Bitcoin may have pumped extremely hard Towards the upside but what is about to Come next will blow your mind because I Believe the next massive move on bitcoin Is still yet to come and on today's Update video I will be pointing it out And explaining it with some very Important data points why this is about To be happening of course I will talk About the most important patterns on Bitcoin right now to see what the next Move is going to be I'm going to talk About the current Trend we're creating The retests that we're creating the Bitcoin sport ETF which is once again Seeing massive inflows and I'm going to Be answering some very important Questions about it so without any Further Ado don't forget to slap that Like button back above 1,000 likes on Today's update video and with that have Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content because right now if I am looking at the imminent short-term On bitcoin we're seeing something very Very bullish of course and I explained This already on yesterday's video and That is of course the fact that Currently Bitcoin is not trading in that Downtrend anymore but every since we Confirmed that higher low on the 12-hour Time frame and more importantly ever Since we confirmed the break above that Previous high in the market right here

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We are confirming a clear Trend reversal On the 12-hour time frame on bitcoin We're creating an inverse handed Shouldest pattern which you can also see On this pattern right here boom we Created a low lower low and then a Higher low and we break the downtrend And now the continuation is likely going To be here and I won't be surprised that Bitcoin is actually going to be bouncing Back towards the top side of the region And like I said many times before if You've been watching the channel I will Be longing Bitcoin on the lower side of The region in The Orange Box and like I Said I put my money where my mouth is And of course I long the Bitcoin market And now I am in a profit of over $100,000 and I am not looking to take Profits on this trade anytime soon Because like you can see my full Takeprofit Target is sitting around $79,500 I'm going to be taking some Partial take profits along the way up Here but I will be explaining it in Today's video so make sure to continue Watching because it is going to be very Important and interesting to be seeing Just like I said yesterday we retested This level and that will be a very good Opportunity ever since we retested it Bitcoin bounced back towards the upside And honestly I think the continuation Could still likely continue from here on

And before going forward towards the Charts I quickly want to be saying Something about the SPO Bitcoin ETF Because yesterday we saw over 250 Million us do of inflows and what is Very interesting is that if I'm going to Be looking at the chart so the largest Outflow ever recorded on the SP spot Bitcoin ETF was over here on the bottom And the largest inflow ever recorded on The SP Bitcoin ETF as well was over here On the top side at the aumn high and now While we were going down we saw negative Outflows the entire time and now on this Push towards the upside we're once again Seeing massive inflows on the SP Bitcoin ETF so what can we say about it is that The sport Bitcoin ETF money is dumb Money because because literally they had Record inflows at alltime highs and Record outflows at alltime lows so Interesting to be seeing so whenever we See of course extreme large amounts of Inflows on the sp sp Bitcoin ETF it Means that there's extreme greed in the Market and also vice versa so we should Be taking this indication as something To potentially take a step back of the Market now it's not necessarily all to Be all too bad we're finally seeing some Inflows again here and we're almost Going to go towards a new almi in Cumulative flows on the ETF which is of Course an extremely good thing here for

The market in general so Bitcoin is Breaking out of the symmetrical triangle The price target of this pattern sitting Somewhere around $72,000 I am very Confident that Bitcoin is still going to Be going higher from up this point also The inverse and is shoulders pattern Breaking bullish and you can see also The falling wedge pattern breaking Bullish and the descending broading Wedge breaking bullish so where should We be looking at next year and that is Of course what is going to be the next Big move on bitcoin if I quickly remove All the drawings right here I think that Right now we are indeed approaching a Very critical books of resistance and That is going to be this zone right here This green box I will be making it red For a little bit more of clarity is Going to be a very important level I Think that there are three important Levels in this region and that is of Course going to be the top side which We're going to be approaching anytime Soon here and I believe that as soon as We do break above this box right here The top side is going to be reached next And this lower box right here so these Are the three most important regions for Bitcoin and currently we're going to be Retesting testing that $67,000 level Where also the majority of the liquidity Is laying in the market because if we're

Looking about where the majority of the Liquidity is laying it's laying around That 60 uh 67.4k they're going to be Over three billion US dollar worth of Bitcoin short liquidations once we're Going to be hitting that level so make Sure to pay attention towards that as Well and while everything is happening Right now while Bitcoin is increasing in Valuation we are also seeing that the Funding rates remains to be negative and That basically means that the majority Of retail is actually turning bearish Bitcoin is in this bullish consolidation And that makes me even more bullish as Well here so I am not bearish on bitcoin Right now I think this continue way I Think this trend is going to be Continuing and to be very clear the Biggest move of this entire trend has Not even came yet here because if we're Going to be looking at the bulland and At the bull EV whiff we're clearly Seeing that Bitcoin historical Volatility is laying around alltime lows Here and when ever this happen we always We always see massive massive moves on Bitcoin I mean just look at the last What is it six times this happened even Every single time once this signal Occurs it happens so once again right Now we're seeing that the volatility for Bitcoin has stayed very low for a long Time we've Consolidated in this bullish

Consolidation phase and likely we are Going to be starting to see that next Continuation any moment right now I Think in the coming two weeks we're Going to start to see this continuation And yes I think that we are actually Going to be breaking more bullish so Whenever that's going to be happening We're going to see another squeeze Towards the upside so that is why it Remain to be long on bitcoin currently In a profit of about $100,000 my full Take profit Target is $80,000 because as Bitcoin goes higher the returns are Going to be less less great for my trade Here and of course the risk is also Going to be higher for my trade to hold It so I'm going to be taking full take Profit on $79,000 I don't think that Bitcoin isn't going to go to 100K but I'm just going to take my full profits Right there because if you know how Trading works you can't make a 1,000 x From this trade so let's say Bitcoin Goes to 99k I'm only going to be making Twice the money well the risk is most Certainly significantly higher so I'm Not going to be doing that I'm going to Be closing my trade around $79,000 take Like what is it $400,000 in profit I Will take it I will give away to you Guys on the channel some money and I Will be buying maybe a new superar Whatever that is what I'm going to be

Doing right here that is going to be my Strategy uh and if you of course want to Be trading yourself as well don't forget To check out bu in the link description Of today's video because if you right Now sign up an account using that link Below on buybit you could currently Claim a free $200 so you go to the link Description of today's video you press On this link right here you come to the Page on buit you sign up an account and If you deposit $100 in your first seven Days which you could easily withdraw Without any hassle you're going to be Able to claim a free $200 trade on Bitcoin or ethereum so it's basically a Free trade and if you are calling a good Trade just like I did you're making Thousands and thousands of dollars from All this trade so make sure to check it Out in the link description of today's Video but definitely definitely very Valuable which you need to be checking Out right now so if you're interested in Trading check it out in the link Description of today's video going Through it in towards the content I mean I quickly also want to be saying is that Whenever Bitcoin is going to hit the new Ultim high I'm going to be taking 20% Profit on my trade and I'm going to be Moving on my stop loss to $65,000 so That is my strategy right now here with My trade I'm a real degenerate and I

Really think we're going to be going up Towards $80,000 $90,000 because we're in A bull market and we're at the beginning Stages of it and I believe that I caught A very good trade here right now on Bitcoin which I believe I could be Making a ton of money with so uh yeah I'm going to be holding it open I'm here To make a I'm here to be making Banks I'm not here to make a couple dollars no I'm here to make thousands hundreds of Thousands of dollars and that's what I'm Going to be doing so I'm going to close It somewhere around 80,000 us and yes if We're just looking at Bitcoin it is Going to be likely that the next Initiated move is about to become right Here so we're seeing clearly Bitcoin is Creating a massive bull flag pattern and Whenever this bull flag pattern is going To be breaking out we're going to be Seeing that next move towards $100,000 And just like I said before I don't Believe that we're going to stop at $80,000 but it's just purely risk Management for me to take profits at $80,000 because if I make $400,000 from The straight I would take it I would Definitely take it so yes this bull fli Pattern is about to be breaking out and Once again I want to be pointing out I've said this so many times before any Any 20 to 23% correction in this Bitcoin Bull market is going to be an

Opportunity of a lifetime because this Is this looks to be the new standard in This market so whenever we're going to Be seeing this again this signal flash I'm going to be opening up again a new Big trade on bitcoin and I'm going to Again show everyone out there why I'm Doing so but please don't fade the Signal again here every single 20 to 23% Correction in this bull market is going To be an opportunity of a lifetime and Yeah we're currently creating a massive Uh rounding B structure or an inverse And a shoulder structure or just that Higher low structure and I think that Most people are actually fading this and I still see a lot of bears out there and I mean I can see it also on the data Because we're still seeing funding rates Are significantly going down while we're Trading in the midst of a bull market And that just makes it for me very Interesting so many people are still Shorting this and that's why I believe We are ultimately going to be going Higher so this was it for me in today's Update video guys I truly hope you did Learn something from it if you did so Don't forget to slap the like button Subscribe to the channel freaking happy With my trade and so should you because I think that a lot of people because I Saw it in the comments has joined me on This trade subscribe to the channel guys

Absolutely love you peace out goodbye

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