How to Set Up a Lightning Wallet in Blockstream Green

Now that we understand how green light Works and some of the perks of running Lightning using green light let's head Over to blockstream Green which has now Integrated non custodia lightning wallet Into its offering with the green light Service I'll first demo how to create a Lightning wallet in green then I'll top Up the wallet with SATs from the main Chain and then I'll show the wallet in Action by using it to zap a friend on Noster in order to set up our first Lightning wallet on green we're first Going to need to open up the green app From here I'm going to go into an old uh Onchain Bitcoin wallet to Showcase that I can create a lightning wallet within a An already created wallet so as you Could see you could see some old Transactions within this onchain Bitcoin Wallet in order to make a lightning Wallet I'm going to go to the settings And pre press create account and I'm Going to press lightning from here it's Just telling us that it's an Experimental feature and I'm all right With that so I'm going to press Okay from here I'm going to just be Waiting a couple seconds for green to Create my new lightning uh Account my new lightning account has Been created and you can see that Populate within green so from here I'm Going to go to the account and I'm going

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To press receive I'm going to be sending Onchain Bitcoin STS to this wallet in The back end it will transfer these Onchain SATs into lightning SATs so I'm Going to copy that onchain address and Now from here I'm going to go over to Strike and I'm going to send over all of The funds I have in my wallet here which Is $10 I'm going to press send and I'm Going click Bitcoin wallet and I'm going To paste in my onchain Address from here I'm going to be Sending all $10 and because I'm in no Rush I'm just going to do the no fee as We can see my account my lightning Account now has the SATs that we were Waiting to receive so with that I'm Going to send my good friend uh some Lightning STS on Noster so I'm in order To do that I've searched his name and I'm going to go over to the zap function And I'm just going to say hi I'm going To going to send him a th SATs and I'm Going to press zap user from there I'm Going to copy the invoice and I'm then Going to go back to green and I'm going To press send from there I'm going to Input the uh lightning address into the Invoice as you could see it brings up The, sets and it shows us the available Balance we're able to send and Everything works there so I'm going to Send the STS from here we're going to

Wait a couple seconds for green to do Its work behind the scenes with green Light and from there we should get a Confirmed transaction sent and as you Could see the Thousand SATs have been Sent from our wallet to our good friend On Noster so nice Job

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