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Welcome back and today I won't be Uploading a market update on bitcoin but I'm going to talk about Sana cardano and Medic I'm going to do a deep dive in These three coins I'm going to talk Exactly about what I currently think About it so if this sounds interesting Make sure to watch till the end I'm Going to do Deep dive analysis against The dollar pair and against the Bitcoin Pair to give a good overview about where We're currently standing in the cycle What we could be expecting and what the Risks and opportunities currently are in The market so if this sounds interesting Make sure to watch till the end and Let's straightway in towards the contest So once looking at Solana we can Currently see that Solana has seen a Significant rally towards the upside and Of course Solana has been rallying Actually Above This $48 barrier and First of all I was not really expecting Solana could break above the level since I was not super excited about Solana Since the fundamental analysis on Solana Is not looking so good I was not Expecting it was going to be so strong But the community on salana remains to Be very resilient and very strong and That is basically I also why Sana has Seen SE a significant movement towards The upside so you can clearly see this Was a previous big level of resistance

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We broke above it and currently if we Will be retesting this level it's most Surely going to be flipping into support If we're going to be looking here at the Dollar pair honestly the next resistance For Solana lays somewhere around $82 What is of course quite a nice Target to Be very honest and of course if we break Above dead level what I'm not expecting Is going to be happening anytime soon we Could be seeing our next Target sitting Around $137 what is of course also a massive Target towards the upside so only in the Short term as well we can see that Solana has been going in towards an Exponential rally and there are some Risks if a coin goes exponential right So currently we can see that the RSI is Seeing some signs of an overextended Movement and if we're just purely Looking at the movement itself we know How exponential movement goes they go Very fast then even faster and then they Reverse very quickly so I want to Quickly say well indeed there is a lot Of euphoria and everything goes well There could potentially be a turning Point where it does goes a little bit Less good here because at some point People are so much in profit and are Going to take some profits and you end Up losing so be on higher alert once a Coin goes exponential it could

Potentially also reverse very quickly But on those reversal moments you have Once again the opportunity to Potentially step in towards the project So looking further into Solana compared To bitcoin honestly if we're looking Against Solana compared to bitcoin it is Actually reaching my price Target this Was my target all along here against the Bitcoin pair so so currently Solana is In this very important liquid liquidity Zone here this was this previous low Here on the market that currently is Clearly flipping into resistance if we Break Above This level honestly the next Target for Salona against Bitcoin is Going to be sitting somewhere around 0.002 but is of course already a Significant bit higher I mean also this Target right here has been seeing some Rejections in the past where it Previously ran found support here it got Massively rejected and potentially in The future this is going to be the level To be breaking again here but currently We have not been breaking Above This Liquidity range here but honestly Already very interesting price action But what you have to understand here is That Solana remains to be actually Trading in a large scale downtrend Against the Bitcoin pair so I mean so Far in the past two years if you would Have bought Solana you would have been

In a loss compared to your Bitcoin Investment so that is a little bit a Thing that you have to be considering if You're going to be buying into salana The risk against Bitcoin is still most Certainly higher and really if salana is Going to set a new high against Bitcoin That is the point where you could say Okay now it has really paid off here and Yes if you did bought it anywhere in the Lower side right here you made a Significant amount of profit but if you Bought it anywhere uh before uh October Or September 20122 you would have been In a loss so that is something to very Much consider but currently it is of Course performing very well here and Honestly the next price target for Solana is going to be sitting somewhere Around 78 to $80 and especially if the Bitcoin momentum keeps continuing like It is currently doing it will be a very Likely Target to be reaching for Solana Going further on in towards cardano we Can currently see that on the daily time Frame cardano has finally broken this Massive downward sloping resist line and Basically the moment we broke Above This Level we straight away saw a significant Surch towards the upside and honestly I've been having this chart open for Many days and honestly I've got this Chart set up for many weeks already and This was always my zone here and you can

See basically also my previous streams Where I talked about cardano this has Been my region where I would expect Cardano's going to be finding some Resistance and that is also exactly Reason region where we have been finding Some resistance so this is the first Region if we potentially break Above This level it's going to be this region Right here somewhere around 42 cents Here where we already got a small Rejection from but basically these are The two important levels to look at why Am I looking at these levels to quickly Explain it this is a big big liquidity Range because this was the point where Yeah basically cardano went towards a Massive dump here all the way down to 22 Cents here from 40 uh to 39 cents right So this was a very important pivotal Point and once we broke back back Towards the upside this was exactly the Point where we got rejected so this is a Very important point to be looking at And that is why I think it's going to be Super important to be breaking Above This level and if we do break Above This Level honestly the next targets are Going to be somewhere around these Horizontals right I just talked about 42 Cents potentially even 45 cents the Range High so these are the levels that We are going to be looking at if it does Break above that level cardano against

Bitcoin honestly if you would have Bought it anywhere before August 2023 You would have been in a significant Loss here at least 80% towards the Downside you could have been from Cardano compared to bitcoin so that is Of course a massive loss here and Cardano actually just realized the Breakout against the Bitcoin pair uh From of this weekly time frame right so This has been a massive downtrend for Cardano every single time we tested it We got rejected and right now finally We've seen some move towards the upside But to be very honest guys I am Currently not seeing a change of Character yet and what I mean with that I am not directly seeing a trend shift Well like on Solana right now we can Right now see somewhat of an a double Bottom getting formed or an rounding Bottom even getting formed this is a Little bit more of a convincing Structure compared to cardano that is Not very very convincing and honestly if We would have seen such kind of a Reaccumulation phase and then a move Towards the upside it would have given Me more um certainty but currently I'm Not 100% certain it is going to be Performing so well here in the coming Days and weeks ahe of Cs since it's Compared to bitcoin still looking very Weak and what you really want to be

Looking at right now is the comparison Against Bitcoin you want to see that the Comparison against Bitcoin is going to Be performing very strong like Solana Currently is doing so and purly I am not 100% convinced it is going to be Performing so well like it did in the Previous Bull Run so of course I'm not a Financial adviser but this is just the Things I'm currently seeing in the Charts then talking quickly about madic Madic has seen a massive downward Sloping resistance line where we've seen Another rejection from getting created Here on the weekly time frame also on The weekly time frame we've been Creating a massive reverse opening Support line so basically what we're Doing is creating a massive symmetrical Triangle and you can see basically madic Previously around also created such kind Of a massive symmetrical triangle we Broke towards the upside and had a Significant rally towards the upside and Basically once again we're creating a Completely similar pattern again here And we're expecting that this pattern is Going to be breaking out somewhere in 2024 once we break this downtrend Against the dollar pair it's going to be Super bullish for the madic against Dollar pair but honestly we're still Trading at the downward sloping Trend We're forming still lower high here so

Um while we're in fact also creating Higher lows we are not quite sure about Which direction we're going against the Dollar pair but if we're going to be Looking against the Bitcoin pair I've Been calling this level for quite a While here before on my Twitter page so This was the range where I was expecting That meta could be bouncing from against The Bitcoin pair and once again it's Seen a perfect boun from of this level And basically every single time it Touches that top side here against the Bitcoin pair it gets rejected from of That region so honestly medic is very Interesting in my opinion to be looking At right now it is R now definitely Sitting at the lower risk stages and Honestly I think layer twos will once Again perform very well in the next Bull Run so honestly I won't be surprised That it is going to be performing very Well here it is still training against The downtrend here in the dollar pair We're forming lower highs after lower Highs off the lower highs and honestly We're going to be looking at resistance On the imminent short term we're Currently trading against this liquidity Range right here and if we break Above This level right here honestly then I Think we could be once again pushing Towards the upside and honestly the next Target then is going to be this BX right

Here somewhere sitting right 3.2 to 3.4 So this is the levels I'm going to be Looking at right now for medic but all In all it is looking quite good here and I'm not all too worried about it but yes I've been Rand now looking at all these Altcoins but what is my biggest way on How I'm approaching it myself so you Have to be looking at the Bitcoin dness To see the bigger perspective of Altcoins I mean honestly yes you could Be buying some altcoins you could be Making some profits with it but like we Also know from these coins potentially They could also dump very hard and lose Your a lot of money again right so that Is why I'm always going to be looking at The Bitcoin dominance and some people Don't agree or they just don't want to Agree but these are defs guys in the Market the lowest risk on buying Altcoins is once Bitcoin breaks its Altim high why is because every single Time once Bitcoin breaks his altimi that Was over here that was the point where Altcoin season started and the Bitcoin Dominance start to drop exponentially so That was the point you could have made The most amount of money with all coins With the least amount of risk then in The previous Bull Run we had the exact Same we broke the autum high and just Two weeks later that was the point that Alt altcoins started to be picking up

And Bitcoin dominance started to be Running down significantly and that was The point you could have made tons and Tons of money with all coins and you had The lowest risk because you didn't have The risk of buying altcoins in the bare Market or in the middle consolidation Phase where altcoins did not necessarily Perform that well here so honestly the Best time to be buying all coins is once Bitcoin breaks this all M I'm not a Financial advisor this is just purely Purely my opinion and this is my Strategy so do whatever you want to be Doing with it I am only saying this Because this is literally what history Has been indicating us of course I am Personally right now also buying some Altcoins up here because I believe that Some altcoins are already bottomed Significantly and they could be going Much much higher if I buy them right now So if you're convinced by doing that you Could definitely do that but this is my Strategy right now for the market guys If you want to be buying these all coins Go to buy it you can right and find the Link in description you can actually Claim a free deposit bonus up to $40,000 If you use the link in the description And you can claim some insane insane a Positions for only depositing $100 so Check it out in the link description but Anyways but anyways this was it for me

In today's update video thanks so much For watching and I'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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