Bitcoin is currently still hanging on Life support and while this is happening The funding rates are absolutely Shooting through the roof so on today's Video I will talk about what this means For Bitcoin what does this mean for the Imminent short term I will talk about The Bitcoin spot ETF because today we Saw Ark invest filing for its Fifth Amendment and like we know that any of These issuers they have to resubmit Their filings by today if they want to Be having a chance of Acceptance in the First wave because that was literally What the SS stated so I will talk about This and many more important charts on Today's video I will also talk a little Bit about ethereum that currently is Bouncing from this very important Support box so without any further Ado Don't forget to slel the like button Back above 600 likes on today's update Video again with that being said let me Jump straight away in towards the Imminent short term and it's only Imminent short term we don't see that Much here but what we do see is clearly This this 1H hour downward sloping Resist line that every single time once We touched it we've seen a massive Rejection from of this level and on the IM shortterm right here we could see That Bitcoin still is creating higher Lows after higher lows but currently is

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Literally trading at the low so this is A point where we should be paying Attention toward ours because yeah once Bitcoin is really going to be breaking This higher low structure potentially Bitcoin is heading towards a little bit Of these lower lows and to be very Honest I've been stating that yes Bitcoin is Curr sitting on very big Support on the lower side right here and That the chance of a breakdown of course Is a little bit low and yes recently I Have been stating that Bitcoin of course Is hanging on big support and that yeah Right now for me it doesn't really seem Likely that we're going to get a Breakdown however if I'm looking at Bitcoin right now here I'm not Necessarily at the charts but on the Data there is of course an opportunity We're going to be seeing another dump And to be very clear if we see another Dump what I will be expecting it's going To be a massive fake account because yes We are just days out before the Bitcoin SP ETF is going to get accepted so if we Were to be getting anywh of a dump Honestly I would embrace it with both Hands to be very clear guys I have still Got my trade order set up on 39.7k so in case Bitcoin comes down here I would be taking it with both hands Because I would see it as an opportunity And not necessarily as a bad thing I

Would see it as a big big opportunity And the reason why I'm currently stating That there is of course a possibility This could be happening is maybe due to The fact of the funding rates I mean the Funding rates have been high for four Days in a row right now here the biggest Problem with me right now is that the Funding rates just keep increasing they Keep increasing and I mean historically Speaking once funding rates are coming In such kind of an era it tends to be Meaning and indicating the top in the Market so yeah I just want to be Pointing out is that not necessarily This is the top here but we could be Very close towards the top since Everyone is literally longing Bitcoin I Mean if I'm looking at the liquidation Heat map there is some liquidity on the Lower side like $500 million but the Majority of the liquidity Still Remains To be on the top side still I think Bitcoin is going to go to $44,000 us Before doing something else potentially But there is a scenario where we're First going to come down here Potentially touch that 39.7k level Because that's my biggest support Target 39.7k guys that would ultimately fool Everyone out but me because I will be Definitely interested to be buying there If Bitcoin were to be coming down Towards this region right here I would

Long it so bad and like you can see my Orders are still set up here if Bitcoin Comes down towards this level I'm going To be longing it so hard and of course If it doesn't and Bitcoin bounces from This level bounes towards the upside Break the downward soing resist line and We go up higher I would also definitely Take it because that is of course a Scenario what I would love to see as Well so so these are two scenarios that I'm currently taking in account if any Of these were to be happening I will be Benefiting from it so make sure that you Are prepared in the same way because Right now literally to be very clear Guys we're 5 days out before we're going To be entering the Bitcoin spot ETF Approval window that is the window where We could see the first Bitcoin SP ETF Getting approved I really expect it's Going to be happening happening at the End of the window so somewhere around The 9th of 10th of January so that is What I'm going to keep my eyes wide open On like we do know is today the final Day where they can refill their Submissions if they want to be getting Improved in the first wave and we've Right now seen that Arc invest The Arc 21 shares have F for its Fifth Amendment To its spot Bitcoin ETF with the S but It just gives us more and more signs That the Bitcoin spot ETF is coming and

That the SEC is working actively Together with the issuers to complete Their filing so on The Daily time frame We're still seeing a massive Consolidation phase and if you're just Zooming out here on the bigger Perspective you can just clearly see That we're right now preparing our Ourselves for a massive move and I Personally think it's going to be Upwards I really think it's going to be Upwards and many people seem to be Doubting about that but personally I Think it's going to be upwards so it's Either going to be up straight or fake Out and upwards so these are the two Potential scenarios that I'm currently Looking for and both scenarios I would Be trading so if you want to be trading Yourself just like I am currently doing So I'm in a minor profit right now here On my Bitcoin long position but of Course I wish to enter a bigger position If Bitcoin comes down here you can trade Buybit you can currently trade on buybit And claim a $40,000 deposit bonus with The link in description of today's video And if you sign up account using that Link below you could also claim a free $1,000 use for only depositing $100 in Your first seven days so it's super Valuable you could claim this on bitcoin On ethereum or Pepe and if you can't Trade on bybit whatsoever make sure to

Check out fex where you can trade Without kyc and you could also get a 10% Cash back if you sign up using that link Below so yeah Bitcoin is definitely Getting ready for a big move and I think We are all together agreeing about that And it's just a matter of time before We're going to be having the breakout Right so whether it's going to be Upwards or downwards we will be Embracing it with both hands and Honestly I still think the move is going To be upwards but maybe first we will See if a small little of fake out so These are the two scenarios that I'm Currently aiming for for Bitcoin you Should always be prepared for everything I mean honestly we are currently trading At very critical resistance for Bitcoin And the moment we break Above This that Is the point where I would really say Okay right now we could go very quickly Towards new altim highs for Bitcoin so You can see it clearly also in my Resistance heat map once Bitcoin breaks 46.8k I honestly think 60k is going to Be the next big resistance Target and Since there's not a lot of resistance Between it it could just go very quickly Just like between the 31,000 and 36 and Just between the 36 and 43 I mean those Are two levels that uh also Bitcoin went Through very quickly so right now $43,000 is our struggle 46 will ALS also

Be definitely a difficult level but once We break above that $60,000 us is going To be our next Target and quickly some Words about ethereum before wrapping up The video because I truly think ethereum Deserves some words right here it has Been bouncing significantly from of this Very important support level you can see It on the monthly time frame this has Been very important support for ethereum And currently we are still holding on Towards it so ethereum is taking back Some territorium against Solana and just Bouncing back a little bit back towards The upside and on The Daily Time frame On ethereum we have seen that Symmetrical triangle break out retest And righto is potentially already Balancing back towards the upside again So etherum is doing an absolutely Incredible job here it is bouncing back A little bit against Bitcoin I mean Still this is not a thing I would like To see this exponential movement towards The downside but still in the bigger Perspective of it all I think we are Still looking quite decent here so this Was it for me on today's update video I Truly hope you did enjoy it if you did So don't forget to slap on the like Button on today's update video and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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