Today is going to be an extremely Important day because we will have the Federal Reserve meeting and I will be Exactly predict what is going to be Happening I will be looking at the Previous three meetings what happened at That point and what could be happening Today so make sure to watch this video Till the end today is a very important Video towards of Dover yet do watch this Video till the end I will be going over The most important charts and all stuff Here in the market so don't forget to Slap up the like button and can we once Again smash it back about 400 that will Be absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and first of all if I am going to be looking at the imminent Short term of Bitcoin we can really see That we're still holding on towards this 22.7 case support Target as soon as we Do fall below of this level I'm Expecting that we're going to be Dropping towards the next level and the Next big level of support is going to be Somewhere around the 21.3 towards 21.4 k For Bitcoin you can also approach this Level very beautifully on the four early Time frame and then I will be Approaching it like this if we break Below the 22.5 K in the foreign candle I Will be expecting that Bitcoin is going To fall down towards levels of rent 21.1

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K to 21.3 K and that is also exactly the Point where I will be logging to add More margin towards my Bitcoin swing Trade position so let's see how it's Going to be playing out if if we do get A dump today from the Federal Reserve Meeting this is exactly the level where I will be looking forward to watch to Enter more into Works my Bitcoin Positions currently we can still see we Are still creating that rendering top we Have been creating the bearish Divergence also yesterday we have been Creating this higher low on the 40 time Frame and a lower low only four hourly RSI what means that we have been Creating and hidden bullish Divergence So let's see how it is going to be Playing out today we did move up towards The yeah 23 000 US dollars from of the 22.6 to 7K so that is definitely be very Nice but really what is going to be Measuring for my trades and what is Really going to be measuring for Bitcoin Today is what the Federal Reserve is Going to do and what the tone of Jerome Power is going to be so tonight I will Be doing a live stream I will be live Streaming the exact results of the Pharaoh Reserve interest rate hike Decision and I will also live stream Press conference of the Federal Reserve Because in the press conference Jerome Powell could maybe be very bearish and

That could lead towards of course a Bigger drop on the markets if he's very Positive about the market then we could Start to see of course that the market Is probably going to climb significantly So so it's going to be extremely Important to know what he is going to be Saying here currently if we're looking At the interest rate hike decision we're Expecting that it is going to be an Approximately 25 basis points I think That's also very likely but really what Matters is what the Tome of Jerome Powell is going to be here so if you Want to be seeing the big volatile moves Tonight here don't forget to subscribe To the channel right now here because Tonight I will be live streaming this Exact meeting if I am quickly going to Be looking at what happened the last Times we had the fomc meeting the last Three times so in December we saw that Basically we had a significant run-up up Towards the meeting the day before and Also on the day itself like uh the last Four or five hours we had a significant Run towards the upside and what happened The dumps on the point we had the Meeting then also in November we had a Significant run up towards the upside And at the point of the meeting we Dumped but after that we continue back Towards the upside and as well in September we had a small run-up and on

The meeting we dumped and basically what I think the reason why we have been Dumping is due to the tone of Jerome Powell so it's going to be important to See what's going to be happening it's Going to be different this time around Here but if we once again see today a Big rally in towards the meeting it is Likely to see that we're going to have a Dump again because every single time Also there are some other examples if we Have a dump before the meeting then We're probably going to pump on the Meeting and if we have a pump towards The meeting we're probably going to dump On the meeting and that is exactly how We will be playing this and like you can See every single time we close that Candle towards the next hour in towards The meeting we tend to dump and maybe Maybe I could do a very very good trade On it and that is exactly what I will be Trying to do tonight here so don't Forget to subscribe to the channel right Now because I will also to potentially Open up some live trades tonight because I am willing to anticipate the next move Here on the market it's going to be Extremely exciting to do and I think I've got a very good strategy to trade This fomc meeting right now here if you Are also interested in trading you can Check out my bit and if you sign up at a Canton Bible you can right now get a 30

000 US dollars to puzzle bonus and yeah Currently I'm still swing trading Bitcoin still long and I will add more Margins towards my trade on twenty one Thousand dollars if we do dump on the Stream I will also do that live tonight So don't forget to subscribe if you're In living in the US you can write no Trade on bitgap because bitget allows You to trade without kyc without VPN and They're offering a 20K deposit bonus so Make sure to check it out right now in The link in description and right now if I'm also looking at macdu you can see That currently on the daily time frame Bitcoin I have been experiencing a Bearish crossover on the macd that is Definitely very interesting to see this Is a signal that Bitcoin could see some Weakening but so far we have not really Seen a big dump on the price section of Bitcoin but I do want to be pointing This out also I think it's going to take Approximately two to five days before We're going to be experiencing the Three-day EMA ribbon crossover towards The upside if this does happen Bitcoin Could experience very very bullish price Action because historically speaking Once the email cross is bullish it tends To indicate a longer bullish period in The market and that is about to flash Unless we're going to have a big crash Today here I mean maybe go below the

Email ribbon again and of course on the Monthly time frame we are currently Seeing an end of the bear Market signal You can see here we are getting the macd Turning into our light red territorium For like three three months in a row Right now here the last time it happened For three months in a row was the end of The bear market right here and also here In 2015 was also the signal of the end Of the bear market so yeah want to be Pointing this out they make D on the Monthly time frame is indicating that We're right now at the end stage of the Bear market and the monthly cannot close That we did close for Bitcoin it was Actually a very beautiful candle close And it is arguably been the best monthly Candle close ever since October 2021 so Yeah yeah that was definitely something We really needed but anyways this was it For me on today's update video you know What's going to be happening I will be Tonight live stream the fomc meeting It's going to be a very interesting one And we'll be trading Bitcoin live for You guys out there it's going to be an Important day today it's going to be a Volatile day so make sure to tune in Tonight thank you so much for watching And I'll see you guys on the next one Peace out goodbye

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