How To Mine Spacemesh

What's up Sons it's blindroid with son Of attack once again and today I have Yet another how to Video yes it's been a while since we've Done a how-to video and today we're just Gonna really quickly hop in and show you Guys how to get started smashing Smashing is the process of essentially Preparing a hard drive to mine a new Cryptocurrency called space mesh and This one is launched today you can start Meshing and get ready to mine for the Next Epoch right now let's go ahead and Hop into it foreign [Music] Welcome back everybody so the coin we Are talking about today is going to be Space mesh and this one is kind of Coming onto the scene extremely well Prepared not only with potential Exchange opportunities right off the bat But a true release of no pre-mine in This particular case it is targeted Towards Gamers and home miners Specifically it is made to be utilized Extremely simply and I have run it Through all of the virus total tests and Etc to make sure that it is functioning Properly if you do want to get into more Complicated smashing setups and Tutorials let me know in the comment Section below this one is going to be Done on a gaming rig this gaming rig I Just recently built for quakecon and I'm

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Out at quakecon right now as we speak And I will be doing a quakecon meetup on Saturday so if you're in the Dallas area Check that out and the link will be in The description below so I'm super Excited about this one just from the Perspective of doing it while I'm out at A gaming convention and it is for Basically rigs to be set up really Really simply so let's go ahead and hop Into it so this is my new rig I have Built up and I will probably be doing Some testing over on locals as well as Playing games on it if you're interested In that this is face mesh in and of Itself and it's pretty straightforward As far as the website goes go do your Own research we're gonna primarily just Cover getting in and going at it as far As getting this set up so you can start Smashing right now there is no pre-mind The Genesis block ended at 8 A.M on April 11th and that is when everything Comes into all of circulation so it'll Probably be a little bit for all of the Circulation to begin before we start to See any uh exchanges have it on there But there are exchanges already planned Now the website's pretty simple you can Check it out down in the description Below and you can go ahead and click the Join Network button and you will come to A page that says start smashing right Here you can see that we do have a

Windows option a Mac OS option Mac OS Arm for the new Macbook M1 chips and Linux today we're going to be covering The windows install and so we will click It and then it will pop up and have us Save it we're going to go ahead and save It to the downloads folder here and then We will be ready to get smashing Theoretically first we need to prep a Drive so what I've done is I've Installed a 500 gigabyte SSD and this is Where things can get a little bit Complicated epochs run in blocks of 12 Hours to be included in the next Epoch You need to have your smashing done Within that 12 hour window this is part Of the reason why it leans itself to Smaller computer sizes smaller hard Drive sizes but people are getting Around this right now by utilizing Multi-gpu rigs Etc we'll go over that in Another video this means though that you Need a minimum of a hundred gigabytes or 100 megabytes per second read and write To go ahead and support this and you Will want to have a GPU in the rig as Well to basically get smashing what this Means of course is the better GPU you Have the faster you can smash a drive And the faster you can or the more drive Space you can allocate to the mining on A particular setup so or mining on the Network right so these are all kind of The caveats what I have done so far is

Like 30 90 with 500 gigabytes on an Nvme drive that mapped really quickly And then I am I'm currently actually Running a six terabyte plot with a few 30 90s once again we'll go over that in Another video and the more data that you Have smashed the faster you're going to Earn however because of the block Rewards being much higher right now get Whatever you can smashed as quickly as Possible first and then worry about Getting the larger smashing done later On down the line because frankly the Fact is the more of the large block Rewards you can get even with smaller Hard drive space the better you're going To be off in the future alright so the Next thing that we really have to do Here is go ahead and configure the new Drive so I'm just going to go over that With you guys in Windows because I think That some people may not be aware of how To do this and I think you'll just make Things a lot easier so we're going to go Ahead and go into our search box and Look for partitions create and format Hard disk partitions we're going to go Ahead and get that opened up and you can See here that I have my new Drive 465 Terabytes so I'm going to go ahead and Right click that and say new simple Volume and then next I want to use the Entire space and I'm going to go ahead And assign it s for space mesh and then

We are going to just name this space Mesh you can also do SMH or however you Want to name it and then we're going to Quick format and finish that up now this Is a typical SATA SSD so we're going to Get 500 gigabytes reading right the or The GPU in this rig is only a 40 60 ti So it's not going to smash extremely Quickly and I do want to get it done Before the Genesis block is complete on The 11th it is August 8th right now so We're going to go ahead and play with This I'll show you guys a couple things That could possibly you know give you an Idea of how quickly it's going to mesh And so to do that we're going to go Ahead and run that executable that we Picked up earlier so I'm just going to The downloads folder and click it and Then we will get the installation Options ready to go we're going to click Next we are going to just incl install It on our C drive and then we're going To click run at this point the app is up And running we will need to set up our Wallet if you already have a wallet you Can opening the existing wallet and that Will allow you to have the same wallet Across multiple rigs if that is your Intention for today's sample we're just Going to go ahead and show you guys how To create a new wallet we are going to Do the wallet and the node to set up With smashing and then we're going to

Just select a standard wallet there is An option for a ledger device I don't Use Ledger devices but I probably should Pick one up for some tutorials if you're Interested in that let me know in the Comments section and then we're just Going to select the main Network make Sure there's not a test net or something That you're accidentally connected to And click next we'll enter a password And then we will name this tutorial and Click next at this point we will have All of our words you can print them or Copy them I like to just copy them and Open up a notepad here we'll paste them Into our notepad we can kind of Reposition these hopefully into some Form or fashion here boom all right so Now we have our words up here just make Sure you save this to a secure location Don't save it on the machine that you Are running it on so for example you Know use an encrypted USB drive or use Something like nordlocker Etc and I will Just save it as SMH and my documents Here for now so at this point we can go Ahead and click next and it will just Have us select four of the letters to Confirm what we've recorded it so for Example here envelope goes into seven Ford goes into nine the tray goes into Eight and awesome goes into five and Then we click done and then we click go To wallet so now we have our wallet set

Up all we want to do now is get into Smashing so we're going to go ahead and Click the Smashing button in the top Right and then click the setup proof of Space it will automatically set it to Your C drive for users we're going to Change that so we're going to click in We're going to click this PC we're going To select the drive that we set up Earlier and we're going to click create New folder and just name this space mesh Or we could do Smh01 that away we're kind of naming it In case we wanted to do other plots or Other smashes yes plots coming from Chia There in my head there's 465 gigabytes Of free space I recommend leaving like 20 free space on the drive just to not Overwhelmed especially with flash memory And that because that can reduce your Life we're going to go ahead and click Next and this is The Benchmark mode and What it is going to do is go through the Benchmarks and let you know essentially Which ones are going to be the quickest But the Benchmark only works for CPU We're going to be utilizing a GPU in This particular option so uh it's the Benchmark's not that great right we can Say test the chosen options it'll run The test it'll give us the speed the Recommended plot size based on how Quickly you want to complete Etc right So this says uh you could do 14.5

Terabytes or whatnot we can run all Benchmarks it'll go through all the rest Of them if we want to see all of them And as you can see here it uses one or One or one with 16 nonses one with 64 Ounces eight CPUs with 128 knotses and 15 CPU threads with 288 nonsense the Only thing that can really help you out Here is the amount of nonses and hard Drive speed as it goes through and tests Them and basically the gigabytes per Second for the read and write speed Which obviously here is like 470 490 megabytes per second and so the Fastest one would be here theoretically So we would click that to select it and Then click next so at this point we're Going to go ahead and set up the amount Of space we want to utilize this is a Little bit different because you do have To consider the fact that this is going To calculate out by the units let's go Ahead and do 100 maybe it's going to Change a little bit okay yeah 64 Gigabytes times 100 would be 625. so if We wanted to figure out like 400 and Let's just do a calculator here let's do 465 times 0 0 0.8 for our 80 percent we Were going to use 372. we're going to Divide that by 64 and that will equal 5.8 and we'll just go ahead and do 6 and Round it up a little bit that gives us 384 gigabytes for this particular smash It'll tell us that we have enough free

Space and we're going to click next now This is where you can see the difference In speeds between the GPU which is a Hundred and one thousand four hundred And five hashes per second versus a 5800 X which is only 7797 hashes per second this is why the Benchmark's a little funny really what You're looking for there is the read and Write speeds for that Benchmark over Anything else right so that's going to Depend on if you're utilizing an nvme Over an m.2 slot or a SATA over a SATA Slot or you're utilizing some sort of Raid configuration or you're utilizing a Traditional hard drive over SATA all Those things are going to affect that so Obviously we want to do as quickly as Possible so we're going to select the GPU and click next at this point it will Say go ahead and populate your address Here and it should just pick your main Account for you if you created other Accounts you can utilize those and at That point you'll click next it'll give You all of the information make sure That your data directory is right make Sure your data size is not over what's Available on your space and then make Sure you have your GPU selected and Click create data now you will utilize Quite a bit of power as well as quite a Bit of heat output on these it does take A lot of work on these gpus so just keep

That in mind it will make your your Temperatures in your gaming room Etc Extremely hot and while it smashes and Your goal really is to take the next Epoch and try to get smashed before this Epoch takes place right so that's really What you're looking for at the end of The day and then you will basically Begin to get your Smashes in and get Going so there you have it there's how You can get started smashing it's what We've been talking about over on locals At son of a for quite Some time we started smashing during the Genesis block but I didn't want to Release that until everything looked Pretty much on the up and up and ready To go so it's out you guys are aware of It now that is smashing and I'm super Excited to see how this project plays Out if you would like to check out my Crypto mining e-course you can get a Free month of locals by going to son of A and purchasing it over there I hope you enjoyed this video let me Know what you think of space match down In the comment section below and we will Be covering it on this channel along With all the other coins that we cover All the time on our new show called Blocks be sure to hit the like comment Subscribe and I'll see you next Tuesday

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