How to set up Blockstream Jade with Green | Blockstream Jade

How to set up block stream Jade with Green with Jade's ability to use Bluetooth or USBC Jade is the easiest Way to secure your Bitcoin using a Hardware Wallet tap use Hardware device Read the modules the modules explain how Jade is a specialized device designed Solely to protect your Bitcoin Tap connect J Power up your Jade and select initialize Create a new wallet for a simple setup Click 12 words safely record your Recovery phrase your recovery phrase is Your wallet if you lose access to your Jade your recovery phrase will allow you To recover your Bitcoin Block stream Jade will test if you Recorded your recovery phrase down Correctly properly confirm your recovery Phrase Choose your connection method to pair Jade iOS devices support Jade via Bluetooth while Android users can use Bluetooth or plug-in Jade via USB tap Continue to create a new PIN Confirm your PIN entry In blackstream green create a new Account congratulations you are now able To receive and send Bitcoin using your Block stream Jade and green Subscribe to the blockstream YouTube Channel for more helpful tips on Everything blocks tree [Music]

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