Well we are literally a few days out Before we're going to have the Bitcoin Spot ETF we're still consolidating in This massive consolidation phase I Discussed yesterday so in today's video I will talk about the most important Consolidation patterns I will talk about The most important support and Resistance of course I am going to be Talking about the ETF news the fact that Tedar is printing billions and billions Of dollars moments before the Bitcoin Sport ETF gets approved and many more Important charts we need to discuss on Today's update video so without any Further Ado don't forget to slap the Like button back above 800 likes that Will be absolutely incredible so with That being said let me jump straight Away in towards the imminent short term To discuss my forecast on the Bitcoin Price action yesterday we created this Falling wtch pattern and actually we've Seen a significant breakout out of this Pattern and after we've clearly seen a Confirmation of a breakout of this Falling wedge pattern we can currently See that this falling wedge pattern is Actually getting retested so this is a Very important pattern that I am Currently paying attention towards and Bitcoin is currently sitting on support While this is happening we're also still Looking at the symmetrical triangle here

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On the 1our time frame and like you can See Bitcoin is still consolidating in The symmetrical triangle and in an Approximately let me say this correctly 12 hours from now on we're going to be Needing the Apex where we're going to be Having a breakout and I want to be Pointing out here if we do have a Breakout and let's say Bitcoin breaks Down but doesn't break below the green Box of support I don't see a big reason To be worrying and of course if Bitcoin Breaks upwards and doesn't break above This wide line of resistance here on the Top side sitting around 44.6k I don't Think there's going to be anything big Happening but once we confirm the break Up of either of these levels I think Bitcoin could come down to $42,000 or if we do break the top side And we break the 44.4k level I think we Could go up to 46,000 US Dollars on the Top side of course I think there's going To be much much more offside coming for Bitcoin due to the fact that the Bitcoin Sport ETF is almost there and you have To understand also that on the imminent Short term we are seeing that tar has Printed more than three billion US Dollar in approximately the last two Days and 20 hours what is a massive Amount and normally they're not printing So much money so yeah either there's a Lot of money flowing in towards the

Market there's a lot of interest in Coming towards Bitcoin but definitely We're seeing one thing and that is that Tedar is getting minted and if tedar Gets minted that basically means there's More money going in towards the Treasury And that also basically means there is More money going in towards the crypto Ecosystem so this is overall a very Bullish signal and usually what happens If there is more tedar in the market Available the prices have also got Higher potential upsides so yeah what I'm seeing on the imminent short term we Can currently see that on the 4ly time Frame Bitcoin is clearly creating the Downward sling resistance line we Retested that level as support and we're Right now getting rejected by my Resistance box and I talked about this Literally while we were trading on the Lower side and yeah currently still we Are not breaking Above This level and as Soon as Bitcoin confirms to break above 44.2k that is the point where I would Say okay right now we're seeing the Confirmed breakout towards the upside so From off this point onwards I would be Expecting we're going to be seeing more Upside and you have to understand also That of course currently we're just days Out before that Bitcoin SPO ETF and of Course I currently know that we're in That approval window but if we're going

To be looking about when it will be Accepted it will be most likely be on The Monday or the Tuesday so in the Weekend there won't be any Bitcoin sport ETF acceptance from the S so in an Approximately 36 to 40 hours from now on That is the point where we could really Start to see the Bitcoin SP TF getting Accepted so you have to be a little bit More patient before that is going to be Happening and yeah currently we've got 11 Bitcoin spot ETFs in line for Potential acceptance these 11 that you Can currently see above my face right Here are all in line for potential Acceptance so yeah the expectation Remains to be the same we're likely to Going to be seeing all these bigin SP Ttfs getting approved on the Monday or Tuesday and what will do with the price That is what many people has been asking Me I mean honestly I think the market is Going to be seeing a massive bump we're Going to be seeing a massive pump Towards the upside once it gets accepted And honestly at the time we're going to Be closing in towards that potential Acceptance I still think we're going to Be moving upwards so I expect that over The course of the coming what is it 48 Hours from now on we're going to see Some more positive price action Bitcoin Is potentially even going to be creeping Up to $46,000 us over the course of the

Weekend that is my personal expectations And maybe then before that we're going To be seeing a slight little dump here Before absolute takeoff once it gets Accepted so that is what I am currently Expecting that is my expectation I mean If I'm looking at the Bitcoin Liquidation heat map I can currently see There's liquidity piling up above us Below us it's piling up left and right So for me to right now say Okay Bitcoin Necessarily has to be going down and it Can't go up it will be very hard since It's very hard for me to predict if Bitcoin is going to be going One Direction since yes liquidity is piling Up on both directions so a thing that's Very interesting to see that currently The funding rates is actually still Negative what means that Bitcoin is Literally getting massively shored and That also means that yeah the chance of A short squeeze is way bigger than the Chance of a long squeeze currently in The market and that really makes me Overall a little bit more bullish on the Market honestly I still think we're Going to be moving up I personally think This weekend is going to be a very good Weekend for Bitcoin and of course once It gets accepted that is the point where We would really start to see takeoff so If you want to be trading Bitcoin Yourself make sure to go to bit where

You can currently claim it Theos bonus Worth $40,000 and without signing up an Account using that link in description Below it's only 400 so it's a massive Win-win situation and on top of that you Could claim a free 1 ,000 US Air Position on buybit and all you need to Do for that is sign up an account using The link below complete kyc level one Deposit $100 in your first seven days And then you could claim this insane Airw position worth $1,000 for only Depositing $100 so make sure to check it Out in the link description of today's Video and of course if you can't trade On bit make sure to check out fmax where You can trade without kyc and they're Giving you a 10% cash back on everything You're depositing so make sure to check It out as well looking at the bigger Perspective from Bitcoin here on the Daily time frame we do know that we're Still running towards the red box and Once we clearly break about $48,000 that is the point of the Confirmation where I would really start To think that Bitcoin could go very Quickly towards this new altim high and I mean there are some other news outside Of the ETF also playing out and that is Of course that Qatar is looking to be Buying Bitcoin and honestly speculations Are saying that they want to be Allocating 500 billion US doll and yeah

Honestly if we're going to be looking at Available Supply that's currently 2.8 8 Million Bitcoin and they're going to be Allocating 500 billion US doll that Would literally push up the Bitcoin Price easily to $200,000 so you have to Understand that there is not a lot of Capital required to be pushing Bitcoin Up higher and like we know with these Bitcoin SP ETFs if it's really going to Be uh allowing so much money to be Flowing in towards the market if it's Really going to be allowing all these Large players to enter Bitcoin we are Going to be seeing the prices rally very Very quick quickly since the Black Rock Bitcoin sport ETF has got a one-on-one Backing with real Bitcoin so they have To be buying Bitcoin from the market so This is of course massive but of course If you're just purely looking at the Chart on bitcoin honestly I said this as Well in yesterday's video I would be Bearish if I just purely look at the Technicals but of course we've got some Massive news playing out in the Background that is currently potentially Suggesting we shouldn't be bearish here And that is why I am also not so bearish On the market right here we're seeing This golden crossover also happening on The weekly time frame for bit coin but Anyways we do know that it is all about The Bitcoin sport ETF that is about to

Get accepted so all eyes on the news and Guys if you want to be staying up to Date about this news make sure to Subscribe to the channel and of course Follow me on Twitter where I will keep You guys up to dat about the ETF Acceptance once it gets accepted I will Try to make a video as soon as possible Or even jump live so make sure to Subscribe but anyways this was it for me In today's update video thank you so Much watching and see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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