Right now Bitcoin is getting the Rejection from of this key important Level in the market and in this exact Video I will be talking about this Important rejection and also about my New Bitcoin trade that I opened exactly On this retest on the top side I will Talk about my price targets I will talk About what is next for Bitcoin in General I also got a very interesting Cryptocurrency I'm currently watching And much more important stuff we need to Discuss on today's update video so can We slap up the likes once again back About 500 that will be absolutely Incredible and first of all if we're Looking at the one hour time frame for a Bitcoin it's super clear what we can Currently see Bitcoin is trading in a Downtrend and ever since Bitcoin is Creating these lower lows and lower Highs we basically are seeing a Continuation of the trend of course Until proven otherwise I will keep my Bias bearish of course if we do manage To break Above This previous song in the Market that's trading somewhere around 24.5 K I will definitely flip more Bullish on the market but as long as That is not happening I don't think it's Smart to have a bullish bias on the Market because yeah currently we're Still in of course a bearish trend in General you can also clearly see in the

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One hour time frame is that we actually Got rejected by this very important Previous range of previous support that Currently is slipping into resistance And exactly this level you can see it Also on the four La time frame exactly This novel I have been shorting I will Be shorting this level with an Approximately six thousand Jews dollars And so far I have already set up my stop Loss in profit looked in more than 200 US dollars in profit already and Currently the trade overall is also in More than two thousand US dollars in Profit so this has been sold for a Beautiful trade we took on the channel And I also announced this trade Yesterday on my video and I announced it In my telegram chat before I opened this Trade so you can see we had to retest of This important level right here and ever Since we got it we saw big rejections Since yes we are trading in the Downtrend and this previous big support Level is currently flipping him to reset Distance So currently I still think it's Actually likely that we could see a Further continuation towards the Downside from of this level and of Course as soon as we do break Above This Level that is the point where I will be Flipping bullish again because yeah then We're really breaking back inside of the Range again and if we're breaking back

Inside of this range it would mean that Bitcoin is going to see more upside Happening I will look in more profits Along the way down of the straight so Make sure to stay up to date on all my Socials where I will announce whether I Will be taking some profits and when I Will be taking some more profits on my Trade as well because I think it's smart To take profits along the way down here And not wait for the full take profit Target because yeah no one goes broke by Taking profits on this market then also Before going further in towards the Trading Contents I do have got a very Exciting project what I'm currently Looking at called Verizon for Icy is an Extremely exciting project and they Actually did a 500 000 US dollar buyback From of this quarter and they're Planning to do that every single quarter With the profits they're making so that Is actually very crazy they bought back 50 million token and burn them and you Can see also in the price action of Verizon ever since they started to do That it had a significant rally on the Price section and they're planning to do That every single quarter so that is Actually very exciting for the price Action of variety but the reason why I'm Currently talking about this is that Verizon also is possibly going to list On Bible and you could benefit from it

Right now because if you're going to Vote for Horizon you will be able to Participate in the buy vote on by bit And while you're doing so you can even Make a chance to win a share of the 100 000 US dollar price pool in variety Awards so make sure to check it out here Logging towards your buyback account Deposit at least one of the eligible Stable coins and then go to the bifold Sector so make sure to check it out Right now in the link in the description And let me continue with my analysis so If I'm once again looking back at the Price action of Bitcoin we can currently See Bitcoin is clearly trading in an Uptrend so on the 12 hour time frame we Can clearly see it the price action of Bitcoin is just currently forming higher Lows with higher highs on the 12 hour Time frame and it's very important to Look at this trend right now here as Long as we're creating these higher lows And higher highs only bigger picture it Is actually very likely that Bitcoin is Going to continue the trend towards the Upside however as soon as we do break Below this level right here the previous Low on the market of course already if We break below this low again it is Likely to actually reach it low but Really if we break below this low right Here that is the point where I should Really start to get worried because then

The Bitcoin price action is actually Going to confirm a downward sloping Trend on the bigger picture so the 12 Hour time frame as well and that is of Course a bearish thing I'm not willing To actually see for the market because That could result in Bitcoin even going Lower towards levels of potentially 20 000 US Dollars furthermore we can Actually still see on the daily time Frame for Bitcoin that we are right now Creating an official bearish Divergence This is important to pay attention Towards because I've been saying it we Are losing momentum and that is also one Of the many reasons why I've opened up This small little shorting position on The price section of Bitcoin but Currently we are clearly losing momentum And we can see also in the parabolica we Officially broke the parabolic structure For Bitcoin and at the same time we can See the Bitcoin is creating and rounding Top on the top side and historically Speaking once this happened it at least Is indicating that we're going to have a Cool period in the market and that is Also what I'm expecting of course if we Will go parabolic from over this point Onwards it will be of course definitely Invalidated but currently it looks to be That there is a clear signal that Momentum is getting lost in the price Section of Bitcoin and basically for me

The confirmation I'm waiting for that I Will say okay right now I'm very sure We're going to go lower is that if we Break below this previously on the Market so that is the point I'm waiting For for a bigger confirmation but Currently I've been already shorting Bitcoin due to the lack of strength in The market and of course due to the Trend in the imminent short term in General so that was it for me on today's Update video it was a very short update Video but of course yes these are the Most important things that are currently Going down in the market in general but If you want to be staying up to date About all my trades don't forget to Follow me on all my socials and if you Want to be trading on vibrate yourself You can currently claim a 30 000 US Dollars to post a bonus and don't forget To check out that buy vote right now Also in the link description but anyways That was it for me on today's update Video I hope to see you guys on the next One peace out goodbye

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