Bitcoin is creating a rising watch right Now and while this is happening we're Seeing one of the most important Fractals potentially playing out for Bitcoin right now so make sure to watch This video till the end right now Because I will be exactly go over this I Will talk about my traits my price Targets of the straight my next trade I'm taking on bitcoin and much more Important charge we need to discuss Right now so without any further Ado Don't forget to slop up that like button On today's update video count me once Again smash it back above 600 that will Be absolutely incredible and with data Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and once looking at The one hour time frame for Bitcoin we Can clearly still see we so far are Still trading in this consolidation Phase because on the one hour time frame We can clearly see the top side Providing resistance and the Lower Side More importantly every single time we've Touched it so far so for the loss four Five six seven times we touched it we Have been bouncing from of the Opportunity support line and the Question is when are we going to be Either breaking below it or when are we Going to be breaking above the top side Of resistance so far Bitcoin looks to be Trading in somewhat of a small downtrend

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Because if I remove all the drawings and If I'm purely going to look at the trend Right here you can clearly see we are Creating lower highs every time for Bitcoin together with lower lows what Means that currently the trend is a Little bit more bearish for Bitcoin and What it will be saying for Bitcoin to Really anticipate where the next big Move is happening here is to look at the Four hourly time frame to look whether We're going to be breaking above the top Side of resistance or whether we're Going to be breaking below that lower Side of support once we break either of These two ranges that is going to give Us the confirmation whether Bitcoin is Going to be moving up significantly or Down but on the image short term we can Right now see we're creating a very Important support line and if we do fall Below it it's going to probably be very Likely that Bitcoin is going to see some More downwards pressure happening for Bitcoin on the four hourly time frame we Actually broke the uptrend here and After breaking the four hourly uptrend We've seen a small little rejection and We're already moving towards the Downside a little bit here I'm still in A short position from of that top side Of resistance right here why is because I personally do think that this level is Going to be a big level resistance and I

Personally think we're first going to be Moving down before potentially moving Above This level why is because Basically if you're taking this level in Account you can see clearly this is a Very important resistance level and if You're zooming out you can see that of Course this was the low of the lunac Rash and it was also the low of the bull Market of Bitcoin it was the level that Provided big support in the previous Bull run so I do not think we can break Through this level that easily and more Importantly if I am actually looking at The 12 hour time frame you can right now See that we're creating a very dangerous Pattern for Bitcoin right now because Only 12 hour time frame Bitcoin is right Now creating a rising watch and while This is playing out we can see on the 12 Hour time frame RSI that the RSI is Coming down significantly while the Price action of Bitcoin is confirming Higher highs on that time frame so right Now we're creating a 12 hour bearish Divergence we're creating a rising watch What is a typical bearish bias Continuation pattern what is a typical Bearish bias reversal pattern would use It tends to get created in most towards The upside so I want to be saying this To everyone out there it is right now Looking quite dangerous for a Bitcoin And since we're running consolidating

Below resistance I should definitely be Very cautious looking at my trade I'm Currently still in the short position I'm going to start taking profits on This trade once we're going to come down To 26.6 K so be very much aware about That make sure to as well subscribe to The channel stay up to date on my Socials to know when I'm going to take Out more profits on this trade because I Am planning to take more profits on this Trade once Bitcoin is going to confirm The break towards the downside because Yes once we're breaking down then I'm Going to look at long position because Still I got an order set up here on 25 000 because on 25 000 I am most Certainly willing to loan Bitcoin so if You want to be trading Bitcoin yourself As well you can do so and buy it private Is the best trading exchange out there With the best liquidity with the best Order book and if you sign up account Right now using the link in the Description you can also claim a 30 000 US Dollars deposit bonus so make sure to Check that out for sure furthermore There is a very interesting fractal Playing at right now here and that is This chart right here from King like Crypto Twitter page you can see right Now on the left side the price section Of Bitcoin right now we're creating Somewhat of an ascending triangle and on

The right side we also saw the ascending Triangle and basically we saw a fake out Before breaking above that level and if I'm going to look at Bitcoin right now Here to talk about the exact level what We're currently looking at so on the 12 Hour time frame you can right now see Bitcoin is price action is squeezing up A little bit here but I personally also Think it's more likely to first see a Fake out you can see it also happening Over here so let me quickly invert the Chart here this is the exact level where It is talking about we first saw of Course the price action really squeezing In towards this level then we saw Faker Towards the downside before Exponentially breaking through this Level and I personally think there's Going to be something similar happening At this range right here because if you Also zoom out you can clearly see There's a similar movement here here we Saw of course a big move towards the Downside consolidation fake out towards The upside before eventually moving down Here and right now we can see is once Again a very similar move exponential Move towards the upside consolidation Below resistance and I personally think We're going to see fake out and then Crush through the level I mean if that Happens we're seeing a complete similar Move like lost some Iran so it wouldn't

Make a lot of sense to see the movement Play out like that so currently to Clarify I am looking at a long position For Bitcoin and I am going to be opening It on 25 000 25 000 is that level right Here you can see this whole horizontal Level right here twenty five thousand Dollars is exactly the previous huge Resistance for Bitcoin that could Potentially provide significant support For Bitcoin so I have set up a long Order on this level if Bitcoin comes Down to twenty five thousand dollars I Am going to open up a gigantic long Trade and that is currently what I'm Waiting for I'm already probably going To start the locals averaging in towards A straightforum of twenty six thousand Dollars the 25k is going to be my big Order so make sure to subscribe to the Channel to stay alert for that one I Personally do think that it could happen We could see first that fake out towards The downside before moving up and that Is why I'm also currently hedging my Bets with a small little Shore position Since the majority of my portfolio is of Course on the spot Market I am hedging My bets with a small little shorting Position for Bitcoin right now here Furthermore I still want to say it three Day time frame is looking quite bad for Bitcoin because on the three day time Frame we can currently see that Bitcoin

Is creating a bearish Divergence and Yeah this bear is a virgins is literally Getting created against this resistance Level what was previously around the Bull market support for Bitcoin so this Is a very serious level that we're Retesting right now and where we're Creating a bearish Divergence from so Make sure to pay attention right now Towards the market I am very conscious I Think it's likely to see a cool Spirit Happening before we're going to be Moving up make sure to do your own Research but this is exactly how I'm Currently trading Bitcoin I'm targeting 25 to 26 000 US dollars for my trade Here stay up to date on my socials to Know when I'm going to take my profit Stay up to date to know when we're Potentially going to be breaking down of The rising wedge the price target of the Rising watch is somewhere around the Lower Side Of The Wedge what is Somewhere around 26.6 K however the 25 000 is still my main target to open up a Big trades for Bitcoin so that is Exactly what I'm aiming for subscribe to The channel to stay up to date because This is the time where we could make a Lot of money Bitcoin has been Consolidating for quite a while right Now here to be exact for more than 21 Days and after such a long consolidation There's always going to be more

Volatility so make sure to get ready for At least I am already ready for it I am Completely prepared I completely Prepared my game plan and yeah all I Have to do right now is be very patient So thank you so much for watching Towards this amazing new video and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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