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What's up Sons it's blind dad with son Of a tech once again today I have yet Another how 2 video for you we're going To be looking at how to mine aan coin on Hios before that a quick disclaimer just Because I make a howto video about how To mine any particular coin doesn't mean That I'm suggesting that you should ever Purchase any cryptocurrency whatsoever In fact I would encourage you to mine it And not buy it that being said as far as Aan is concerned on the mining front There is a slight advantage to mining it Over other cryptocurrencies in the fact That it is not available on mining Calculator websites such as what to mine As well as other things like hash Rate. the listing is also not going to Be on coin market cap however it is on Two exchanges so far one being xt. comom And the other one being MEC With the former not having withdrawals Enabled and the latter having full Capabilities including deposits and Withdrawals so keep that in mind when You are choosing which exchange you wish To use without further Ado let's go Ahead and hop right into [Music] It welcome back everyone so let's take a Look you will need to go to the Downloads page at AB billion. info /downloads the link will be down in the Description once again before you

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Download a wallet or anything like that Make sure you you are utilizing a PC That does not have any access to Personal or financial information in Case the files that you have downloaded Become corrupted with any viruses or Malware and that is something I Recommend across the board even if you Have trusted wallets because you never Know what happens when they push an Update and in the background and Disgruntled employees developers and so On may have a way to compromise you so Be very careful when you are performing This now next is to basically get your Wallet set up I have covered how to Install the wallet in both my how to Mine Aon on Windows as well as my how to Mine Aon on So today we're going To go ahead and skip that and just open Up the wallet make sure that the main Net is syncing you can click the play Button there and make sure it says Active and that your ab wallet is also Active we'll be talking about Troubleshooting some of the errors in This wallet in a later video as well Because there has been some next you're Going to want to click that little Receive Tab and add a new address you Can do that by clicking the three little Dots and clicking add address and it Will check the account status generate You an address and then say success F

Generated a new address once you have The new address you need to actually Click down expand it and create a short Address which is this little S button Right here then you'll click to register A unique short address it will register That and say succeeded you got to click It one more time I know it's a little Frustrating so now we have all of the Addresses that we'll need to go ahead And get started mining so after that We're going to head back and go to a Able poool IO now able pool is not the Way we mind on Windows in theory you can Utilize The ailan Miner and Mabel pool Which is the official set of pools like The Alicia Baker and so on that we Discussed in the windows on Linux as Well including hios but this particular Setup is going to be an all-in-one Script that includes updating the GCC Libraries necessary to run the minor on Of course the hios system so if you want You can do a mix and match of this go Back to the windows guide look at how to Register you know and then come back Here and mine to a different pool by Downloading that but you will still need To run this script in general to upgrade The GCC libraries or if you would prefer Update those libraries yourself I Haven't been too successful with that Either on hios the other thing that Happen happens here in a lot of cases

Not every case anymore since they've Updated the script but in a lot of cases The hios image ends up being corrupted At the kernel level meaning you're fine And running and Mining until the rig Reboots and then it doesn't come back up So in that particular case it's Important to take into account that you May break your hios install in this Particular case not too big of a deal as You can just reflash it download the file off of your settings page Drop it in and call it a day but I want To make sure that you're aware of that So you will need to actually register Which once again I am technically like Typically against registering with a Pool so this also is something that I Wouldn't recommend doing however for the Purposes of the how-to and the guide I'm Going to cover it so you are going to Enter your name as you see fit we're Just going to enter Barry real quick and And then an email that you will want to Use for it you can just create a burner Address there or one that you use for Spam and then type in your graph Validate code and you will need to get An email verification code so you click The send button and it will send you That code you'll go check your email I'm Not going to pull my email up here for You guys right now but you know check Your email and then snag that code in

Some cases it may end up in your junk so Make sure you check your spam and junk Email boxes just in case they end up There once we have the code we're going To paste it in here and type in a Password and click register there we go Now we're going to go ahead and log in And the next step you're going to need To do is head on over to your account Settings and then you are going to need To add an address you will go back to Your wallet copy the short address and Paste it into here then go back to your Wallet once again cap copy the long Address and actually with the short Address it found it now so that has been Updated you only need to put your short Address in there and click save once That's done it will basically give you a Deploy command here that you can copy Out and this is what will be utilizing In Hive OS so let's head on over to Hive I have a rig up here we're going to Start a hive shell session by clicking The little remote access button and then Hive shell start if you're on the local Network you can always use webshell with Your local IP if that is your preferred Method of course you will have to have The password for your rig if you do that In this case you don't have to because It creates a secure token as opposed to That so once it's set it's complete We're going to click it and click into

Hive shell and real quick I did forget Because I am on this we do need to unset The flight sheet so we're going to go to Our flight sheet click the ellipses and Click unset that way we don't have any Conflict there then we're going to go Back to our shell and we're going to Type in hi- Replace D-list and the reason we got to do this Is because we need a version of auntu That's 20.04 or later and hios is on its stable Image 18 .04 so we need to update to the Latest beta which is going to be option Two so we're going to hit two and press Enter it will say do you want to install Hive OS on the SDA type yes so we'll say Yes and press enter it's going to stop The OS Services it's going to download The new beta image and install it and Once that's complete we can continue From there Okie do so now you'll see it Says complete and rebooting you'll lose Your sh session so don't worry about That you can go back and just wait for The rig to come back online you can see Here it shows offline so we're just Going to wait for it to come back up and Then we will move on from There all right so it's back online We're going to sh start another shell Session Sally sells sea shells down by The

Seashore all right now that it's started We're going to go ahead and open it Again and this particular case I do like To start a brand new screen so to do That we're going to type in Screen- capital S and we're going to Name it able because if you name it Minor it will conflict with Hive os's Minor screen so you don't really want to Do that once we have the screen started We're just going to go back to that Accounts page from able poool doio and Copy this deploy command then head back On over to our shell right click say Paste from browser paste that command Into the box and click okay and then We're going to go ahead and click Enter so in a lot of cases you can see Here that this is where it installed Those new Libraries but after it's all done with That there is a a problem where it will Just keep saying waiting a GPU Power Sleep Time that's going to happen in Some cases just let it roll eventually It'll start Mining and then you'll be Able to see so I'll show you guys how to Do that all right so you can see it gave Us a little bit of the log already and You can continuously print this log out Which can make things a little bit Easier I actually have this on my guide On locals over here if you guys aren't Members to locals you can definitely

Check it out that's going to be over Here under Articles and if you scroll Down just a tad we should see how to Mine a bilon on hiveos we're going to go To the Post I'll leave this link down Below and there's a command here you can Copy out which is going to be the Tail-f root minor log and all you got to Do from there is right click paste from Browser paste that into the browser and Press enter and you will have a Continuous print out of the minor and And how it's functioning and you can go Ahead and press crl a d to exit that and You can close your shell safely and it Will continue to mine and if you want to Reconnect and observe it you can shell Back in and then do screen Das lowercase R able press enter and it will bring up The log once again press contrl a d to Exit and you can safely close that so at This point you will be successfully Mining you can go over to your machine List and it will give you an online Basically did notation over here for Status how much hash rate you're getting It'll take a little bit to report to the Pool it'll actually break out each Individual GPU and how many of them you Have and how much those gpus are getting In hash rate pretty nice as far as That's considered if it goes offline you Have this offline option here and you Can review them you can delete it out if

You decide not to mine it anymore with One of your rigs cuz it's not performing Well enough and so on they've added a Lot to this pool including of course a Calculator now if you want to check out You know essentially what a 100 megahash Would be it's going to be about $2 or so in or $240 or so per day per 100 megahash of Course if you took out that one there You can go ahead and do that it looks Like we do have a mining calculator over Here so you know there's that it also Gives you the minor Revenue per card so If you want to look at each card they'll Tell you how much hash rate it's getting And yes you would be right if you Assumed this was ET you are definitely Correct that is the case here and then You can run your power calculations you Know through Hive if you prefer that's Kind of what I like to do you can just You know see how much how much power It's taking if I refresh here what You'll see Is yeah so we'll have like 1100 Kow or Whatever you can calculate out what That's going to cost you and then of Course subract subtract it from the Calculator so there's all your References as far as that's concerned Glad to see a calculator up here on this Website so there's how to mine aelon on Hios that script will work on any Linux

Distribution as long as you have you Know your cuded drivers and your open CL Drivers installed you'll be good to go Thanks for watching be sure to hit the Like comment subscribe and notification Bells down below and I will see you next Tuesday don't forget to check out sonof for my Crypt Mining ecourse and In addition you can become a supporter Over at sonof tech. for a While aelon was at $10 per 100 megahash And I released that information on Locals only and that is to kind of keep A smooth hash TR increase on some of These smaller networks so we don't Damage profitability right off the bat See you next Tuesday

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