Bitcoin is right now breaking down of The ascending triangle and while this is Happening we're seeing a gigantic Trend Reversal in the Bitcoin spot ETF flows Because gray skill today saw an outflow Of $200 million use dollars way higher Than we have seen in the last two and a Half weeks and black rock has seen one Of its lowest inflows seen for the last Two weeks so I will be discussing this What this means for the Bitcoin price Action the breakdown of the asending Triangle the most important support and Resistance targets I'm currently looking At the liquidation heat map and many More important charts I will be Discussing on today's update video so Without any further Ado don't forget to SL that like button back above 800 likes That will be absolutely incredible and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content Because once looking at Bitcoin right Now on that imminent short term we can See that Bitcoin of course indeed has Been creating that asentic triangle I've Been right now talking about for more Than 4 days in a row right now and Yesterday we saw a significant breakdown Of the pattern and right now we are lit Retesting that previous support level That most likely right now is going to Be flipping into resistance I quickly Want to be pointing out is that yes I

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Also talked about this exact level of Support for Bitcoin that as long as Bitcoin is not breaking below the green Line of support on the lower side I am Not necessarily expecting we're going to Have that big crash yet we could still Bounce from it and that is exactly what Happened so Bitcoin is currently still Consolidating in this s consolidation Phase and we're just waiting to see what The next big breakout is going to be for Bitcoin but to be clearly confirming the Next move for Bitcoin either if we let's Say break back in towards this asending Triangle I will only become bullish if We confirm the break above this very Important horizontal level of resistance And I will only become extremely bearish On bitcoin once we break this horizontal Green line of support because that would Definitely confirm the next Trend Direction for Bitcoin so looking further In towards the Bitcoin liquidation heat Map we can currently see that the Majority of liquidity is already grabbed In the market and right now I can't Necessarily say about where Bitcoin is Sing towards if I purely be looking at The liquidation heat map so for now on I Will be just expecting that Bitcoin is Going to go sideways build up liquidity At either the top or lower side and then Most likely we're going to take out the Liquidity but for now on I am not

Clearly seeing where the the liquidity Is currently being built up so I can't Really do my sayings about that but Where I can talk about here is of course That Bitcoin spot ETF flow here and Today we did not got the full data yet Here so we have not received the data From Fidelity and from bitb so as soon As that data comes in here we're going To get a full picture of it but what you Have to understand that right now we can See in terms of the data gbtc has seen An outflow of2 million us this has Literally been the highest outflow for The last three weeks here and more Importantly the Black Rock Bitcoin spot ETF has seen an inflow of only $96 Million us and that has been literally The smallest inflow in the last two Weeks we've seen here so is this a trend Reversal in terms of a Slowdown that is Very interesting to be seeing and of Course if fidelity doesn't have a big Inflow potentially then we're going to See a negative spot Bitcoin ETF inflow For the first time in like three and a Half weeks so this is very important to Be paying attention towards because this Could potentially Mark a big Trend Reversal in that SPO Bitcoin ETF flow Here and once we're getting to see a Potential slowdown that could Potentially also Mark a Slowdown in the Price action of Bitcoin I mean right now

It looks to be that this is the first Consolidation phase we're creating after Bitcoin went absolutely exponential Towards the upside we're creating maybe Potential somewhat of a bull flag Pattern I will be closely looking at This pattern because yes if Bitcoin does Break towards the upside and especially Above this horizontal level right here I Am most likely expecting I will be Expecting that Bitcoin indeed is going To be going higher and we're currently Creating a bull flag what a typical Bullish bu is continuation pattern but If the ETF flows are going to be turning Around switching to a different Trend Right now it could potentially Mark a Big difference in the upcoming days for Bit in the upcoming days for Bitcoin Because them were missing Lally more Than $500 million worth of buy pressure We had in the market because in this Stage in the market where we went Exponential we had an approximately 5 To$ 600 million use dollars in bu Pressure every day and here right now It's only 100 and potentially even today Negative so that is important to be Paying attention towards and if you want To be trading this if you're want to be Trading this move maybe on a breakout or A breakdown of this pan right here make Sure to check out decoin because decoin Is an exchange that allows you to trade

That allows you to trade without any Restriction so if you're interested in That make sure to check it out the link Description of today's video you're also Getting an insane deposit bonus if You're signing up using that link below And of course if you want to be copy Trading I am also going to be doing that And you could be doing that if you sign Up an account using the link below to co To decoin and yeah like you can see There are some massive profits being Made on deep coin so if you're Interested in that make sure to check it Out in the link description of today's Video going further in towards the Content Bitcoin of course clearly Consolidating like I said earlier in the Video and basically we're currently Consolidating below that 52.2k level and 52.2k has actually been quite an Important level for Bitcoin you can Clearly see previously rant we got Rejected by this level here as well we Got rejected by this level and the Moment we basically broke Above This Level went we went literally towards new Aumn high so yeah the last time that Happened within uh what is it within 40 To 35 days we pushed up 31% here so that Is actually quite important to be paying Attention towards but Bitcoin is Currently literally trading against this Very important level and I want you to

Be paying attention towards this level So far this weekly candle for Bitcoin is Red and if this be weekly candle will be Getting confirmed in the red right here We will actually confirm a bearish a Vergence on the weekly time frame for Bitcoin right now it is not confirmed Yet but if we close this candle right Here in the red then we potentially are Going to be confirming a Bitcoin bearish Divergence on the weekly time frame and That will be of course quite important To be paying attention towards also if We're looking at the mecd here on the Two Monon time frame we can clearly see That currently we are actually seeing That bullish crossover on the macd Happening and this is historically Speaking a bullish bias Bo Market signal And I mean I've discussed it also a lot Of times before on the monthly time Frame but this signal already flashed a Long time ago here and then Bitcoin Clearly went exponential towards the Upside and it has been in every single Cycle yet so far so don't be fooled here Because this signal is clearly a signal That is going to tell us something about What is happening next and right now it Is clearly telling us that we are about To be having a massive massive Bitcoin Bull Run I mean if I'm looking at the Data we are currently still before the Bitcoin Hing and usually Bitcoin doesn't

Tend to set new alomes before Hing but If it were to be happening this cycle is Definitely going to be a little bit Different here the Hing is right now 50 To 60 days out there so make sure to Prepare accordingly for that right now But I've seen the comments as well guys And you've been saying that I should Talk a little bit more about ethereum And of course like we do know the Ethereum spot ETF is going to be next Year it's going to be happening in May 2024 and I said several times before That I think that ethereum is going to Be a better trade than Bitcoin in this Moment of time and I do still believe That is going to be true so currently on The im a short term for ethereum we're Creating a significant uptrend we're Bouncing still towards the upside every Single time we've been touching this Uptrend and basically right now for Ethereum we are about to confirm the Break above that 0.5 fibach level it's Still lagging behind Bitcoin because Bitcoin already broke above the 0.65 and Ethereum is just breaking above the 0.5 And and once Bitcoin broke above the 0.5 We actually went quite an explanation Towards the 0.618 and got rejected right There and then ranged in the region Right there so that is what I'm Expecting as well for etherum could be Happening I mean honestly ethereum is

Still lagging behind Bitcoin so it to be Overtaking Bitcoin in the coming weeks Is definitely a possible scenario Especially with the next ethereum Improvement proposal that is about to be Coming through anytime soon here Approximately in March so make sure to Prepare for that as well and that is Most likely going to be also bringing a Lot of attention and even more liquidity Towards the E ethereum ecosystem so Ethereum is also bouncing towards the Upside trying to be pushing up to $3,000 Which is of course a very high Target Which is of course super nice here and Honestly if we're looking at the bigger Time frame ethereum history I mean Honestly ethereum history is just Repeating again and they talked about it While we were first breaking about this Level I talked about it while we were Still consolidating in it and right now It is actually happening Bitcoin Ethereum history is literally repeating And maybe we are right now at the Beginning of an explanation run up Towards the upside and like I said Several times before many people are Actually quite bearish on ethereum Compared to bitcoin pair but I am the One that is actually quite bullish on it Because I believe that this level of Support is most likely going to be Providing support and that the ethereum

Sport ETF and that ethereum uh update EP 4844 is going to be massively improving The ethereum ecosystem is going to it's Going to probably drag a lot of more Liquidity towards the ecosystem and due To that I'm expecting that ethereum is Going to take some market cap out of Bitcoin so this is it for me today's up Video if you did enjoy it make sure to Slap that like button subscribe to the Channel and I see you guys back tomorrow On another update video peace out Goodbye

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