How To Update the Blockstream Jade’s Firmware

In order to see the camera live in Action we first need to update our Jade To the latest firmware so let's head Over to our desktop to begin that Process once in the Jade firmware update Site we're able to just simply plug in Our J to our computer The Jade will automatically turn on And then we can press update your J From there the website is going to ask Us to input our pin into our Jade Once it does that the website is going To give us a couple options on what kind Of firmware we can upload to our Jade For this example I'm going to be doing The Bluetooth version Of 1.45 if you don't want Bluetooth you Can do the no radio version and that Will get rid of the Bluetooth on your Device from there I'm going to Simply Press confirm version And then from there your Jade is going To ask you if everything looks all right Uh and everything looks alright to me so I'm going to press the check mark and Then from there you just sit back and Wait for your Jade to update your latest Firmware with that being said before I Leave Uh we just remember that you can update Your Jade using green wallet and you can Also use your phone and update your Jade Using Bluetooth so with that I'm just Going to sit back and watch this

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Progress bar move forward Fantastic once the Jade is upgraded it Will reset and a restart and then on the Website it will tell you what the latest Firmware you uploaded to your Jade so Nice job Thank you

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