How to Mine Dynex Coin | DNX on HiveOS

Bam what's up Sons it's blindroid with Son of a tech once again today we're Going to show you how to mine dinex the Ticker for this particular coin is DNX And he is showing most profitable on now if you guys have not Heard of yet well it is a Newer basically what to Mine that has Been listing coins more frequently or Quickly than you see on what's mine and This is because it is integrated with Exchanges that aren't typically included In most mining calculators like of Course what to mine or that sort of thing so you Get newer GPU coins you get newer Asic Coins you get newer fpga coins here and That is because like I said it is Integrated with some exchanges that Aren't as popular such as but not Limited to TX bit dot IO as well as Trade ogre so that's why you're seeing Things like Nexa pop up here first and DNX pop-up here first is because they Are just ahead of the game on Profitability now obviously me giving This to everyone here that's watching Does mean that this website will become More popular and that does mean that as More people discover this website the Coins that are listed on here will Suffer the the same consequences as the Coins they get listed on what to mine as Well as minor stat meaning that you'll

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Need to dig even deeper into the Discords and subreddits and everything Else to find those gems that nobody is Mining I'm sorry guys it is what it is I Like to share the wealth so that's what We're doing today so like I said what We're looking at in particular is this DNX coin and basically I'm just going to Show you guys how to mine it what does That mean I do not condone this coin I Do not say that you should purchase it Or that it is the bee's knees or Anything like that I just know that Currently it's showing on profit Calculators as the most profitable so We're going to cover it Save all the rest as far as opinions What the coin does all that stuff for a WTF is video and we'll get that later on Down the line okay so moving on from There you will need to get a wallet I Highly recommend not using this Particular wallet but we are going to be Using it for the how too the wallet that I recommend using would be the command Line wallet which is what I'm using but That being said it is much more Difficult to set up and you'll need to Sync a node and so on so if you're just Trying to get set up right now you can Create a wallet on this particular Website the downside as you can see Right here Bing Bang Boom the email Address look I do know as you guys know

That we can always just create spoof Email addresses which is what I would Advise you guys to do here that being Said any kyc is a red flag with any Cryptocurrency but we'll save that for a WTF is later on down the line so to Create a wallet in this particular case You will have to basically have an email Address tied to it so you can click Create a wallet and then you can type in Your email address and a password and Then just click the create wallet button At this point it will spin it up and get It going and then you can go ahead and Sign in from there with your information Now you see that there is a 2fa option Here I highly recommend you configure 2fa you can configure it on this button Here with the configure 2fa option if You would like to download a Google Play Or an app one I still wouldn't click it Through the website I would go download Your own two-factor authentication Outside of this never use hyperlinks to Get it through any website you shouldn't Trust it it's not a good idea however You will want to confirm you know your Key here and you can do this with an Application as well called authy which I Prefer you can do that on your your Desktop we'll leave a link to it down Below so get 2fa enabled but for now all You really need to do is hit this Receive button and click this copy

Button and this will be your address for Your Dynex wallet and from here we can Go ahead and move into the mining Portion and so for the mining portion We're going to head on over to Hive and We'll show you guys how to mine it on Hive we're not going to be covering Windows today and that is because a Majority of you as you may be aware are Probably already on hive and they have Released a hive package now the high Package is not built into the hive OS Right now so that does mean that we will Have to use a custom Miner and I'll show You guys how to set that up so if we go Back over here and take a look I'm going To go just to the main page and we're Going to hit wallets first and from Wallets you're going to go ahead and Click the add wallet button and in the Ticker you can just Climb on down for DNX and search for it It'll be there already you can press Ctrl V from the address we copied Earlier you can name this like DNX web Wallet or whatever just make sure you Know what it is and click the save Button then from here we're going to go Ahead and take a move on over to the Flight sheet Tab and on the flight sheet Tab we're going to go ahead and click The the coin ticker down and search for DNX once again On the wallet we're going to select the

Wallet that we just created and then on The pool we will say configure in Miner Now here's where things get fun we have To select the miner and then go down to Custom Miner all right and then from Here we're going to click the setup Minor config okay so down in the Description below I will have a little Link for you guys that you will need to Copy out of and paste into here this in Particular is on the Dynex GitHub and it Is the hive image for the miner this Will not work in a non-hive image There's a Ubuntu image that's completely Separate don't try to use the Ubuntu Image in this particular form or fashion Of mining on Highway s would it work in Hive OS theoretically yes but you need To do it through the command line and so To do it through the actual custom Configuration you need this particular Image and it's going to give you all the Stats that you're kind of looking for From there you're going to go ahead and Highlight over here and just click the Wallet and worker name but we're going To copy the worker name out and we're Going to remove the dot there and we're Going to paste the worker name down in The password so this will make sure that It takes the wallet name from the Configuration and it takes the worker Name from the worker name that you Actually have and then that will report

The right rigs within the mining pool For of this setup now the only us server Right now is Echo pool and in particular I have had some rejected shares it Starts to kind of stable out over time And then if I make a configuration Change and push everything right away It'll start to report some invalid Shares I'll get the little down red Arrow on my hive OS reporting and then It'll come back up and it'll start Working okay there is an option to build A node I will probably be building a Node in mining solo low to my node However there are also other mining pool Options you can always use the stratum Ping pool like we've talked about on This channel before from the two miners Website to check the Ping or for the Best ping for any of these pools and you Can find the pools listed on forward slash Dynexcoin and as you can see they're all Listed here however if you're Stateside The only real option right now is Echopool so just keep that in mind and Echo pool does seem to have a little bit More Um kind of bouncing this to its Connectivity I think that it's Definitely getting overloaded right now So I am a little worried that if we do Add a bunch of people onto it it might Have experience issues that's why I'm

Going to start building my node just Keep an eye on it it could have some Issues it does seem to be not extremely Reliable right now that being said at This point you are ready to go you could Do some extra argument configs and we'll Go ahead and do those I'll show you what They are because this is a CPU minable Coin so I am going to recommend that you Use the no CPU extra argument you use The multi-gpu so that it uses all the Gpus in the system and that you use the Sync option and then the malib endpoint And then you put that endpoint right Here for the echo pool so all of that Here is what I would recommend this Comes directly from the guide that was Provided by the pool devs in their Discord Channel which I'll leave a a Link to all the links here down in the Description below for you so you can go Ahead and click apply and then at this Point it is as simple as just going to One of your rigs you can see here we're Already Mining and then you know Highlighting you can go up to your Flight sheet do more coins click DNX and Then at that point you can just select The DNX Flightsheet and it'll be Off to the Races so at this point you can see here That we have pretty much everything Mining it's showing at 3.276 kilohash a Second I did add on more rigs we'll talk

About that too and that is at about 9.277 kilowatt hours now this is not Profitable in my farm to be clear right Now and there's probably some tweaking And tuning not probably they're Definitely some tweaking and tuning but As you guys know on this channel we Cover the tweaking and tuning in a Completely different video so I have not Gotten to the tune everything I've only Gotten to the how to but as a little Added bonus here before we get let you Guys go you got the how-to done you got It figured out the last step of course To that would be taking your wallet Address coming to the worker statistics Pasting it in here and doing the look up Button and then you'll get all of your Data and you can see here we have all The rigs listed out individually we're Showing 3.41 kilohash a second on the Pool and I was only mining with like 2.26 kilohash a second earlier today and We'll let this kind of settle out and Start to see what the real payout is Here but other than that like you're Gonna get it into your wallet and then If you want to exchange it there are two Exchanges right now there's a usdt pair On and I'll leave a link for Them down below right now it's at 13 Cents per Dynex and then there is a Bitcoin pairing on or dot Or I got that correctly at 12

Cents uh per coin so this is pretty much Where you're at right you got two Exchanges which is pretty good so far as Far as exchange availability you got a Mining pool that is working that could Probably use a little bit of work Hopefully they'll be good as we scale Them up let's see if we break it boys We'll find out and as far as the fun Part to get some numbers This is a very interesting algorithm Because this algorithm in particular Really cares about one thing and it's One thing that no other algorithms ever Cared about as far as like from a mining Performance hash rate amount perspective Now other algorithms have cared about This but it's about the size of the dag This is a completely different setup and It's because it is their own algo and Obviously they have their own minor and There's no other miners like bz minor or Anything supporting it yet bz will Probably be the first I I'll take that By the way but if you are one curious What it is is it is all based off of the Total amount of vram Now vram speed does Appear to count here uh a power Consumption is very low on this Algorithm and other than that really the Overclocks little few overclocks I did Didn't appear to make much of a Difference and setting like your power

Limits doesn't make much of a difference It all appears to be purely about the Amount of vram on the cards now there is An advantage for gddr6x over gddr6 and There appears to be a slight advantage Of course for gddr6 over gddr5 but not By that much and you'll start to see That here as we go through these because As you can see the G the GTX 1660 supers With the six gigabytes of vram is doing About 47 Hash a second And in the minor it'll show about 50 Hash a second they'll calm back down There is a little bit of boost that you Can get but we'll talk about that in the Tuning video and then if we move on to Our GTX 1060s this is where it gets Interesting the 1063 gig which is half Of what the 1660 supers has is at 22 but You'll also notice that our power was Almost cut in half too at 27 watts and If we go to the six gigabyte version Right the p10690s that we have here they Actually get the same amount of hash Rate as the 1660 supers Pretty crazy and you'll see this trend Continue right if we go to the light Hash rate rig we have the 30 60 with 12 Gigabytes of memory doing 93 Hash a Second But if we go to the GT or RTX 3080 with Only 10 gigabytes of memory We lose or it's actually performing Worse than the 3060 it's 78 Hash a

Second Then if we take a look at the 3070 TI With only eight gigabytes it goes down To 64. 30 70 62 30 60 TI 62 because we only Have that little bit of memory Pretty interesting Now if we go to Our random rig here we have the A2000 Six gigabytes sitting right around that 43 hash right 1066 gigabyte 46 1660 TI 47 666 oh here's one A4000 122 Hash a second why 16 gigabytes Of memory okay It pretty much scales exactly with Memory and the member and the power Appears to scale with that as well quite Closely which is very intriguing 3070s We already looked at those I do have a Couple in the 30 70 02 here that are Interesting for example the 12 gigabytes On the 2080 TI sitting around 84 right Not quite as good as the gddr6x right But still pretty good and then we got The 10 gigabyte on the 3080. 3050 light Hash rate right here RTX 3050 eight Gigabytes of memory 63 a second and 67 Watts We finally have a reason to buy 3050s if This was a bull run right but you also Have the potential here for the 30 80 12 Gigs to perform quite well right they'd Probably be around like the 100 so

There's there's a reason now for the RTX 3080 12 gigabyte and the RTX 3050s As well as of course those RTX 3060 12 Gigabytes as well which are very Enticing so it ended up being an Extremely interesting algorithm to play With and I definitely look forward to it The 3090s here with 24 gigabytes of Memory is using 104 or 194 half a second I think we could limit this power down a Little bit we'll start playing with it And let you guys know so there's a brief Look at what all of the gpus are doing Obviously the GTX 1063 gigabytes or I Mean six gigabytes excuse me look very Enticing as well as the 30 60 12 Gigabytes seem to be kind of like the Two extremely high performing low-cost Options for this particular algorithm as It sits right now of course once we get Unlocked over to the AMD side what Happens if we are able to throw 5700s on There what happens if we are able to Throw RX 580s and 480s on there it could Get very very exciting so I hope you Guys enjoyed this video and you learned Something if you did hit the like Comment subscribe down below I am Enjoying my new job I do realize we Don't have as many videos but you know The YouTubes ain't paying what they used To back in the bull run so it is what it Is I'll see you next Tuesday

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