I Did NOT Want to Talk About This Coin

I didn't want to talk about this project Yet but now we're going to go ahead and Get into it let's go [Music] What's up Sons it's blind guard with son Of attack once again and a few weeks ago I discovered this project called Retherium now retherium is an Interesting project in that it's Supposed to be a restart of the ethereum Blockchain and this means that it will Carry over all of the good and all of The bad from where proof of work stopped Now the thing I was most excited about When this was announced was that the Hashing algorithm was modified with Blake 3 to allow for natural progression Of the chain from CPU mining to GPU Mining however up on further Investigation I did find that they never Patched out the uncle maker blocks which Meant that essentially the pools could Manipulate the chain and basically start To earn more than other pools right and Private pools could be built to do this As well so I kind of took a step back And didn't address this project right Off the bat until I got confirmation From the development team that this was Going to be addressed and they have Released a short-term road map and goals That is going to address this so this Road map in particular has these things Written down on it and this was released

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On August 24th addressing Uncle maker Issue patch the previously identified Uncle maker issue has been resolved and Is scheduled for incorporation within The 1.12 release this update holds Significance as it contributes to the Heightened security of our Network so Bravo to the team there finding a fix For it and getting ready to implement That in the next release so I'm Definitely now a lot more bullish on This project than I was previously in This version they are going to also Encompass the necessary Uncle maker Patches alongside an array of bug fixes And gen General improvements notably This release will introduce the light Sync capability which makes great Strides towards improving user Experience now hopefully they don't mess This up like other chains have in the Past like Casper for example in this Particular case because a light sync Node Involves more than likely some sort of Pruning that will be involved there so Just keep that in mind I'll be keeping An eye on that and let you guys know how That process goes through once 1.12 is Launched they are having some website Improvements as well it goes on to say Our official website is Poise 2 or 4A Comprehensive overhaul that greatly Improves user experience and introduces

Enriched web 3 features this Transformative upgrade will Empower Users to seamlessly interface with our Network through acclaimed wallets like Metamask engage in rth token swaps and Harness the potential of the Decentralized applications within our Ecosystem some of the awesome things That are going on here is obviously Going to be complete complete Compatibility with evm giving developers Another option outside of ethereum Classic for a proof of work alternative To ethereum from the GPU mining side I Am curious how things will move forward Because obviously this is primarily a GPU mining Focus Channel and even though The algorithm is slightly modified here I've seen some indications of fpgas on The network which would mean that Eventually we could see the Asics that Are programmed for ETC as well as ET Hash move on to this network and in that Case it's really going to put a dampener On the availability to GPU miners for This particular project but as it sits Right now if your GPU Miner this is Something to go ahead and take a look at They're going to be doing a Discord bot Overhaul I'm not too interested in that And they are introducing Caldera taping Feature the Caldera team has implemented A Discord tipping feature that's going To be all part of sort of the Discord

Bot overhaul not super stoked on that it Is what it is enhanced Network Resilience now our commitment to network Reliability they go on to say will be Underscored by establishing a backup RPC Server concurrently they seek to promote Decentralization by encouraging Community members to initiate and manage Their public RPC nodes thereby enhancing The Network's overall resilience and Autonomy so this is a good thing as well For Network resilience and then finally They have the announcement for the cross Chain Bridge development it goes on to Say that we are establishing a cross Chain Bridge catering to various evm Compatible chains we are prioritizing to Bridge to polygon which I think is a Fantastic first Choice which will Facilitate cross-chain transfers of rth And Matic tokens the bridge will enable Interoperability with a spectrum of Decentralized applications flourishing Within the polygon ecosystem while Broadening the scope of possibilities For our test users as far as tokenomics Go for uh for specifically for cross Chain Etc I do want to issue a warning from The mining perspective you want to mine Generate that Revenue you can and stick To the base token this is going to Protect you the most from any sort of Scams or rug pulls remember anytime we

See an ET hash Fork we see a token Related to it and that is usually when Some sort of rug pull happens on the Token side of things on the on the Tokenized asset part of things in the Liquidity pools Etc Flora chain is a Great example of this so from my mining Perspective strategy I am not going to Be participating in this however it is a Well known chain with polygons so it's a Little bit different than running on Their own chain Etc but you just want to be extremely Careful with that there is liquidity Mining potential there because you will Have that ability to basically lick Liquidity mind the bridge and that could Be a potential for additional Revenue But you want to be very careful because Usually with those that is the quickest Way to also lose your Investments as Well so just be careful with any kind of Cross chain bridging liquidity options Etc I don't foresee that being Necessarily an issue here because it Does look like they are paying attention To the community iot API who runs the Viper pools at viper.net had brought This up on the initial release it got Some pushback initially and then finally They did go ahead and move forward with Making these changes which is why in Turn I'm bringing this project to Y'all's attention now as far as the pool

Distribution goes right now it's not Fantastic there is 35 percent of the Hash rate on crazy pool and really here The biggest thing that I found out from The crazy pool hash rate is that there Is there was a large massive pool or Minor on this particular pool early on It looks like a lot of it's gone nope It's still here so this one with the Three like massive amount of gigahash 300 gigahash this is the one where I was Looking at and going well are we looking At a large GPU Farm here where we're Talking about CMP 175s on each of these Rigs or are these individual fpgas and That is really where I have the question Let me know what you guys think this is More than likely down in the comment Section below this is obviously going to Be a huge impact on the network if fpgas Are already available for it from you Know all father or whoever it may be Just something to keep in mind moving on From there I think what you would want To look at is from the GPU mining Perspective your most efficient gpus are Going to be all the RX 6800 this is Going to be using the Hashrate.no website for the benchmarks The RX 5700 XT comes in second place Obviously you can see why I'm mining it Because you guys know for a majority of My farm I run a 5700 xt's and so I'm Super stoked on this it would be great

To phase them out for 6800 XTS in the Next year or two but for now these are Pretty much cranking away and in third Place you have the 6600 XT with fourth The 6600 now I really like the 6600s in Hotter environments because they only Use a single eight pin and they seem to Run in the hottest temperatures possible Here in Texas in my warehouse with no Ventilation so I do like the 6000 series Or the 6600s in particular for this and I think they may be a better play than Even the 6800s after some time I have Noticed that my 5700 xt's efficiencies Go down since the past three or four Years that I've had them running just Because they've been running for so long In hot temperatures so something to keep Them mind my 6600s they run all day no Problem all the time they're pretty Fantastic and they really don't take Much modification or overclocking to Keep going so I really like those in Particular so there you have it guys I Am really interested in this project a Couple of side notes that I you know I'm I'm down on in particular one is going To be that ET hash Forks have turned Into scams in the past more frequently Than not I also am not a fan of the name From the perspective of advertising and PR uh you know that sort of thing on That side because people are going to See retherium and just think you know a

Scam or B they're going to think oh just Another copy of ethereum and I think That that is going to be you know a Hindrance in the adoption of the coin in General it's got so many other Competitors from ergo to ethereum Classic and so on what will it do to Release set itself apart outside of Adding the Blake 3 hashing algorithm to ET hash I don't know at this point let Me know what you guys think in the Comments section below if you're curious On Price Right now the price is down it Is I believe let's go ahead and pull This up just so that we do not get this Wrong you can trade it on ZX and I Believe it's pretty low yeah we're at 19 Cents right now and so on ZX and Actually some actual buy orders only at 17 cents it is fairly new so you can see That it is extremely volatile with Strong spikes up and spikes down there Is not a lot of volume on these Exchanges that will take time because The block reward is only four and so It's going to take a lot of time to spin Up the amount of volume needed to really Stabilize that price thanks for watching Hit the like comment subscribe and Notification bells down below and if you Are interested in me doing a how to mine This let me know I do have my rigs spun Up and Mining rth so I can give you guys The rundown on that I'm just using SRB

Minor version 2.3.4 and the pool is not Actually uh available for you guys for Me to go ahead and talk about it this Time so if you're interested you can go Ahead and hit one of the other pools Over at miningpoolstats.com we'll cover This in a later video as well I will see You next Tuesday

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