Bitcoin is creating a rounding top right Now but don't get fooled for this Potential bear trap we're currently Creating because I believe that I am Currently seeing something in the Bitcoin charts that we are about to Create an even far greater move towards The upside any moment right now and I Will be explaining this with all the Data points that I can currently find in The market so make sure to watch this Video till the end because we will talk About the most important charts the most Important data and many more important Stuff on today's update video including A gigantic trading opportunity I am Currently seeing in this market so Without any further Ado don't forget to SL that like button once again back Above 1,000 likes it will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me get straight away in towards the Content so here on the immin the short Term I have started to see that many People on Twitter and on YouTube are Starting to say Bitcoin is grining Rounding top but I believe that this is A gigantic Bitcoin bear trap and let me Quickly explain why because while this Happened we clearly saw on coinbase Which is a very reliable exchange that The volume is not necessarily becoming Much much much more higher while we are Actually consolidating Above This timi

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Which right now means that there is not A lot of sell pressure in this market And as black rock is still buying Millions and millions of dollars worth Of bitcoin every single day and I mean The data from today about Black Rock is Still yet to come in but just like you Know if you want to be staying up to Date about all this data follow me on Twitter because once the data is going To come in I will straight away update You guys on Twitter what the exact Inflows are going to be but already f Delity have more than $200 million in Inflow so most likely we're at least Going to get another $300 million Us in Net inflows so it's looking once again Extremely good for the market and of Course like we know this trend is most Likely going to continue because Literally the new spot Bitcoin ETFs have Done Over10 billion US dollar in volume in The first two months making this Category the most successful ETF launch In history and this is definitely just The beginning because like we know ETFs They grow especially over time and not In a few days so as we are seeing Millions and millions of dollars getting Accumulated by Black Rock by Fidelity And these other large institutions As Time continues there's only more money Going to get absorbed in the market and

With the Bitcoin Hing only in Approximately 35 to 38 days out we're Going to even have less prediction which Is going to be catapulting the Bitcoin Price up much higher and while we're Looking currently at the price action of Bitcoin while we in fact are right now Trading around 72,000 Which is of course quite insane the Volume is of course quite decent but not A lot of sell pressure because the Volume is not necessarily spiking and Bitcoin is not even going lower which of Course clearly means that there are not A lot of people actually interested in Bitcoin and of course if you are having Any knowledge of the market you know That this is not the time to sell Because historically speaking if we're Looking at Bitcoin once we break above Our Alum High We tend to increase very Quickly in valuation the last time once We broke the alum I we increased with an Approximately 20% in just a matter of 24 Hours I mean right now we're clearly Seeing the first big breakout above Altimi we pushed over 5% in a matter of Like 4 to8 hours and right now we're Still consolidating sideways but still I Think the are far bigger moves yet to Get created especially with this week's New spot Bitcoin ETF inflows I'm Expecting that yes once again we're Going to be having a bullish week and I

Am expecting the continuation is still Going to take place and of course if You've been following the channel you Know my price Target where I think Bitcoin is going to be going towards in This bull market but I will talk a Little bit more in depth about that Later in today's video because right now If we were to be looking at the big Support levels for Bitcoin where Potentially we could start to be opening Up any trades here it's going to be of Course around $71,000 use which Previously around provided big support And this level right here which of Course previously around provided Significant resistance for Bitcoin also Right here and if Bitcoin were to be Coming down towards $69,000 the previous AO I think that would be a golden Opportunity to actually accumulate a Significant amount of a Bitcoin position So that is what I will be looking to be Doing but like I said many times before If I were to be calling an ultimate Opportunity in the market I want to be Looking for 20% corrections I don't Think that's going to be happening this Time around but if Bitcoin were to be Getting a 20% correction right now it Would bring it down to $58,000 but like I said many times Before in this buom market we're likely Going to get a lot of 20% Corrections

And any 20% correction is going to be a Gift in my opinion and I would take that Opportunity with both hands so if Bitcoin were to be coming down 20% from Off this level I will be definitely Looking to be opening up massive Bitcoin Long positions on that lower side so That is going to be my strategy at least On how I'm going to be trading Bitcoin But of course if this were to be Happening I will be exactly showing you What I will be doing and how it will be Taking urgent action to of course open Up that next Bitcoin that next Bitcoin Trade here and of course like we know While we're seeing Black Rock buying Millions of dollars of Bitcoin every Single day yesterday as well micro Strategies also bought another 12,000 Bitcoins for an approximately 800 Million US Dollars and as their company Is becoming worth more and more this is Only going to be cut supporting Bitcoin Higher and Higher and you don't Understand on how bullishness is here Black Rock Fidelity all these ETFs and Micro strategies are buying millions of Dollars worth of bitcoin every single Day and with the whole thing coming up Anytime soon we do know that this this Is going to be an even bigger scarcity Effect on the Market with such an high Amount of buy pressure and just like Sailor said a couple days ago he is

Forecasting that at least for the coming Two years we're going to get an Approximately 4 to 500 million US dollar In bu pressure every single day and that Is just going to be catapulting Bitcoin Higher whether you are going to be Selling yes or no right now I think that Indeed we are destined to be going Higher for Bitcoin right now with this ETFs so that is why we can potentially Also start to see that of course the Real Believers in Bitcoin they don't Think this is the time to sell and that Is why the volume remains to be low in Coinbase not a lot of people are Actually selling and the price is Actually holding up quite strong and This is a clear indication that Bitcoin Is about to create another La towards The upside As Time continues and no one Is really interested in selling their Bitcoin and is really having a way Higher Target than we're currently Sitting markets are just going to be Increasing in value and with increasing Markets we're also going to see Increasing interest and guys if you want To be making the most of the upcoming Bitcoin Bull Run by trading Bitcoin or Trading altcoins I mean binance right Now now is not really listing a lot of New pairs anymore they only have listed 3 to7 374 coins well bybit is the one That is fast listing these new upcoming

Coins that could be exploding so if you Want to be trading make sure to go to Buybit bybit is the best exchange where You can trade spot where you can trade With leverage so if you want to be doing So make sure to go to the link Description of today's video where you Can get a $30,000 toos a bonus to buybit And if you don't use this link it's only 400 so it's a win-win situation so make Sure to check check it out in the link Description of today's video going Further in towards the content we can Currently see that of course Bitcoin is Clearly breaking above its timi that is Nothing new that is something we already Know but of course on the weekly time Frame we're then also breaking above That one level in that Fibonacci Extension level and like we know from History historically speaking once this Happens it usually only tends to take Two to three weeks before Bitcoin is Reaching its first extension level which In this case is going to be $100,000 so If history is an indication my target For Bitcoin in the upcoming two to three Weeks is going to be $100,000 which sounds of course quite Insane we are clearly breaking above Alltime highs which is of course Extremely bullish for Bitcoin and like I Explained in a couple days ago here I am Selling a lot of my Bitcoin right now to

Actually buy more ethereum because the Ethereum trade is maybe a better trade Than Bitcoin right now in my opinion Because ethereum is seeing such a Significant amount of decreasing Supply At this moment of time and due to the Decreasing Supply on ethereum H in the Last 7 days we saw 32,000 ethereum going Out of circulation and on this Pace Ethereum Supply is shrinking by 1.4% a Year this is going to be an even bigger Scarcity effect because Bitcoin Currently still has more and more Supply Getting created but of course as the Halfing comes it's going to get cut in Half but ethereum is becoming more and More scarce over time and in Approximately 70 days from now on we're Going to get the ethereum spot ETF which Is going to even attract more Capital to Ethereum so if you want to be up for a Big trade here this is what I'm doing I Explained in a couple videos ago I Decided to sell lot of my Bitcoin to Actually open up a position on ethereum I also have got a small little leverage Trade open on ethereum on byid and if You want to be trading just like I said Go to the link description of today's Video but I'm taking this trade on spot But also on Leverage I'm using a very Small leverage to of course minimize my Risk because we are in a bull market and We could get 20% ShakeOut and if it were

To be happening I am definitely prepared For that but ethereum is just looking Extremely bullish from off this point Onwards and I do believe that there's Just so much gains to be made from of This point with ethereum so this is my Strategy this is what I'm currently Doing and I don't believe that you Should getting and I don't believe that You should get fooled right now here Maybe Bitcoin is going to be seeing a Slight decreasement but you have to Understand that indeed some people are Saying oh we're creating a rounding top We're going to be going lower and indeed If you're looking right now at the 30 Minute time frame Bitcoin chart doesn't Necessarily look Al bullish but I Believe that this is going to be an Gigantic bear trap so thank you so much For watching towards the amazing new Update video slap all the like button Subscribe to the channel and I see you Guys tomorrow in another update video Peace out goodbye

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