How To Mine Kaspa with S19

Did you buy a bunch of S9s with your Caspa and now you feel Like you're missing out and want to fomo Back into Caspa no worries you can mine Caspa with your Asic Shaw 256 miners Let's go ahead and get into it right After a word from today's sponsor Today's sponsor is BT miners BT miners Has been a longtime sponsor of the Channel and a proven reliable source for Asic miners if you are looking to Purchase as6 Hardware from Bitcoin to Dogecoin miners they are available for Purchase on bt- BT miners has Recently launched an app on IOS and Android that let you browse their Inventory by profitability and return on Investment follow the affiliate Link in The description and use promo code s o a For a discount welcome back everybody as You know I went ahead and purchased a Bunch of s9s a little while back with my Profits from Caspa and that was from my GTX 1063 gabit rig and I have or Gigabyte I should say and I have a bunch Of these and I was like hey we could Still earn some Caspa if I wanted to With unminable you can check the link Down in the description below and it's Pretty simple if you go to this particular case and then We're going to filter by hardware and Once we're on Asic we can select you Know a few different types of as6

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There's equihash script in in our Particular case with an s19 Shaw 256 They even have a pretty cool calculator Here if I go back and I look at my Average hash rate for a little while It's 74 t terahash a second and I can go Over here and type in the 74 ter a Second and it'll tell me how much cast ASP per day i' would be making in this Particular case it says about 41 Caspa Per day the next thing I need to do is Get my Caspa address so you can paste That Caspa address here in your case you Could have it on a tangent wallet I do It with a node in my particular case as You guys are aware I'll use my Caspa Address that is commonly utilized for All the YouTube stuff and you can always Track and see how the progress is going In this particular case Okie doie so First things first we're going to go Over to our ant Miner and head on over To our settings page and then we are Going to paste in our Caspa address Right here as opposed to the Bitcoin Address that we currently have in there And then you can see that we did so S907 so it will basically go ahead and Name it that then we need to go back to Unminable and we need to get our address We're going to use the global one and You can see here that Shaw 256 unminable And then we have our SSL ports and our TCP ports so if we want to basically do

This we're going to be on the TCP Port So we're going to go ahead and paste the Address in and then for the ports we're Going to want to go ahead and use TCP Ports we'll go ahead and use 3333 click it to copy it paste it into Here and it should look something like This for your pool once that is Completed we can go ahead and click save To apply and then we can go ahead and Copy our address out again we can look It up and copy we can paste our C Caspa Address into this section right here and Click the search button and then Eventually we will begin to see exactly What all of the specification are and What our balances Etc now another thing That we can do here if you guys want to Support the channel is there is a Referral option so if I put the referral In here then we would have the referral Code to add the referral code you can do That and help support the channel by Going back and as you can see from the Main page here you would just add the Hashtag at the end of your worker and And then add in the referral code that I Will paste down below so it would be Just the hashtag and then the referral Code here click save and then you are Utilizing the referral code now you can Do this with any cryptocurrency that you Are interested in hodling this can be Extremely useful if you are a

Cryptocurrency miner that is restricted Via geographical locations to trade Certain cryptocurrencies it does work With now Nexa as well so if you're Interested in doing that you can do Nexa You can also do this with gpus if you're Interested in the unminable tutorials There are a ton running around out there I thought it would be funny to show you Guys how to mine caspo with a an s19 and I think it is funny and we will be Following up of course with reviews of The Caspa ks0 Pro and yes I'm back into Caspa and able to mine it thanks to that So I am appreciative of ice River for Sending over that's pretty cool and I am Looking forward to this new Bull Run be Sure to check out my crypto mining Ecourse at son or join me over at Locals and help support me over there For $5 a month at sonof a.l.c.

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