How to Mine Abelian on VastAI

What's up Suns it's blind yard with son Of attch once again and today I'm going To show you how to mine a billion coin Through renting basically hosts and gpus On vast. AI this will be a timed Exclusive to locals at Sun ofate tech. and the members will choose When at what time this will end up Airing on YouTube so locals members Please let me know in the comment Section below what the timing should be For relas releasing this on YouTube Let's go ahead and get into [Music] It welcome back everybody so let's hop Right into my desktop here and go over The process you'll need to download Putty please review my Linux how-to Guides the basic guides for Understanding this process I'm not going To go over it here today and then you Will need to have an account on a Ao. once again check out my how to mine Able coin on hibo poost that is here on Locals if you're on YouTube right now Head on over to locals hopefully we'll Have a video for that as well coming out Around the same time the next thing that You will need to do is open a vast. a Account please check the description Below and use my referral link so I can Get a kickback and some extra credit you Know on vast so I can go ahead and Continue my process on vast. a that

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Would be much appreciated so once you Have your account created what you need To do next is basically create an SSH Key if you go to your account tab your SSH public key will go right here to Generate that you will once you've Installed putty you will look for putty J and then you will have your putty J Here here make sure the type of key to Generate is RSA and click generate over The Randomness by moving the mouse over the Blank area back and forth and this will Generate the key once the key is Generated you will take this part and You will copy it and you will paste it Into your change SSH key box here and Then click set SSH key now to connect to This what you will need to do is you Will need to go Into your key tab here and then go down For parameters for saving key files and You will need to modify the PPK file Version to two and then press okay after That you can save the private key and You can just do it without setting a Password no big deal there and then save It to your keys and then you can press Save once you've done done that you can Also save your public key in case you Want to get it later to add to other Hosts or other services Etc so now that We are done with that we can close out Of that and the next next process is

Going to be spinning up a server you can Go to this little templates button here And pretty much anything will work that Is auntu server 20.04 and newer with Your Cuda drivers installed that is Because there are no AMD gpus for rent On this particular service so you'll Want to basically select one of these The ones I prefer to do is if we CL and Then we'll click the edit image and then You can click edit here and you want to Make sure that it says run interactive Shell and then use direct SSH connection There is still proxy as well I can cover Proxy in a more detailed guide if you Like but just to make this really easy We're we're going to use direct SSH Connection and then you just want to Make sure that it is NVIDIA Cuda and That you are downloading at least to BTU 20.04 or later you can select 22.4 however I have found that this one In particular deploys to the most amount Of Rigs and if it does fail to deploy Then try a different image just make Sure you try to pick one that is NVIDIA Cuda and then a 2004 or later so once we Have done that and made sure these Settings are correct we're going to Click select and save it will give us a List of servers now as it currently Stands I am making about $10 per 100 Megahash per day so what our goal is is To basically make run our profit

Calculators and then highlight over this Little section where the cost is and our To total cost for per day for an $2,240 now in the case of the A2000 we Are looking at about I think stock hash Rate 30 to 40 megahash so we would be in The profitability by about 60 you can Increase the amount of Rigs and you can Adjust the price or how you want to Basically uh sort the list here I do Price by increasing here are two A4000 In this particular case it is at $530 a day and A4000 will do about 48 to 50 megahash a second which means we Would make basically around $8 to $10 Per day so this one would be in Profitability as well and you can go Through and look at hash rate. if you're Interested in that I'm for the example Just going to do a really easy example Here in RTX 370 will do about 50 to 55 Meah a second stock that is another note You cannot overclock these gpus so Basically determine the stock hash rate And at that particular setup we would be Around $5 a day so we could make Potentially $2 a day we are trying to Hit a moving Target right now so just Keep an eye on all of these types of Things so I'm going to go ahead and grab I guess the 3070 here and rent it and Then it'll say instance created view the Instance and the instance's pages which Is this button here we're going to click

Over there we're going to scroll down It's going to start with saying creating It'll start giving you a log and what we Are basically waiting on is for it to Highlight this connect button here so That went through pretty quickly thanks To this image most likely being deployed To this system previously so we're going To click the connect button and it's Going to give us our direct SSH connect Information we're then going to open our Putty and then we are going to configure It so I'm going to type in the IP or you Can just highlight here like this right Click say copy go to your putty paste Here you want to grab the port which is Right here after the- P copy that and Put that into your port and then I'm Going to just name it uh example and Then click save there's more that we Have to do here as well so we need to go Down to our SSH and our off and then we Need to set the credentials your private Key file is the one that we saved Earlier from putty Jen so we're going to Browse to that go to our keys and then We're going to select our PPK and then Press open and that will be here then we Need to go ahead and go ahead and go up Here and click the save button we're Going to go ahead and now click open it Will give us this little security alert And we'll click accept now we are logged Into our console so this is where we're

Going to go to our able pool you'll Click down and then you'll click your Account settings and then you are going To copy the deploy command from your Able pool account settings you will go Back to your putty rightclick into the Console it will paste it into there and You will press enter because we are on Auntu 20.04 it is up dating the Libraries if you're on 22.4 uh it will be a little bit shorter Of a process that being said some of the Systems don't work well with the 22.4 image in my experience so it's kind Of Hit or Miss once it's complete it has Begun mining to see the mining process What we're going to do is do an app get Install and screen and install screen Real quickly and then once once we've Installed screen we're going to do a Screen- capital S and we'll just name it Minor and press enter and then we are Going to use a tail command with the Dasf option so it's continuous or Perpetual and O Copy and then we're Looking for the minor log so we're going To say hey keep reading the minor log For us and keep outputting it to this Screen and it will show us that we are Doing 51. uh 45 megahash a second so at this Point what we would do is go back to our Vast. a console roughly right now like I Said it's about $10 per 100 megahash so

That would be $510 we'll highlight over to here and we Would see that we would make about $2 a Day on this particular rig the other Options that you can do if you want to Min max is mine some zcoin with the CPU However I have noticed that some of the Rigs will you know have a lot of issues It really depends on your host and how Well cooled or ventilated the area is And that sort of thing so typically what I do is I wait for the gpus to be Running for a little bit and then I take A look at their temperatures and then if The temperatures look decent on the GPU Then I'll go ahead and add the CPU in You really don't want to crash these Systems because you don't want to be Paying for stuff that's not being stable So be very careful with that if you go Back to the console you can do control a To quit and then close out and then if You want to reopen it you can go into Putty and you can load it back up Whatever our example is and then you can Log back in so the last couple things to Really cover here is going to be your Able pool and taking a look at the Machine if you click on over to machine You can see we've added this 3070 it is Showing online unfortunately right now There are no notification options that I've seen for this particular pool so You will need to come in here and make

Sure they are online if they're not you Need to get it back online and in those Cases I have actually just completely Deleted that particular host because I Do not want to waste money and I look For a more reliable machine the next Thing that you need to be aware of is Billing under Vast. console you can click the billing Tab and you will have your invoice Address so you can get your invoices you Will have the total cost per day and per Hour up here with your credit balance so You can see how long you can run before You need to refill and you can get an Email notification when you are below a Certain threshold there are multiple Ways to pay uh you can add a card Through stripe or here you can do add Credit once you've added the card and You can add via stripe or you can click Add card once you're in here here and That will charge your credit card or you Can utilize and in this case This is what I've been utilizing you can Just click the pay with crypto button it Will then give you basically this little Screen here and you can select the app and then you will go into Your app click the home Button and then click the menu button You will click pay and then there's a Little thing to scan a QR code up in the Top right of the app click that

Highlight this select the crypto you Want to pay with and then it will Deposit to your account that is it that Is how to mine able coin with or on or Through vast. please don't forget to use My referral code down in the description I appreciate all of you all and I will See you next Tuesday don't forget you Can check out my Crypt mining ecourse at Sonof if you haven't purchased That yet and you're already a members on Locals go ahead and do that so that you Can support me even Further

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