I Gave This ChatGBT Bot $50,000 to Trade Bitcoin

What would you do with 50 000 US Dollars Invested into real estate or maybe even Put it into the stock market or Bitcoin Or would you give it to an AI trading Algorithm that automatically trades for You today it's the first of August and I Just invested 50 000 US Dollars into the Cryptoc trading algorithm and let's let It run and see what the results are Going to be So about six months has passed right now It's time to check out the performance Of the AI trading algorithm I have used For the past six months today it's the 9th of February so somewhat about six Months ago I started investing 50 000 US Dollars in towards this trading Algorithm and right now my net Equity Value is 61.4 K what means that I made a Profit of about 11.4k what is absolutely incredible but Since this training algorithm is based In UC tether I really want to know what Has been the performance of Bitcoin in The past six months because if the Performance of Bitcoin was better than Um 20 22 approximately it is it could be A bad investment so let me quickly dive Also in towards the Bitcoin charts so For the Bitcoin price I set up two lines Two red lines one of where them is of Course the start point and one of them Is the end point and basically we can See that the start Point Bitcoin was

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Trading around 23.3 K and currently at the end point Bitcoin is trading around 22.7 K what Means if I'm going to be measuring the Difference it means that Bitcoin drops Somewhat about three percent well My Equity grew with somewhat about 22 what Means that this algorithm that I used For the past six months I'll perform Bitcoin by a whopping 19 The nice part about this AI trading Algorithm is that actually everyone can Use it because I have used the cryptoc Trading algorithm which you can of Course find yourself as well on Cryptoc.com and if you go towards this Website you can actually download the Historical report if you go all the way Down towards the website you can see Download results right here and if you Press on it you come at this page right Here the historical report of the Cryptoc trading algorithm and here is Where it starts to become very exciting Because once I started to read through This historical data report of this AI Trading algorithm I started to find out About how absolutely revolutionary AI Trading is right now on the market AI Trading is absolutely taking over just Like AIS are currently beating humans in Chess they're beating humans in Basically investing and basically with Everything and that's why AI trading is

Probably also going to take over if I'm Looking at this historical data report Of this AI trading algorithm called Cryptoc you can see that it has been Making a performance over about two Thousand percent ever since 2018 and What is important to know is that this Is of course a back test result and ever Since they've been lies for the for the Past six months they have been out Preferring Bitcoin buying about 20 so That is also a very stable return if I'm Also going to be looking at the monthly Returns quickly looking through it I can Make take up one very important thing Because I've been using the bot for the Past six months and basically what you Can see is that also in the past six Months there have been a lot of months Where it basically is going sideways While Bitcoin is in fact decreasing in Value and since the ball is based in UC Tether you're still outperforming Bitcoin because you're not exposed to Bitcoin know you're only benefiting from The volatility that Bitcoin actually has And what you can really learn from this Historical report of this AI trading Algorithm is that once you're going to Start using an AI training algorithm It's smart to at least use it for a Longer period of time of course Depending on what the risk model is this Risk model of this AI training algorithm

Is a low risk High return for the long Term and you can really see it back here You can see on the long term it makes Very good profit but sometimes in the Short term it can just go sideways you Can see it on the monthly returns you Can see it on the performance from the Past six months you can basically see it In all the data they also got way more Data over here but I think this is way Too complicated data I don't exactly Understand everything about it but it's Been absolutely crazy what the that Basically the performance of this Training algorithm is so far you can see That it has been really doing very well And the nice part about it is that it is All artificial intelligence so once this AI algorithm makes a mistake it will Learn from it the next time and it won't Make that issue again so it's absolutely Crazy I think AI trading is currently Taking over the industry and it will Definitely help probably to grow your Portfolio yourself as well so there you Have it I gave an AI training algorithm 50 000 US Dollars and the results were Nothing but absolutely crazy if you want To get your hands on this algorithm that I use today you can check out Cryptoc.com and you can use it yourself As well if you want to know more about AI trading make sure to subscribe to my Channel as well because I am planning to

Release more videos about the subject as Well in the future who knows what the Future holds for us I think one thing is For sure and that is that AI algorithms Are here to stay don't forget to Subscribe to the channel like this video And I'll see you guys on the next one Peace out goodbye

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