How to Mine Alephium ALPH on Windows 11 and HiveOS

What's up Sons it's blindroid with son Of attack once again and today we're Going to be talking about how to mine Elysium the ticker is Alf a-l-p-h and it Is basically alive and well and runs on The Blake 3 algorithm a couple weeks ago Or even maybe a month at this point we Didn't interview with the primary Dev And talked about everything that makes a Lithium special so if that's what you Want to check out go do that this video Is just going to be the how to mine it And I have no opinions either way on if You should or shouldn't mine it it's Just so that you have this ready and Available because I have now completed Moving a lot of my rigs over to Elysium For all of the testing let's go ahead And hop into it after a word from Today's sponsor today's sponsor is Myself I recently launched a crypto Mining e-course at son of a and It includes nine steps to cover when you Decide to start your crypto mining Journey this is specifically pertaining To 22 23 crypto mining profits and Taking advantage of the DOW market to Achieve skyrocketing growth as we move Into the next having of Bitcoin you Learn buying mining equipment in a bear Market using outside investment to Speculative mine begin mining once Profit is established sell mine crypto To pay for electricity hold and prep for

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The Bull Run sell at the top of the bull Market sell mining equipment at the top Of the bull market and begin investing In land and power so that you can bring In outside investors to utilize excess Resources thanks everybody for your Support and I hope you enjoy the course Let me know what you think of it in the Comment section below alright welcome Back so first things first it's Important to just make sure that when You are going through the process of Mining a new coin that you go to the Correct web addresses and don't get Scammed this can be actually quite a bit More difficult then you may expect at First because in Google searches people Can create ads for whatever they want And it has been known especially most Recently on Caspa that there were some Malicious wallets that were basically on The top of the Google results as part of Ads that people were clicking and Creating and then losing their Caspa too So for elthium it's going to be a for the main website and the First thing that we're going to do of Course is install the desktop wallet but Before we do that we need to make some Modifications to Windows so let's go Ahead and minimize this and just like on Nexa and every other coin we're going to Right click and say new and folder we're Going to name this one alph and just

Have it on the desktop here you can put It wherever you like next we want to Leave the Windows Firewall in place so At this point we are just going to Basically add an exception for a lithium Into the virus and threat protection you Can search for virus and be able to pull That ride up and then under here you are Going to click the manage settings Button and then you will scroll down and Say add or remove exclusions and then Click yes and click add exclusion and Select folder at this point you're going To select the alpha folder and it will Be under exceptions it's important to Note once again that this isn't the Safest way to go ahead in mine on Windows 10 that is if you have any Information that stores passwords or you Know has any financial information on it Or anything like that basically just be Aware that having an exclusion and Leaving your antivirus in place doesn't Mean that you're still protected because You are allowing basically an unbridled Folder it's not being scanned for and For viruses and so I still recommend That if you are going to mine on Windows That you mine on a machine that doesn't Have any personal information or Financial information on it okay with The disclaimer out of the way let's go Ahead and continue on next thing that We're going to to do is download the

Wallet and you can get the wallet on Their GitHub and I will have a link down To it down below we're going to get the Executable and it will download up here Once it's downloaded we are just going To have to click the three ellipses Because it reads it as a virus and click Keep and we'll have to click show more And say keep anyways at this point it Will be downloaded and we'll need to Move it so we're going to open the Download right click and say cut and Then we are going to go to our desktop And go into the ALF folder and paste it Here now we're going to go ahead and run The application and the wallet will Launch from here we're going to go ahead And create a new wallet we'll name it Test or tutorial you can name it Whatever you like we'll enter a password And re-enter the password and then we Will click continue at this point you Will be presented with your secret Recovery phrase it's important that you Write all of these down now another Option that you can utilize that we've Talked about in the past is saving it to An encrypted USB drive if you would like To save it to an encrypted USB drive Please check out the beginning of the How to my Nexa video so that you are Aware of how to do that but at this Point what we're going to do is just go Ahead and do a quick Snipping Tool here

Or can we just copy it I think we can Copy it yeah we can so we're just going To do a control C and open a notepad and Place it in here so now we have all of Our words ready to go and we can save This file and put it on an encrypted Drive once again if that's how we would Prefer to do it and then we are going to Click I have copied the words and Continue at this point it's going to Check and make sure we have all the Words right so we're going to do it in The right order you can see here that we Have wheel I upgrade and so on and so Forth until you've typed them all in and Then we'll click the continue button so At this point everything is ready and we Click the let's go button and we are Going to then just click the show Addresses button and copy that to Clipboard a lot of times I like to add The public address to my seed phrase File as well just so that I have that Address tied to whatever seed phrase I'm Trying to recover and then from this Point we are going to move on to Installing the miner The Miner that We're going to utilize today works with Both AMD and Nvidia and up on the latest Testing that I've done between LOL minor SRB minor and B Z minor SRB minor Appears to be the best for the Blake 3 Algorithm which that is utilized by a Lithium at this time so we're going to

Scroll down and we're going to find the File for Windows 64 and click that Button it will download and then we'll Click the little show in folder button We will right click and say cut we will Then once again go back to to our Desktop and our a lithium folder and we Will paste it in here from here we're Going to right click and say extract all And then extract And we will open our SRB minor and we Have pre-made batch files to run the Minor and there is a pre-made one for Elysium we do have to modify of course Elite the batch file with our particular Information including our wallet and the Pool that we wish or desire to mine to So we'll right click and say show more Options and then we will go ahead and Click the edit button windows will Protect your PC so you will have to say More info and run anyways at this point It will open a notepad and we are Basically going to be replacing the Elthium wallet with the wallet address That we just recently generated so That's in our first tab here and this is Our public address we'll do a copy and We will just highlight the elthium Wallet and do a paste you can do control S or say file save to basically save the File and then we need to check back the Pool this pool is at hero miners which Is the pool that we're going to utilize

Today however it's not on the best Geographical location for us so we're Going to go ahead and go to the pool Itself and find the best geographical Location for us we're going to highlight It right click and say copy then we're Going to go back to the notepad and we Are going to highlight the pool and We're just going to paste it in place of That so now we're on us2 at this point We're going to do the control s to save It or you can click file and save from Here we are going to head on over to the Folder that has the batch file included In it and we're going to double click it To run the miner at this point it will Detect your devices in this current System we have an RTX 3060 and an RX 5700 XT for demonstration purposes You'll see that it has detected both of The gpus here are some commands you can Use in the console to display the stats Press h to display the hash rate P to Display the next pool 0 to switch to the Previous pool and you can disable Individual gpus with zero through nine The zero is indicated obviously after The GPU indicator in front of the Graphics card itself now once it has Begun Mining and you've been mining a Little bit you can begin to check your Stats on the pool itself to do that We're going to get our wallet address And do control C then we're going to go

To the hero miners pool at we're going to Scroll down to your stats and payment History and do a control V and say look Up at this point it won't be quite ready Right it is seeing some hash rate but It's not fully spun up at this time but You'll have a listing of everything that You need to know your unconfirmed Balance your pending balance your total Balance in the last 24 hours paid and Then it will give you a projection based On your hash straight for your estimated Earnings If you would like to mine solo for Elysium then you need to go back to the Batch file and in front of your wallet Type in Solo and the colon and then save That and that's how you would do solo You'll obviously need to stop the miner And restart it alrighty so that's how to Mine a lithium on Windows 11. let's talk About mining elithium on hive OS okay so Within Hive OS we're going to create a New flight sheet and that is as simple As moving over to the flight sheets Tab And then we'll have our add new flight Sheet option we're going to click the Down arrow on the coin button and you Can type in the elthium OR Al and it Will auto complete and you can see that We have alph here for our wallet we'll Click the add wallet and then once again Post or paste the address that you

Created from the wallet in Windows into The address space here and you can name It according I already have one created So we're just going to go ahead and grab That and then from here we'll select our Pool in this particular case we're going To go ahead and select hero Miners and Then one that is good for our local Geographical location and click apply From here we will select the miner which Will be the SRB minor multi and in the Dual coin we can just say for this time Being that we aren't going to use dual And that is because we want to save the Power there so at this point you just Click the create flight sheet and it is Ready to go everything's built in and Obviously Hive OS is super awesome for Making this as simple as possible once You've created it you can go back and Highlight one of your rigs select the Flight sheet and then select Alpha as What you're looking for and then select Your new flight path and it will begin Mining a little bit about overclocks in This particular situation Is that the RTX 3000 Series does run Great with essentially taking the memory Clock down all the way to 810 you can do This by going into your flight sheet and Adding this parameter the dash dash GPU Clock Dash or sorry the dash dash GPU Dash M clock 810 and this will Essentially lock that down to 810

Megahertz which will reduce the power Consumption and make your efficiency Better the same thing can be done on AMD But you will need to do it through the Actual Hive OS overclocker here and that Is because right now it seems to be the Easiest way to do it plus the hive Overclocker does have the best options In my humble opinion for AMD so it makes It a little easier so you can just come Into here and type in all of the info I Believe I do have some options already One tuned in here yeah but I do need to Reduce the memory on these particular Units we haven't gotten to that and once Again like always we'll cover Overclocking for a particular algorithm Later on I'm trying to catch up on how To mine videos right now so I hope this Video was helpful if you found it Helpful please hit the like comment Subscribe down below and I will see you Next Tuesday don't forget to check out Son of a for daily Updates on what I am Mining and why I'm Mining it so you can basically follow Along if you like and also don't forget To check out my crypto mining e-course At son of a

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