How to Update iPollo V1 Mini Firmware

What's up Sons it's blind rod with son Ofch once again and today I have yet Another howto video for you today we're Going to be going over how to update the Firmware on your I Polo V1 mini this Will apply to all V series miners from I Polo and the great news today too is That if you're interested in picking up An i Polo Miner you can on their Black Friday sale for a cheaper price I do not Have an affiliate code with them nor am I sponsored by them but I thought that You should get the opport Unity to Purchase cheaper miners if you are Interested we will also talk about what I'm mining with it and the profitability As a bonus let's get into [Music] It welcome back everyone so first things First let's go ahead and get you started With updating your firmware first things Is you're going to need to head on over To your actual minor page and log in the Default login is root and route and to Find the IP of your I Polo if you forgot It you can utilize an application called Advanced ip scanner and it is a free Download you can put in your IP Addresses click scan and then you can See here we found the I poo website you Can click the down arrow and then double Click the HTTP link and it will bring You to the page for the IP poloo once You're logged in you can check your

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Firmware version at the top left and you Can see here we are version 0.124 .145 to verify that you're on the latest Firmware update you can go over to the I Poo website at click down on the Support click down on the firmware Download and then click the V series Firmware for this particular unit you Can see we have various revisions and The latest one is version 124.14 which In this particular case is what we are Running so we wouldn't need to update However I will go go over this process With you so that you're aware there is An SD card version but we aren't Utilizing an SD card we're just going to Upload the firmware via our browser so We'll click the firmware button and then At this point we will click the download Button on the work drive host and then Download the executable file which is The 1 do or 12445 DF firmware.bin this point it will Ask you where to save it we already have It saved and downloads click save and We'll go ahead and let it replace it Once the download is complete we are Going to head back over to the iolo Itself and go down to under system and Click firmware upgrade we will then go Ahead and click the flash image button And then click the browse button go to Our downloads folder and highlight the

New firmware and click open this point We can click upload and it will upload The file once complete it will verify it And then ask you if you want to flash This file make sure you keep the check Box for your settings and retain current Configuration if you don't want to redo Your mining pool setup however it Doesn't maintain your password and login Information so if you have changed the Password and you flash it it will go Back to the default login at least in my Case that's what it did which was root And root for the default in case you Forgot so you'll have to update your Password again after flashing the Firmware at this point you can go ahead And click the continue button and then It will give you a notice that it is Saying flashing the system is flashing Now do not power off the device wait a Few minutes until you try to reconnect It might be necessary to renew the Address of your computer to reach the Device again depending on your settings Now to do this of course you can open a Command prompt and you can do an IP Config SLR and then you can do an ip config SL Renew and that will go ahead and refresh The IP on your system I did not have to Do this but just in case you have that Issue you can do it there now in a lot Of cases when you flash firmware you do

Need to clear the cookies and the brow Not the full browser his history but the Cash on your browser to basically Reconnect to the new firmware and this Is especially the case with ant minor Firmware so if you've had this problem Before this does work across everything If you're utilizing a chrome-based Browser or Brave in this case you can Click the three little dots at the top Right of the browser go over your History and then you can click the clear Browsing data button at this point you Will have a little option that says Cookies and other site data and cached Images and files you will click the Clear data for the last hour or however Long it was when you did the flash of The firmware and click clear data I did Not have to do that with the I po but I've had to do that in the past with a Lot of different mining firmware updates So I wanted to let you know that now you Can go ahead and click the refresh Button and it will start to refresh more Than likely it will go to a cannot be Reached but it will continue to refresh Until it gets to this page once the Minor has rebooted and you can see we Have now rebooted and we can click the Login button and we had the password Saved there for root and root and then You want to just go up to the top and Make sure that your firmware version is

Updated the next thing that you want to Verify is your minor configuration and Make sure that the pool as well as your Wallet address are accurate and the coin That you want to mine whether it's an Etc hash based coin or an ET has based Coin in my particular case we are doing The ETC hash based etica and you can see Over here that I'm on the eica mining Pool I will be mining for at least 30 Days to meet my thousand etica goal Before moving on to solo mining with Something else so that is what I've been Mining is it extremely profitable no but Are these miners profitable if you're Going to mine something profitable with It and the answer there of course is Going to be yes but not by that much It's 3 cents a day so even if you get The current Black Friday deal of $49 on The IP Polo V1 mini it may be a better Purchase idea to get something like the Latest ks0 Pro which actually makes About $5 a day as opposed to 3 cents a Day but if you're looking at mining a Bunch of ET kind of coins for Speculative mining this isn't a bad idea Either that's going to wrap up today's Video be sure to hit the like comment Subscribe and notification bells down Below check out my Crypt mining ecourse At sonof it's more relevant than Ever right now and when everybody begins

To purchase it in 2025 during the Euphoria and the fomo of Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining they will be too late Also don't forget you can support me Over at sonof tech. where you Can become a supporter for $5 a month And in return I will provide my moves on What I'm am speculative mining Etc Before I provide them to the rest of the Community thanks for watching and I will See you next Tuesday

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