How to Mine Abelian on Nvidia GPUS in HiveOS

What's up Sons it's son of a tech once Again and today I was going to show you Guys how to mine able coin with Ry gel Miner in hios this is going to basically Prevent the issues with a hang on reboot And breaking the kernel on hi with the Older Miner that was utilized and now That Riel supports it it's a lot easier This is only supported on Nvidia gpus Team red Miner has released support for A D gpus I'll cover that in the later Video so if you need that one for your AMD gpus hit the Subscribe button so That you're notified we're just going to Get right into it this is ryel Miner Version 1.3.9 it will require that you update Your hiveos it doesn't have to be on the Latest latest but at least on 20 or 240 130 I believe and you can see here that Now they've added the new team red Miner As well so we'll cover that in a later One the setup for your wallet is still The same so go watch my how to mine able Coin if you are interested in that Portion and you haven't done that yet go Over there and get that going and then What you need to do is set up your pool At ablp pool. iio that's covered in the How to mine a billion video as well so Make sure you go check that video out Once you get to the point of having the Wallet created and your able coin pool Created then you can go ahead and come

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Back to this video to move forward so You do need to basically go in and Create a new flight sheet and it will Basically look like this you will have Able coin as your primary coin you will Then select your wallet added if you Need to add a new wallet and that will Be your short address and then under Pool you're going to say configure in Minor and you'll select the minor is Ryel Miner from here you can click the Setup minor config and then you are Actually just just going to change all Of this the wallet template is actually Going to come from the pool so if you go To the pool and hit your blind run is my Account here and then click your account Settings and then go ahead and scroll Down what you'll see is everything after The start and up to the colon will be What you paste into the wallet portion So you right click copy paste in the Wallet template and then for the Password you'll go over to the accounts And you will copy everything after the Colon right here copy that come back Here and paste that into the password Setting then finally you'll need the Pool URL which isn't actually listed Here so it can be a little bit confusing Don't worry I'll leave the link down Below it looks like they actually do Have it listed here now which is nice so You can copy it straight out of the

Settings for This Global Service right Here you'll go back paste that into this Section and then very important uh make Sure that you check the box for TLS it Also doesn't it does have okay so Everything out of here copied perfect Paste that into the pool URL and make Sure TLS is uh applied and then you can Apply changes and move from there now The great thing about ryel Miner is it Does support dual mining which means That you can also mine another coin in This particular case I'm mining radiant So you can set up your dual coin the Dual coin wallet and then the pool that You want to go to and then under minor Setup minor config go to your second Coin make sure you have your second coin Algo selected the wallet and then the Worker name apply those options and now You're off to the races with dual mining This is an RTX 3070 rig and they uh they Vary a little bit it looks like we Definitely need to replace some thermal Pads on gpu1 here as the memory hash Rate is a little low at 47.443840 averaging between you know 51 High 51 to 53 mahash a second on aelon While still also doing around 560 to 590 Megahash a second on radiant and these Are my overclock settings you may need To apply them directly within Riel Miner Just to be clear it just depends but I Put them here so you can see them 1470

On the core memory at 2,000 power level At 200 and that is actually why this is Lower by the way I had dropped this down To 150 power level and that's actually Because the core was overheating so it Needs new thermal paste not new thermal Pads I'll get that sorted in the near Future so there is how to mine aelon With in hios on Ry gel Miner glad to see This getting pushed forward and we will Cover team red Miner for AMD gpus in the Future thanks for watching as always and I will see you next Tuesday okay

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