There is a huge read that's on this Legendary support line and I've opened Another big long position right now and In this exact video I will of course Talk about this long position I will Talk about a bigger perspective I will Talk about the Bitcoin bull flag and Many more important charts we need to Discuss right now I will also give a Brief update on the image short term so Don't forget to slap up the line Couldn't back up a 500 likes on this Video and with that being said let me Jump straight away in towards the Imminent short term for Bitcoin and once Again last week has been super boring For Bitcoin and right now it is Saturday So it is weekend so we are once again Creating a CME Gap and currently this Weekend around to see me Gap is trading Around 29.1 K the last six to seven Times we created the CME Gap and I Predicted it it played out perfectly so Once again I will be saying this Bitcoin Can move up or down over the course of The weekend huge but of course probably At the end of the weekend we're going to Once again trade around at 29 point one Gay level so Bitcoin remains to be super Boring it's not really creating a big Move and basically it's still continuing Sideways so still there's not been a big Breakout yet so far and one thing we Know from Bitcoin Summers is that

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Usually the summers are very boring Right now we're in August and I expected At the end of August or the middle point Of August we could finally start to see Some volatility hit the markets looking At the one hour time frame there's not a Lot of happening we're still creating a Higher high but also creating lower Highs so we're basically still waiting Before the bigger Trend direction is Going to get created for Bitcoin and Looking at the four early time frame you Can clearly see we're still balancing Between support and resistance and I'm Going to be extending these levels as Bitcoin probably is going to consolidate Even longer in these ranges and I will Be saying this once again here if Bitcoin breaks below that support on 28.8k that we retested again a few hours Ago I will be expecting Bitcoin is going To fall down to 28 000 but if we break The high around 29.7 okay I will be Expecting Bitcoin is going to climb up Back towards 32 000 US Dollars you can See how important this level is here on The Lower Side since Bitcoin also had a Retest of this level a couple hours ago Here and right now we're once again Holding this level as support on the Four-league time frame for Bitcoin if You're just purely looking at the image Short-term Trend we're clearly trading In a bearish buying strength here you

Can clearly see Bitcoin is moving down Every single time it's creating lower Heights together with lower lows and Basically this trend is going to Continue until Bitcoin is going to shift The trend around and in order to shift The trend I just want to be seeing that Break above this region right here the Red box that you can currently see has Been previously around to provide huge Support for Bitcoin in the past and Currently it is providing resistance and If we manage to break this level I will Be expecting the giantroid is going to Get ended straight away and Bitcoin can Start to see some more upside from of This point looking at the falling wedge Here we're still clearly bouncing from Of the following which pattern but so Far nothing very interesting is Happening remained to be in a long Position on dead cat with an Approximately one Bitcoin in profit Right now here and yes if Bitcoin were To fall down to 25 000 I'm going to Double down on this trade here so make Sure to pay attention towards that but At the same time right now I've opened a New London ethereum worth 165 000 US Dollars with only four weeks leverage And you can see that if you're looking At the ethereum price section that Ethereum is currently standing on this Legendary support line and basically

What we're looking into be expecting With ethereum is that we're going to get A gigantic breakout anytime soon here And of course it's probably going to Take quite a while here still we're Expecting another 28 to 30 days here Before the break is going to happen and Currently it is sitting on legendary Support so I thought why don't I open up A smaller long position on this huge Level of support so looking at ethereum It's about to be creating a big move Here also there's going to be a huge Update here on ethereum happening in Approximately three to four months here But will reduce the fees massively what Would make ethereum even even more Interesting layers so that is why I'm Already starting to accumulate my Positions right now you can actually Also see if you're looking at ethereum And why I think it's actually right now Not a bad time to be accumulating it is That if you're looking at the last time Here we had that bullish crossover on That Weekly email ribbon ethereum Started the gigantic rally towards the Upside and right now again we had that Bullish crossover on the weekly email Ribbon and this is just the beginning We're currently also retesting the EMA Ribbon on the weekly time frame and this Could be the starting point of a next Gigantic rally in the price section so

Yes I'm getting ready for a gigantic Move anytime soon here and these signals Already giving me an opportunity to Write and open up a small position my Liquidation price is around fifteen Hundred dollars and if we're going to Come closer towards that level I'm just Going to double down on my trades here So so yeah I think this is a very good Opportunity to be accumulating ethereum And that is exactly what I did so but Looking at Bitcoin of course I mean There's just not a lot of stuff Happening we do know the volatility is Extremely low and that makes it also for Me extremely hard to make a video about New information and markup because there Is just not new information we're still Creating that bullflex scenario and of Course we need to break the downtrend if We were to be breaking bullish of that And like on ethereum we're creating this Gigantic break at any time soon but for Bitcoin we're expecting this breakout is Going to be taking place in Approximately 20 days from now on so That's going to be approximately at the End point of August the jet where either Needs to be breaking below support this Legendary support line like you can see Right here or either the breakup of Resistance what would mean that we're Breaking up the most important Resistance of this entire Trend so yeah

Bitcoin is either going to come down Back to twenty thousand dollars or it's Either going to go up to 37 to 40 000 US Dollars so we're getting ready for a Very big move but once time is going to Close in towards this extreme big Breakout right here I'm going to give You guys more update on that but on the Same time Bitcoin is volume remains to Be dropping what makes it for me a very Interesting case right now here the Volume keeps dropping while Bitcoin Broke down so we're just waiting for the Next move to happen but if there is Going to be any more big moves in the Market right here I need to be seeing a Big volume move here because that is Going to confirm the move here because This breakdown of the range I don't Really like it since of course the Volume has been so significantly low Here of course if I'm zooming to the Three-day time frame for Bitcoin we're Still creating a gigantic copper handle Pattern and more importantly we are Creating that falling wedge pattern also On the three-day time frame so Bitcoin Is really squeezing up the price section And it's just a matter of time before We're going to be braking it has been Super boring for the last 40 to 50 days Right now here I do clearly know that That we are currently getting ready you Should know it could happen very quickly

Just like this move right here this move 44 towards the upside happened in six Days so it can change very quickly just Like last time around right here Everyone was bearish and then Bitcoin Was up for 20 to 30 in just a matter of A few days here and everyone who wanted To be benefiting from it was already too Late since yeah once Bitcoin is pumping It's probably already too late so I am Taking my positions in right now and I Will be expecting this game to be a big Breakout happening anytime soon so get Ready for that Bitcoin remains to be Boring until it doesn't and I will be Expecting is going to be happening Somewhere in this month here so get Ready for that but anyways yes there's Not a lot of new stuff that we need to Discuss here so thanks so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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