The Bitcoin sycal triangle broke down And in this exact video I will talk About my price targets and I will talk About what is going to be next for Bitcoin because right now we're still Approaching big support but I'm going to Talk exactly about this the funding Rates the fake news that got spread on Xrp and many more important charts we Need to discuss right now so without any Further Ado don't forget to slap up the Like button on today's update video can We smash it back up 400 that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said Leb jumps straight way in Towards the content so Bitcoin has Actually started to of course once again Come down a little bit here after it was Creating higher lows every single time On the market right now it looks to be On the 1 hour time frame at least we Have been confirming a lower low this of Course right now means that potentially On the 1 hour time frame we're seeing a Change of character and it could Potentially mean that Bitcoin is R of Finding a shortterm top in the market of Course I have said this several times Before guys if if there's going to be Anything like news or uh the Black Rock Spot ETF gets accepted or whatsoever Come out Bitcoin will straight away push Towards the upside but if there's going To be no news that's going to be

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Influencing the price action I honestly Do really think this could potentially Mean a short-term local top for Bitcoin And we could see some either sideways Consolidation or either a small move Towards the downside why am I saying so Is because right now while all this is Happening guys the funding rates it Remain to be very negative and we can Clearly see that every everyone is Longing Bitcoin and yesterday we saw a Small Liquidation on Long positions but Still if everyone is longing Bitcoin it Really most certainly is bringing up the Risk on actually longing Bitcoin right Here so honestly if I'm looking at Bitcoin right now on that 1 hour time Frame I really think that if Bitcoin Words to be coming down it's going to Come down towards this region here why Is because here's some loose liquidity Here are some order blocks and here we Can basically see that first rejection Where also liquidity lays right so I Really think that Bitcoin if it's going To come down here is is going to come Down to 35.5k to 35.4k I think that is going to be the Big level of support and that is why I'm Going to be looking very closely towards This level once again I'm not Necessarily saying we have to go Straight away down there because right Now we are still holding this support

Only if we do break this support I think We could come back towards that level or Either towards the mean of this upward Sloping trend line further on we can see That Bitcoin actually broke below that Upward sloping support line This level Previously ran provided massive Resistance for Bitcoin then we broke Above it we found it h flipped it in Support for more than three times and Now unfortunately we broke below it and Potentially here on the retest it could Very well mean a very good retest on Bitcoin so this is definitely looking a Little bit more dangerously and honestly I don't really expect there's going to Be any big moves happening until the News is going to strike the markets I Mean honestly what we're having to do Right now here is just wait another 60 Days before the Bitcoin SP ETF probably Comes out so it's just a matter of time Here and also yesterday we saw some fake News on xrp getting spread here this Time around it was black rock that was Filing for an xrp ETF I don't know how People saw this but some influencers saw This tweet or someone saw this and they Just reposted it but according to Numerous sources this I shares xrp trust Is not real it's just made up it's Probably made with Photoshop and people Fell for it and that is where we saw This big pump towards the upside and

After that straight away a big dump Towards the downside of that previous Price where we were trading around and That is actually very interesting to be See and of course guys if you want to be Benefiting from any volatility on Bitcoin on crypto or wherever you can Write a trade on bit and if you're going To be signing up an account on B using The link below you can already claim a Deposit bonus up to $40,000 and without This link only 400 and on top of that You can also already claim a free $1,000 Airw position for only depositing $100 You could choose to claim it on bitcoin Or on Pepe or on ethereum you can just Choose whatever you want in the link of Description of today's video right here Because yes all the things you need to Do here is sign up an account using the Link below complete kyc deposit $100 Within the first seven days and you must Not have traded usdt perpetuals before So that's the only things you have to be Doing and if you don't do that or if you Do that you can claim this free $1,000 Air drop position what is of course Absolutely massive so looking at the Daily time frame honestly the daily time Frame there is not a lot of things Changing right here and Bitcoin remains To be that significant uptrend here we Can see that the daily momentum is Potentially drying up a little bit here

So we're just going to be keeping our Eyes wide open on it we do know that Currently the price section is forming Higher highs RSI is forming lower highs So we're seeing that Bitcoin is really Losing some momentum on the IM in the Short term but it's not all too big of a Deal in my opinion and yes if we're Looking at Bitcoin on the weekly time Frame we broke above 36.5k we actually Already retested the 36.5k as support so That is a very good thing I think the Weekly candles are looking very strong For Bitcoin and that is of course one of The most important things we want to be Having here and of course if we're Looking at how much money tedar is Actually printing right now here it is Giving myself a lot of confidence that Bitcoin probably is going to continue to Spike further on towards the upside and I'm going to be looking very closely Towards this chart as well in the future And of course if you're just looking at The previous structure and basically the Level that Bitcoin just broke above of It's quite an important and significant Level for Bitcoin we broke above the $32,000 what was basically the pre boom Market support that right now is Literally also support below us again Because yeah previously around it was Resistance right here and now we could Flip it into support so that is a

Gigantic thing here you have to Understand that and if Bitcoin were to Be retesting this level it would be a Gift and not necessarily A Bad Thing and If it were to be going down here Bitcoin And we were to be seeing that retest I Will take it with both hands and I will Be opening up some massive long Positions on bitcoin if it comes down Further on here we can see that Bitcoin Here on the weekly time frame of course Created that compon handle pattern Honestly it looks super super beautiful And we know one other asset also creates A lot of copon handles batters and that Is of course gold so Bitcoin and gold Once again forming very similar patterns And also right now breaking out of this Cop handle pattern the price circuit is Laying around $60,000 and honestly I do Really think we're going to be reaching It this pattern took 540 days to build So uh it makes a lot of sense that that Is at least going to take another 100 or 200 days before it's going to get Completed so don't be panicking about That at all and also guys Solana Actually broke above the $48 Mark what Is actually a very important level that Solana broke above of so if you want me To make a video dedicated about Solana Let me know in the description of Today's video because then I'm going to Do a deep dive about Ta on Solana I'm

Going to look at the onchain data I'm Going to look at the charts I'm going to Compare to bitcoin to ethereum if you Would like me to do that let me know in The description down below because then I will be making a video as soon as Possible for you guys out there so this Was it for me in today's update video Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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