There is a huge Bitcoin danger signal Flashing on the market right now and in This exact video I will talk about the Most important support and resistance Range I will talk about what the Criteria is for a bullish or either a Bearish breakdown I will talk about the Giant liquidation event that happened Yesterday about the most important Consolidation phases and I will give a Big update on my trade because right now Starting today I will also start my new Trading account from a 50 000 US Dollars And it will try to trade this again Towards 100K and I'm going to show you Step by step here on this YouTube Channel so don't forget to watch this Video till the end it will be super Important to pay attention towards Today's update video so with that of Being said don't forget to slap up that Like button on today's video can we Smash it back of a 500 and with that is Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content of course once Looking at the image short term we've Been talking about this level for so Many times in a row right now here to be Very clear we've been talking about this Level and Bitcoin has also been Consolidating in his level for over 15 Days right now and you can see once Again yesterday we saw the retest of the Top side but we weren't able to be

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Breaking above it and ever since we saw A huge rejection towards the downside All the way down towards the Lower Side Of support where I've also talked about Many times before so to be very clear if Bitcoin were to be breaking above the Top side of resistance or either the Lower Side of support that is the point Where I would be expecting a big Breakout is going to be happening but of Course as long as Bitcoin is not Breaking outside of this range I am not Really expecting any gigantic moves or Whatsoever so for the remaining of the Time I will be very neutral until Bitcoin breaks outside of this range Yesterday due to the fact that we saw of Course first a gigantic pump towards the Upside and then a gigantic dump towards The downside we saw that more than 160 Million US dollars in Bitcoin long and Short liquidations and that is quite a Significant amount since Bitcoin is just Trading in a cyber's consolidation phase So be very careful we're trading with High leverage in such kind of a Consolidation phase on the four early Time frame we saw that Bitcoin broke Outside here of this four hourly Consolidation phase and I actually said As soon as Bitcoin is going to be Breaking outside of it we're probably Going to see a bigger move but of course You need to also see the one hour time

Frame breakout and we didn't solve that Unfortunately and right now basically Bitcoin is still in this consolidation Phase and we're just waiting to see when Bitcoin is really going to see the Breakout this was more like a fake out And here on the fortnite time frame you Can actually still clearly see Bitcoin Is so far not breaking above the top Side and basically right now we're just Waiting to see the next breakout to Occur Um we're just in a giant consolidation Phase after Bitcoin moved up 25 towards The upside we're just not really moving Yet so far and we have to wait to see When are we going to be moving here and Of course if we do break the horizontal Support line on the lower side we are Going to be in big big problems and that Is why we'll be keeping my eyes wide Open on this level here on the lower Side and if we do break we lower it I Will be expecting Bitcoin is probably Going to see lower targets and to be Very clear there is something very Interesting playing out right now here Because if you're looking at the weekly Time frame Bitcoin is actually creating A bearish Divergence on the weekly time Frame like you can see from the past in The previous ultimate the price action Of Bitcoin created in higher high while The RSI create the lower high and that

Was of course a gigantic bearish Divergence also looking previously Around at this Market in the bear Market Low we created the lower low while the RSI crates and higher low and that Wasn't marking the bear Market bottom And right now we're creating the Barriers Divergence yet again the price Action is creating a higher high well The RSI is creating still lower high and To be very clear if Bitcoin breaks above 35 to 34 000 this is going to get Invalidated and there's still a very big Possibility that we're going to see this Invalidation take place because right Now we do know that BlackRock is into Bitcoin and listen to this clip real Quick filing and so I can't get into the Specifics of this filing but I think the Chart speaks quite well we work really Closely with our regulator and we want To hear from The Regulators what they What are their issues and how can and Can we fix those issues around that so So this was just a very small clip from The interview of Larry Fink and Larry Fink is the CEO of BlackRock and Basically what he said in this interview Is that they're working closely with the Regulators and that they want to hear How they can solve it so they can Actually get the Bitcoin spelled ETF Approved so I'm actually expecting that They are going to get it done here what

It's going to be taking another few Weeks here what is going to take another Few months here in the end of the day I Think BlackRock is going to come in with The Bitcoin sport ETF and that could Send Bitcoin to absolutely new ultimize Especially since right now they're Working on it let's say it's going to Get it approved in 2024 it will be a Gigantic Catalyst for the next Bull Run So what I want to be saying here is that For the long term I'm super convinced That Bitcoin is going to increase in Value and of course if this sport ETF is Going to get approved anytime soon Probably we will see a very big pump and This is going to get invalidated if not Bitcoin could still see potentially some Lacks to it's the downside so that is Why it's going to be super important to Pay attention towards that and to see The CEO of BlackRock say that he's Bullish on bitcoin only makes me more Certain and more security about my Long-term commitment to crypto so I Personally think the Bitcoin is going to Trade around new optimize within two Years from now on the coming weeks are Going to be a little bit hard to predict I mean to be very honest if we were to Be predicting the image short term we Need to be looking at this consolidation Phase it is super boring here on the One-hour time frame that as soon as we

Do break below supporter resistance on The top side we are going to see that Next move getting initiated so we have To wait for that here currently I'm Still long on bitcoin and actually I'm Going to be opening up even more long Positions with my new 50 000 US dollar Bitcoin account here so far today I'm Not going to be opening up a trade but Maybe in the coming days I'm going to Open up my first trade here so make sure To subscribe to the channel and actually If you want to claim a free 1000 US Dollar Bitcoin or xrp position you can Do so right now here all you need to do Is go to the link in description of Today's video Here sign up at a new Account using the link above deposit 100 Dollars within seven days and you can Claim a free 1000 US dollar Bitcoin long Or short position or an xrp long or Short position and you can join me with My upcoming trades here on the channel Furthermore we can actually right now See here is that Bitcoin is still Trading against this gigantic resistance Level here on the top side and I've been Saying this for quite a while the Resistance to break is just 31 to thirty Two thousand dollars as soon as we do Break it the next Target is going to be 37k and of course those are the trades I Want to be taking with my account these Bigger moves here on the market and

Right now I just want to be waiting a Little bit more patient as soon as we do Break below support or we do break above Resistance I'm going to be starting to Be opening up trades with this account So subscribe to the channel to stay up To date about that currently we can Still see that the carpet handle for Bitcoin is still getting rejected but It's important the resistance line here On the top side we got rejected for more Than 15 days in a row right now and We're just still waiting to see the Breakout to occur and of course on the Weekly time frame we can currently that Bitcoin is running in towards the most Important resistance and on the bigger Perspective you can see that this is is A very historical level last time around In the bear Market as well this was the Most important level to be breaking and Once again this bear Market again this Is the level to be looking at and as Soon as we do break Above This level I'm Probably expecting we're going to go Absolutely exponential so that was it For me in today's update video if you Did like it don't forget to subscribe to The channel of course Bitcoin is getting Ready for another move here but we have To be a little bit more patient Bitcoin Is still consolidating sideways as soon As we do break outside of this range We're probably going to see more

Volatility whether it's going to be up Or down so thank you so much for Watching towards amazing new updates Video and I'll see you guys on the next One peace out goodbye

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