How to Mine Factorn

What's up Sons it's blind rod with son Tech once again and today I'm going to Show you how to set up and configure a Fact torn node for mining fact in this Particular case it will require that you Build a node and that you solo mine and A big disclaimer here due to the Difficulty on the network it is a race To finish a factoring math problem this Means that you need a pretty hefty CPU Or in some cases what you could do is a Server with multiple sockets it's really Up to you but just a heads up if you're Just even trying to do this on like a 7950 x a top-of-the-line desktop Processor you're probably not going to Be successful however why is Factor such A big deal well they are the recipients Of the crypto Community Fund Grant and This means that they did win this Grant From coinbase themselves which is a big Deal and in particular the big thing Surrounding this as far as why you Should be interested outside of coinbase Backing it is that it introduces a new Blockchain with proof of work securing Transactions just like Bitcoin but Replacing the work component by Factoring integers instead of hashing in Addition one more new idea is introduced To the blockchain space a Deadpool for The proof of work the factor for Blockchain's development has been funded In its entirety by coinbase through

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Their 2021 crypto Community Fund program Now the main chain is online now and That is why we're bringing this up I Will leave sources down below for you to Go to their GitHub for example and pick Up all of the commands in addition to That I have an article with a guide Covering it from the perspective of a Written guide if you want to go copy the Commands out of there you will need to Be a supporter over on locals to do that Links will be down below but let's go Ahead and without further Ado hop right Into [Music] It so I have a VM just running here to Go through the process with you guys and It will be pretty straightforward I just Want to make sure you guys understand That this particular VM only has eight Co It's not going to solve this in time but I can give you guys an idea of how to Get it configured the first step of Course is going to make sure that you Have your packages and everything up to Date we'll be utilizing Ubuntu version 22.041 in this particular case but just A quick note it is only verified for Auntu version 20.04 so if you want to be Safe install that version if you are new To Linux please check out my Linux Guides first before getting into this so You understand some of the basics as far

As navigating the command line Etc Before hopping in okay so you can see Here that I'm logged into my console I'm Going to do a clear command just to make This as easy as possible and this will Function with tour from my understanding Tour is not necessarily required for This but if you want the steps on how to Utilize and configure tour for this Particular setup you can do that over on My locals page today we're not going to Be covering the tour setup for this Particular portion you also do not need To build any dependencies you can Download the binaries directly and get Them installed so that makes that easier You can also run any of the APT update Commands Etc if you need to patch your System before continuing that being said Today we're going to go ahead and move Forward and we will be installing this In root so to get to root we're just Going to do pseudo suit and type in our Username and password or password for The username and then we are in our root Directory so we can always see what our Or not our root directory but our home Directory for that user you can always Type in PWD to see that you can see We're in home doson I want to go to the Root home directory so I'm going to do Change directory or CD and Tilda now if I do a PWD you'll see we're in for sl. Root we can do an LL and see what is

Already here you can see that we've done The guide for Caspa already on this Particular system I'm going to go ahead And run another clear to clear out the Screen so the next step here is going to Be downloading and grabbing the binaries For Factor we're going to run a w get Command and pull the latest release from The factor GitHub and you can get this Command once again from the locals press Enter and you can see that we'll Download it we'll do an LL command and What you will see here is that we now Have this Factor file here in a tar.gz We'll need to go ahead and unpack that Particular setup and the easiest way to Do this is if we do a real quick clear So you can see the whole page and we'll Do an LL to see show this again what I Like to do is obviously we're going to Use the tar command we're going to do Xzf for the variables and then you can Just highlight if you're in putty and Right click that tar file so you get the Name exact right and you don't have to Go you know type it out manually or Anything the other way to do this of Course is to start typing like let's say We do fct and press Tab and it will Complete for that file name so now we Have that file uh in here we have the Tar command ready for it we're going to Go ahead and press enter and then we'll Do an LL command to confirm that we now

Have this folder here this Factor folder That will have the binaries in it now What I'm going to do is I'm going to Create a screen this is just the easiest Way so everybody has a good visual of it But in for more advanced users Definitely check out the later running Binaries as a service which I can do in Another video if you're interested let Me know in the comment section below I'm Going to go ahead and do a clear and We're going to type in Screen- capital S and we're going to Name this fact torn with a zero right so A a zero instead of an O and then we're Going to press enter and now we're in a New screen to leave the screen we can Press contrl a d and to reattach to the Screen we can do screen- list it'll show Us that we have this screen running in The background so we can do a screen Dasr lowercase and type out the fact Actually fact torn here with the zero And the N like we had and we will Reattach to the screen that's how to get In and out of the screens just so that You are aware at this point we want to Run an LL command and we want to change Directory the CD command into this fact Torn folder so we're going to highlight It right click and press enter at this Point we can run another LL command just To basically see where we're at in here And you can see that we don't have the

Binaries in this actual folder we need To go one further into the bin folder so We'll do change directory bin LL and These are the binaries and you can see That they're yellow that yellow or green I'm a little color blind uh but I think It's yellow in this my particular case That means that these files in Particular are going to be executable so You have the command line interface you Have the node which is the factor D we Have the transactions utility wallet and Of course the test if we need all that And we're going to go ahead and type Clear in so we can be ready to go at This point what we are going to do is Start the node so to start the node once Again we'll do an LL we the node like I Said is going to be this Factor D so We're going to do the period and forward Slash we're going to highlight the Factor d right click that'll fill that Out for us and we'll press enter it'll Start running the node but the node is Not configured at this particular time For mining so while it has started Mining we do need to go make some other Adjustments the thing here is that you Can see that there's some missing or Invalid files in the factor or do Factor Piers and it should start building these Out so we're going to do a control a d And an LL and you can see here that we Have a new folder now I did crol a d to

Exit that screen so the node is still Running but we need to configure some More stuff in the direct the fact torn Directory so we're going to change Directory into there highlight it once Again and right click press enter I'll Run an LL and you can see that we have a Few different files here but the file That we need to do is we need to create A configuration file so to create that Configuration file in this directory That we're now in we're going to do Nano Because that's the easiest text editor But I would highly recommend learning V For more advanced users we're going to Go ahead and create a new file named Factor. comp and this is actually going To be an O lowercase not a zero in this Particular case the zero is just for the Screen that we created to make it easy Going press enter and in here we need to Configure our RP PC username and Password so it'll look like this and You'll type in your username and the RPC Password this will be required for Mining in this particular case we're Just going to go ahead and do the RPC User sun and the RPC username see you Next Tuesday just to make things easy But please set a more secure version for Your particular setup so we'll do see You next Tuesday easy for me to remember For this guide press control X press y To save press enter we'll run an LL

Command and confirm that we have our Configuration file here so we are good To go as far as that is concerned now I'm going to do change directory dot dot To go up one level and that'll put us Back at this primary level I'm going to Go ahead and do a clear and what I want To do now is reattach to that fact torn Screen so remember we can do screen- List see all the screens that are Running and I want to reattach to the Fact torn screen that we created earlier Oops did that incorrectly let's see Screen list yeah we didn't do the Lowercase R there we go fact torn even I Make mistakes lowercase R press enter Now we're reconnected what we want to do Here now is we want to redo essentially The the node so that it is ready for Mining so we're going to go ahead and do A contrl c and then we're just going to Restart that entire process so we're Going to go ahead and rerun it by typing Up if we go up it'll give us the last Command and give us that factor D you Can see here and press enter it'll start Running it and we'll be good to go now You will have to wait like always for These to go ahead and sync it can take Some time but once you have it synced up And ready to go you can move on from There you can see there's an opus key That is stored in there you can set that All up if you like on once again with

That tour in the from the locals we're Going to do contrl a d and leave that Alone and now we're going to configure Our wallet so we're going to want to go Back into our bin folder so we're going To go here and then the for SL bin and Press enter now if we do LL you can see Here that we have all of our binaries in This particular setup we're going to Start with the factor wallet so we will Do the dot and for slash highlight the Wallet rightclick and we need to create A m a mining wallet in this particular Case so we're going to do Dash wallet Equals this is naming the wallet I'm Going to name it Mining and then Descriptors and then create and at this Point I will press enter and it will Create the wallet for me so at this Point what I need to do is load the Wallet into the CLI you can see up here That we have this CLI uh executable so We're going to do the Slash and then just highlight that CLI And right click so that it goes into There and we're going to say load wallet And remember we named it mining so we're Going to put mining in here press enter We got an error code and I think that's Because we're still waiting to load it Yeah we might have to wait a little bit Longer all right we had to wait just a Tad longer there but you can see now That we do have that wallet loaded and

Is named mining so at this point we want To get the new address I'm going to do a Clear tap up twice to get our CLI and Instead of load wallet we're going to Say get new address press enter and this Will be the address that we will want to Save for later for mining you can just Open up a notepad and paste that over Into your notepad for reference later The other thing that we're going to need To do is get the address info so we're Going to go ahead and do the factor CLI And we're going to say get Address info and we're going to Basically highlight the address we got Earlier rightclick and it will put it in There for us and press enter from here The information that we need is going to Be in particular the script Pub Key and This will be needed for the minor you Can see here script Pub Key is what we Want we just want to highlight this when You highlight it in putty it Automatically copies it so then you can Go to a notepad and write right click And paste it into the notepad and save This script Pub key for later so the Next thing that we need to do is build The miner now I don't want to build the Minor in the binaries folder so I'm Going to go ahead and change directory Tilda to go back to the root folder and We are going to clone the factoring GitHub which is the minor for this

Particular setup let me clear here right Click and you can see that we have our Factoring in we're going to press enter And it will clone factoring we can do LL To confirm that it cloned that factoring Folder into here and then at this point We're just going to change directory Into it we can do a CD command highlight Rightclick enter we are into the Factoring folder and we're going to Utilize Docker in this particular case To begin building the actual minor so This will actually use another Application called docker now for Docker You will need to install it if you do Not already have it installed uh you can Check that out in a different video if You need but for this particular case All I have it installed already I'm just Going to do Docker build dasht and then Factor uncore Mining and then a period Space period and then I will do enter And we will build out that in particular This can take a little bit of time just Give it a little bit and then once it's Complete you can come back to the video And move on now that that is complete we Can start mining so we are going to go Ahead and start a screen for the miner I'll do the screen- capital S and then We could just name it minor and press Enter and at this point we need to Modify essentially a Docker gript or Docker run in particular we need to do

Things like on this first line where it Says Docker run and then the script Pub Key remember the pub key that we ended Up grabbing earlier we're going to go Ahead and paste that here so you'll go To your notepad grab the public key that You saved earlier copy it right click Into putty to paste it and that will go There then you'll need to put in your Rpc's username remember in this Particular case we just made it sun and The password which we made see you next Tuesday so we're just going to go ahead And put in see you next Tuesday here Then finally we need to set our threads You can check the amount of threads by Running htop on your system you can see Here we have eight threads we'll do F10 To quit clear this out go back to my Command and we will need to set set the Commands the yafu threads here to Basically seven because it'll be the max Amount of cores we have minus one and Our La threads to the same thing to S And at this point we are ready to run The command we'll press enter it'll go Through our primes and it'll go through A couple more setups and then I'll go Ahead and talk a little bit about the Final kind of r that it begins to do and Whether or not you'll find a block which I think I have figured out but I'm not Completely positive definitely check out The links to their Discord and go ahead

And hop on over to there if you are Wanting more information on it okay so Here is essentially where it has begun To make sure that it is functioning Properly the thing that you want to see Is essentially this number of 301 or Whatever it is in the particular setup Going from 2 two to three to four and so On and that the factors are actually Solved here if there's nothing in this Output for factors you are not Successfully mining now like I said the Competition is extremely high so in this Particular case it will probably never Solve this in time to actually solve a Block with my only seven or eight Threads and that is just going to be the Way that it is to leave the screen of Course you can do control plus a plus d To get out of it and then you can leave Your system running and you can check Back later you can go to their block Explorer to also basically put in the Address that we copied down earlier and See what your balance is from that Perspective if you need help with the Wallet commands they are similar to Pretty much every other wallet commands From a CLI perspective across the board But if you'd like a guide specifically On that let me know down in the comment Section below I am pretty exced excited To see where this project heads to in The future it is already listed on ZX

For purchase if you wanted to invest Into it of course not Financial advice If you don't have a CPU though that can Basically uh solve it and you can't mine It you can always go purchase it instead If you think that you know this project In particular is going to head somewhere In the future once there are pools and Different mining options and additional Miners available and once it moves into GPU mining of course I will update you Guys as necessary you can check all the References down in the description below And thanks for watching don't forget if You would like to check out the written Guide for this you can go to son of. where you can become a Supporter for $5 a month or $50 a year In addition you can get a free month of Supporter status on locals with the Purchase of my Crypt mining ecourse at Sonof Thanks for watching and I will see you Next Tuesday

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