After the Bitcoin Hall of thing just got Completed Bitcoin is bouncing back Towards the upside flipping this Previous resistance into support right Now and on today's update video I will Be discussing the liquidation heat map Because Bitcoin always follows the Liquidity and in this video I will be of Course in depth discussed where the Liquidity is being built up why the Funding rates are negative right now and Why this is extremely extremely bullish For Bitcoin so without any further ado Don't forget to slap off that like Button once again back above 1,000 likes That will be absolutely incredible and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content Because right now on the iment short Term we need to be paying attention Towards this very important Bitcoin Trend but before I want to be quickly Congratulating everyone out there with The Bitcoin Hing because right now Officially the Bitcoin production has Been cut in half and officially right Now the production of Bitcoin is 3.5 15 From of this moment of time and for the Coming four years and then four years From now on it's going to get caught in Half again and due to this we always get A massive massive Bitcoin bull market But about this I will be talking a Little bit later in today's update video

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Because first I want to be discussing The imminent short term where Bitcoin of Course is creating this significant Downtrend and right now for the first Time looks to be flipping the downtrend Back in towards an uptrend and looking To be flipping this very previous Resistance right here into support right Now so whenever Bitcoin is indeed seeing This successful retest we are right now Looking for somewhat of a trend reversal And as the Bitcoin trend is right now Reversing we can start to see that next Lag towards the upside and yes really if We're going to be looking at the next Resistance targets I think that Realistically speaking the next box of Resistance is going to be sitting Somewhere around $67,000 but I think Bitcoin is going to Be creating a far greater move however I Want to be quickly pointing out it is Currently Saturday and due to the fact That it is a Saturday we are indeed Creating another SEI Futures Gap you can Currently see that the SEI close price Is sitting somewhere around 63.8k so we're expecting that of course Over the course of the weekend Bitcoin Is going to be just hovering around this Price but just like we've seen with Previous C gaps we created a massive CME Gap on the top side last weekend so Maybe this weekend around we could

Create one on the lower side I mean we Can clearly see with the high amount of Volatility right now in the maret Market That this is definitely a possibility For playing out on bitcoin right now of Course it's no guarantees and of course Usually it doesn't tend to be happening That if it were to be happening of Course you are going to be the first one To be notified on this channel but what We want to be doing here is right now Just look at this Bitcoin Trend and see Where Bitcoin is going to be going Towards for the foreseeable future right So we're clearly trading in a Consolidation phase from that big Support level on the lower side to the Big resistance on the top side and Basically all we're seeing right now Here is that Bitcoin is consolidating Between the low and the high right now Of the region and we're bouncing between Those every single time and yes if You've been watching the channel for Quite a while right now you do know that I have been waiting for Bitcoin to be Retesting this Orange Box right here Because I have said it so many times in My past videos I will be longing Bitcoin On The Orange Box and that is exactly What I did and honestly Bitcoin just Perfectly bounc from off this region and I've said many times before that I still Think that there is a possibility that

Bitcoin is indeed going to be still Going to the lower side of this region But the lower Bitcoin is going to go in This region the bigger the risk of Reward is going to become and as the Risk to reward becomes bigger I'm only Going to be opening up bigger positions So for me if Bitcoin really comes down From up this point I'm only becoming More and more bullish and one of those Reasons why I am becoming more and more Bullish as the Bitcoin price comes down Here or as it is right now also going up Is because due to the fact that the Funding rates are negative and this is a Very important signal to be paying Attention towards and the funding rates Basically tell us something about the& Book and right now it is clearly Indicating us that the majority of the Traders are actually trading short and That makes me extremely bullish and you Can see it over here on this chart we're Seeing the funding rates going negative And if we're going to be looking back All the way to the previous bull market And I've talked about this many times Before on the channel every single time In the previous bull market once the Funding rates went negative it was an Historical a historical buying Opportunity like you can see over here Like you can see over here boom like you Can see over here like you can see over

Here every single time and I mean it Happened even more you can see it Happened over here every single time Once the fing rate di negative in the Bull market it was an opportunity to Long the market because that marked the Bottom always and it is currently Happening well we are indeed trading Above $64,000 us so this historic signal is Flashing again and this is because the Majority of the sentiment is R to Bearish people are saying oh we're going Down to $58,000 oh we're going down to $52,000 that is what I hear most common People saying it is just not going to be Happening if everyone is going to be Keep going keeping shorting Bitcoin and While that is happening while everyone Is shorting Bitcoin we can see that There is a ton of liquidity being built Up on the top side more than 2.8 billion US dollars worth of liquidations is Currently getting built up above us Because everyone is of course Trading Being short here and it's sitting around 71.6k more more liquidity is being built Up but like I said in many videos before Bitcoin always follows the liquidity so I think eventually Bitcoin is going to Be pushing up and take out the liquidity Here on the top side so I don't really Believe there's a big reason to be Bearish on bitcoin right now because I

Think that ultimately we're going to be Having a big push towards the upside if Bitcoin really is going to come down From of this point it would be only a Gift and I will be open up an even Bigger long position if we were to be Coming any lower than this point where We're currently trading on I mean this Is a very good opportunity you have and If you want to be taking this Opportunity with a trade you can Currently claim a free $200 trade on Bitcoin or ethereum and all you need to Do for it is go to the link description Of today's video If you press on this Link here on buybit you can currently go To the website you come to this page you Press on register to claim and if you do So all you need to do is deposit $100 in Your first s days and you will be Getting a free $200 on bu exchange is a Very very good deposit bonus you could Be claiming right now on the best Cryptocurrency trading exchange out There so if you interested in trading Bitcoin or crypto or if you want to be Using any other functionalities of the Best trading exchange out there check it Out in the link description of today's Video but let me continue in the video Right now because yesterday actually we Saw some more positive influence on the ETF which is of course very nice but of Course nothing very big is happening

Right here of course we had the Bitcoin Hing and like I discussed many times Before the most amount of gains always Come after the Hing and since the Hing Right now has been here this is now the Time to be looking forward and I said it Many times before even if we're going to Get only a 200% bump we're already going To go to $200,000 and Beyond so this is Not really the right time to be bearish On bitcoin and I do believe that we are Just about to be having an enormous Gains to be made here and historically If we're going to be looking back at 2017 it took us an approximately 100 Days before really the exponential Bull Run started here it took us in Approximately 70 days so so please give It maybe another two months before we're Really going to be going exponential but We're entering the stage right now where Things can start to be moving very Quickly again I think if we get another 70 days of sideway consolidation it's Going to be extremely good for the Market but of course it's going to be Extremely boring but yeah the longer We're going to consolidate above $60,000 The more bullish eventually is going to Be for Bitcoin and any 20% correction at This stage in the market is just an Opportunity you should take with both Hands and you should not ignore it Because so far in this bull market any

20% correction should have been bought Up by you and I mean I've been buying Them up here and I've been talking about It for many time times right now here But the new standard for this bull Market is 20% Corrections and if Bitcoin Were to be coming down a little bit Lower to $58,000 I'm still going to be Even opening up a bigger position Because then we're having a 21% Correction which would probably Mark the Extreme bottom low here and right now if We really come down I think a lot of People will actually panic and that is Of course a thing we want to be having Because the more people are panicking The more bullish I become and here on The weekly time frame you can just see a Bullish retest and also what is even More important the liquidity in the Market is still increasing and as Liquidity is increasing the uh overall Performance of the market is only going To be growing and as more liquidity is In the market Bitcoin is just going to Be even going higher from of that point Onward so I don't see a reason to be Bearish on bitcoin right now here it is Extremely liquid uh the liquidity is Increasing rapidly and yeah it just Makes me extremely bullish on bitcoin so Yes super excited Super bullish but this Was it for me in today's update video Congratulations to the Hing everyone out

There and if you learned something from This video slap the like button Subscribe to the channel and share this Video with your friends so they can Learn also a little bit more about Trading Bitcoin thanks so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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