Bitcoin is on the verge of breaking out And in this exact video I will talk About my price targets of this breakout I will talk about the Bitcoin CME Futures Gap that almost was about to get Filled up I will give a big update on my Trade I will give a huge update on the Criteria we need to see in order to Confirm the Bitcoin breakout so don't Forget to slap off that like button on Today's update video can we smash it Back about 500 likes that will be Absolutely incredible and with that is Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content once looking at the Image short term we can see that we Broke this very important downward Sloping resistance line and basically We've been retesting this level for more Than three times in a row we got Rejected by this level every single time And after we broken above it we've Flipped this level in towards support For already more than three times in a Row so right now Bitcoin is getting Ready for of course probably another Move since we're once again creating a New consolidation phase that looks to be Breaking out also in the coming hours Ahead of herself so be Bitcoin is once Again preparing itself squeezing the Price action in and basically indicating There's probably going to be somewhat of A move again in the coming hours ahead

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Of ourselves if we're also looking at The one hour time frame we yesterday saw A small little breakout here of the Downtrend right now and after that we Move towards the upside it ran in Towards this new horizontal resistance That it will keep my eyes wide open on What is of course exactly that 31 000 US Dollars and at the same time we can Basically still see that Bitcoin is Holding up towards the support line and If you're looking at this consolidation Phase you can see the Bitcoin still got Some more room to consolidate in this Pattern but basically we're expecting This pattern is going to be breaking out Somewhat in the coming 24 to 48 hour so Once this pattern breaks out I've got an Insane price Target ready for everyone Out there because the price Target Towards the upside for Bitcoin is going To be somewhere around 32 000 US Dollars And the bearish target is going to be Somewhere around 29 000 US dollars I Think of course this pattern right here Broke out but not really show its Significance but on the four hourly time Frame it's going to be probably showing Us is way more significance why is Because we've got this test right here We got the test right here and the Retest right here so three rejections on The four alley time frame and also more Than three times as supportive bands on

That four hourly time frame indicating There's probably going to be a gigantic Move and looking and considering the Trend that we've been trading in we've Been trading in a gigantic uptrend right Now the RSI has been restructuring the Macd has been restructuring and giving Room right now towards them could allow Bitcoin to see a continuation of the Trend because a symmetrical triangle is A typical continuation pattern so we're Expecting that probably Bitcoin is once Again going to show us a continuation of The trend we've been already trading in So yeah if that were to be happening we Could see a 32 000 US Dollars Bitcoin so That will be of course absolutely lovely To see at the same time Bitcoin pushed Up yesterday and it was about to be Filling up the CME Gap still we've got To see me Gap trading above us towards 31.2 K so to see me Gap is quite small Right now but it is still there and also If we're looking at the of our time Frame we can currently clearly see the Resistance and that is of course 30.8k So as soon as we confirm a 12 hourly Candle close above the 30.8k we're going To officially confirm a breakout above The previous range and that will be Considered super bullish so that is the Criteria I will be looking at a Confirmed candle close above 30.8k for a Breakout higher currently with my trade

Not doing anything still holding my Trade long here and I will continue to Do so and basically right now it is once Again come before in the storm we're Consolidating in this region and Basically anytime soon here we will be Expecting a breakout and once that Happens we could see Bitcoin going Towards the next stage I will continue To hold on towards my trade and in case Bitcoin is going to drop all the way Down again I'm just going to add more Margin to even bring down my average Entry price where we make it an even Better trading position than it already Was here so nothing to risk for me Nothing to lose for me right now in this Stage so I'm going to continue to hold Open my trade here if you are interested In trading I've got a very very big Offer right now here and that is a free 1000 US dollar trading position you can Take a trading position in Bitcoin or in Xrp here because xrp is about to be Having a gigantic weekly breakout I Thought it was a good opportunity for my Followers out there to claim a free xrp Position so if you want to be claiming This position go to the link description There are only three steps what you need To do that is sign up account using the Link and after that deposit 100 and you Can literally claim free 1 000 US Dollars xrp position or a Bitcoin

Position so this is super valuable it's A limited time offer if you were to be Claiming any of these deposit bonuses Click then either of the Bitcoin link or On the xrp link sign up a new account Using the link above here the posted 100 Within seven days and enjoy your free One thousand dollars Bitcoin or xrp Position so it's super simple and super Effective so make sure to go to the link Description and check it out and since Xrp right now is about to be having the Final words of the lawsuit it could be Experiencing a gigantic pump and that Could allow you to make tons and tons of Money of this free 1000 US dollar xrp or Bitcoin position furthermore we can see That Bitcoin history is basically just Repeating all over again and like I said In yesterday's videos well basically We've been seeing consolidation below Resistance every single time before we Break bullish and before we break Towards the upside and see the big Gigantic continuation so once again I'm Expecting a continuation to be happening Anytime soon and of course I will be Live streaming I will be trying to live Stream as soon as we do see a breakout Or an emergency video so make sure to Subscribe to the channel to stay up to Date for that and of course you can see 31 000 is the resistance to break here Nothing new about that here you can

Clearly see the Bitcoin is right now Trading in a super important rejection Zone here and as soon as we do break Above This level we're going to be Targeting levels all the way towards the Top side around this range right here Around 47 000 US dollars so Bitcoin has Got super much potential upside as soon As we do break above this box right here So I will give more updates about where I expect Bitcoin is going to come in at As soon as we do break this level in the Coming videos and of course especially If we do break Above This level Furthermore we can see that the carpet Handle broke bullish and if we managed To be breaking above the resistance of Thirty one thousand dollars we could see A price circuit getting reached of 52 000 US dollars with of course my first Target around 47 000 and that would make Us millions of dollars with our trading Positions so yeah there's a lot of money To be made especially since the market Is looking like it is about to be Popping anytime soon here you can see Also in history basically this level Right here is very comparable to the Level right here because both of these Levels were super important resistance Support zones basically the moment we Retested it here we saw a gigantic move Towards the downside another move Towards the upside and we broke above it

If we could see something similar right Here and break Above This resistance I Can guarantee you if Bitcoin breaks back Above 32 000 dollars we're going to see Super much upside for Bitcoin and There's just going to be a lot of buying Pressure going to get added towards the Market so Bitcoin is right now very Closely towards the turning point and if We break the 32 000 I can guarantee you We are entering boom Market stages so That is of course the thing we're Waiting for and that's the thing we Would love to see here at the same time The weekly email Raven cross bullish Here and we broke above the Dowry Soaping trend line here so the weekly Time frame for Bitcoin is also looking Super good so for us on the image short Term to watch here is the four hour Symmetrical triangle the one hour Consolidation phase and as soon as we do See a breakout of these patterns we Could start to see the next move getting Initiated for Bitcoin so that was it for Me in today's update video there's not a Lot of more stuff to talk about and it Will keep both of my eyes wide open on The four hourly consolidation phase Since in my opinion this is the most Important consolidation phase to be Watching right here so thank you so much For watching towards amazing new update Video here on the channel hope to see

You guys on the next one subscribe to The channel because if something happens I will try to jump live drop an Emergency video see you guys in the next One peace out goodbye

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