With that overall with the low power Mode I will be plugging in an epic board Which I have in stock as well as a Zlinux or zy Linux board that we can Test multiple firmwares on and we'll see If we can get better performance out of That of course that would be an Additional cost right you are going to Have to purchase additional hash boards If you want to utilize those and get Some features like maybe adding them Into hiveos or brains Os or utilizing The Epic firmware which doesn't have a Dev fee which can be definitely Advantageous in a lot of different Scenarios so stay tuned to make sure you Hit that subscribe button for all that Content that is coming in the near Future so at this point essentially we Have all of these online we're pretty Good to go I do have them pointed as you Can tell to nice hash currently and that Is because nice hash is the most Profitable outside of mining rig rentals

But mining rig rentals is really hit or Miss there are some options in foran Where you can basically set up mining Rig rentals along with setting up the Nice hash and it'll bounce back and Forth between them depending on if your Units get rented from rig rentals so That is another option that I am looking At I'll let you guys know if I do get That configured how it works and all of That it does look like I do have one More failing on S906 and we'll review that that is kind Of the first time it is starting to get Hot now as it has crossed the noon Barrier of course and we are getting Into that hot part of the day which is Really I'm going to run these for a week See what kind of failures we have get an RMA out if I need to get them out it Looks like it actually just bounced out Of the fail state so that is kind of Like where we're at you can see we're Sitting somewhere between 77 de and 89° C across these you do want to try to Keep them under 90° C and because I Don't have great ventilation in that Farm that is another reason for running Low power mode here but your Profitability does go up as well so That's something to take into account as Far as that's concerned so once again This was part of the close out sale on The s19 95 tashes if we take a look at

The mining profitability right now it Isn't that great but we did just have a Boost in the Bitcoin price so maybe this Will change a little bit we're at 27,000 We just crossed that today pretty killer As far as that's concerned now what we Have clocked in here is the stock Numbers for the s19 so we have the 95 Ter a second at 3,250 watts and this is at a 10 cents a Kilowatt hour so as far as that is Concerned we are you know in the Negative right we're losing a158 a day On nice has sha 250 56 but that doesn't Always tell the whole story because like You guys might be aware you're going to Mine and you're going to try to Accumulate to a certain extent right now Because we're in the bare Market what I'm doing right now is accumulating Cheap Hardware that is my strategy Making sure that that cheap Hardware is In operational condition and then get it Into hosting speaking of Hosting like I Said this will be going to a hosting Company and the rates depending on how Many units you need to have hosted by The way is going to be between 7.2 cents And 8.8.2 cents so let me know in the Comment section below if you're curious On that you can check out son of tech. Locals.com I go through uh actually one Of my neighbors who runs a place called Nod love and they are located across the

US in various locations so you can hit Me up if you're interested in that so at The 10 cents a kilowatt hour if we crank In the new hash rates let's go with the 74 4.5 ter a second at the 2300 Watts Like I said it really is under 2300 Watts but just to be fair calculate that Out we actually do end up in a much Better position as far as right now at 10 cents a kilowatt hour losing about You know 64 cents a day and this is what My current Farm rate is so obviously We'll be testing and then shipping these Out and this is per unit so you know Across the board we're losing like six Bucks a day so if we go ahead and this Is for testing of course now if we go Ahead and click in the highest rate for Hosting let's say you're just going to Host like one unit or something like That and we go with 80 or 8.5 cents a Kilowatt hour we're finally in the Profit at 19 cents a day which means you Can potentially get up to a fiveyear Contract on these power agreements with Hosting companies and I highly recommend That because if you get in now you'll Get these contracts at a lower cost and That's kind of what I'm working on on You sign that out and if you can even Like EK these along to where maybe They're not you know killing it right You're only making 20 cents a day but You're really you're prepping yourself

For the future and that is also going to Be a contract that includes power so It's completely possible for you to work Something out where you're swapping out Units that sort of thing for more Efficient units down the line if you Need it really what you're trying to do Is lock in your spots in these hosting Facilities before they get all filled up In the case that you actually think that You know this Bitcoin mining thing is Going to continue and I'll leave that up To you let me know in the comment Section below if you think so so then if We go ahead and look at that obviously Like I said we're profitable and that's Really what we're looking at trying to Do is just maintain not really Profitability as a whole but make sure That we can cover the power costs in Case we don't have the income to Facilitate covering that with external Means right so the idea here is to Accumulate Bitcoin via mining as opposed To Via purchasing but you're kind of Still allocating that same amount of Income right so if you are going to try To accumulate you know $10 a day in Bitcoin you can allocate that $10 a day To power get yourself in a position Where you have some sort of contract for An extended period of time that will run Through the next bull market and then You're you're in a position where you're

Still also stacking Bitcoin this is kind Of the whole idea behind it in theory of Course as I cover my crypto mining EC Course to the actual value of these Units will go up how by how much that's Yet to be seen and of course we would be A Miss if we weren't talking about the Ant minor S21s which did Just Launch and you might Want to take a look at there is a group Buy option over on B T miners and we Will cover that if you buy the units Individually with the S21 at the 2,000 Trash a second which these are Incredibly efficient almost double the Efficiency of the s9s for example right You're at 200 terahash a second at 3500 Watts not quite double but almost double The efficiency you can pick these up on A single basis cost for a shipping in q1 To Q2 of 2024 for $3,800 and they also Over on BT miners which I'll leave a Link down for you guys down below they Have a group buy and this is actually 35% of the cost just so you're aware so It is still over 3,000 but if you Purchased six units you know at that Price I believe they were coming out to 3,000 uh total Allin cost if you Purchase six or more so this is another Option if you're looking at purchasing And getting into the new ant Miner s21s Of course you will have to wait so the Problem with these particular in

Particular is that you're going to have To purchase them and they won't be Deployed right away as opposed to if you Go out right now and purchase some used Units you can get those deployed and Start filling up that hosting space so That's kind of the idea the pros and Cons between both of them of course Bitcoin mining is extremely competitive And the better energy rates you get Along with the more efficiency that you Get the better off you're going to be so It's all this like cost benefit type Things that you need to do the paperwork On yourself I've been in the GPU mining Field for quite some time will continue To be of course so my strategies all Come from that which is buying used Mining Hardware because you can get it At a fraction of the price and then Sitting on that and waiting until They're profitable this is what I talk About a ton and so that's the strategy That I'm executing as far as the Strategy right now like I said the Reason why the gpus are off is because We're testing these units and I only Have 200 amps available I.E about 10 amp Minor s9s running at full power of Course we've brought those down we'll Get those tested over the next week Shipped out and then good to go so there You go that is that once again look at That beautiful Bitcoin chart going back

Up over 27,000 it'd be nice to see 30,000 again but we'll just have to sit Back wait and see I did run the Calculations of course on uh what to Mine as well they don't show as Profitable as it does on essentially Minor stat uh that can be because of Where the apis are pulling from and all Of that but if we went to the 74 point Or 74.5 and then we clocked in that 2300 Watts and then we clocked in that 0.85 which would be a low quantity order For hosting uh it does show uh8 15 cents Of profitability on digibyte Interestingly enough but it does show on Bitcoin a 14 cents loss uh what I have Noticed when I was running the 104 Tashes for example is that through nice Hash there are some crazy good days and They seem to make up for it this is Primarily due to of course the predatory Nature of nice hash with their new Gambling system that I did Cover uh Previously and why I was utilizing ni Has because of that I ended up even at 10 cents a kwatt hour with the 104 T's In low power mode being not profitable But clearing right and that was just at 10 cents a kilowatt hour you bring that Rate down things start looking a little Bit better the margins are tight you're Not going to be extremely profitable Right now but the thing is the point is

If you're accumulating now you can have The potential of being extremely Profitable in the future remember these S9s were going for buku of money even The S9 in the past Bull Run was going For more than the s9s are right now Remember they were going for almost ,000 A pop in the last Bull Run and the s9s Were already out the s7s had been out as Well and the s9s were still sitting There at a pretty pretty penny whereas You know right now we're in that same Field of a tenth of the cost for these S9s do you get that same tripling or Quadrupling of cost of these s9s in the Next Bull Run it depends because one of The things that I am curious about is How efficient are we going to get by the Next Bull Run we have a lot more Competitors we have Avalon coming out With stuff we have what's Miner coming Out with stuff bit M coming out with Stuff so it's still way up in the air The competition obviously is always Going to be on that power front so if You're wanting to lock in those things That's kind of what I'm looking at is Getting that power kind of sorted it's The bare Market you sort your power you Sort your locations hosting if you're Going to go with that building out your Own setup if you're going with that and Accumulating the hardware of course There is always the option of just

Accumulating the hardware and letting it Sit and utilizing that as your Particular investment vessel and that Can actually be a pretty decent strategy As well because at the end of the day With that one you don't have to worry About as much with the mining income Taxes and you're just flipping units That's something that you can think About as well let me know what you all Think about all of this down in the Comments section below I'd like to hear From you are you building and Accumulating right now are you Accumulating Hardware are you Accumulating you know property to host These at or are you accumulating just The cryptocurrency and sitting on it let Me know what your investment vessels are Surrounding cryptocurrency and what You're interested in don't forget you Can check out my locals at son ofate Tech. locals.com to keep up to date with My daily moves with my mining farms and My crypto investing strategies and in Addition to that you can get a free Month of supporter status on locals with The purchase of my Crypt mining ecourse At sonof ach.com I will see you next Tuesday

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