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What's up Sons it's blind ride with son Of a tech once again and today I'm going To show you guys how to M Aon on Windows To in this particular case we are going To be doing Windows 11 and we will be Utilizing the desktop wallet later on I Will be covering how to build a node Over on locals at sonof tech. And how to solo mine and mine with your Hios rigs but for today let's go ahead And get into [Music] It Welcome back everyone so aelon is a Newer cryptocurrency that is GPU minable I've only had success on utilizing the Nvidia gpus for this particular setup And it utilizes a version of ET in the Background for its mining process the First thing that you're going to have to Do is get your desktop wallet downloaded And configured you can get it from alan. Info basically downloads we'll leave the Links down in the description and we're Going to be going over the windows Version here so we're going to go ahead And click it and download it to our Minor folder which we have of course Approved through our antivirus watch one Of my older videos if you need to learn How to do that and I'm going to go ahead And cancel it actually because we Already have it downloaded and then we Would want to download the GPU mining

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Pool client as well for Windows there a Linux version as well which we will Cover in a later video so the next thing That we're going to do is open our minor Folder here and we are going to Rightclick the desktop wallet and Extract all I would not recommend doing This on a desktop that you have Essentially personal information on Etc As when I did run it through the sandbox We had quite a few security vendors Obviously it's a minor so it does kind Of flag a lot as far as that's concerned This isn't the wallet itself this is the Minor just a quick note the virus totals Are here I'll leave links down to them In the description below for you to Review on your own and we're going to Double click to start the setup windows Will tell us that there's an issue we'll Click more info and click run anyway and At this point it will ask you to create A master password and we will click Start it will ask us to input the Password we just created and we'll click Log in to unlock our wallet and then at This point we will want to go ahead and Create an account we're just going to Name it mining leave it on mainnet and Click create and then we will click done We'll select our mining account here and Then we will want to start our main net Allow the access and our wallet once Those are active we will click the

Receive button we'll click to add our First address And then we will be able to select our Address and the addresses are very very Very long so we're going to go ahead and Select the address and then copy it and You will need this whole address I will Paste it in a notepad utilizing Notepad++ for later because we will need The full initial address for mining on This next particular one at this point We can move on to the miner once again You will need to go to the downloads Page and download the mining pool client Because we will be pool mining in this Particular case then we will rightclick And say extract all now that we have Extracted the minor we are going to go In and we are going to find the abl Mine. address I'm going to say edit with Notepad of course if you want to edit With a regular notepad and not Plus+ you Can do that now you see here essentially We want to replace this address with the Address that we got from our wallet to Confirm that that went through and then Click file and save so here is where Things begin to get complicated we need To essentially be able to register our Wallets with the actual pools because The pool requires a registration as well As your keys Etc or not keys but your uh Well yeah your keys there are basically Key files that need to be implemented

We'll be utilizing pool. a Billion I keep wanting to say like a Billion but there we go so at this point We will need to run a Powershell so We're going to go ahead and run Powershell as Administrator and we will need to change Directory to where we have stored our Mining stuff so we'll do a CD command And we can highlight copy it and then Paste it into here to go to that folder So now that we are in the proper Directory we can register our minor now To do the registration you can open the Readme file by editing with the notepad Again and this is the information to Basically register it the only thing That you need to pay attention to is Going to be the pool host now I can get Those from the Discord essentially and We can and get those from the ailion Discord info you can see here here are The pools that we would need to do Essentially you can see here we're going To want this one here that'll be the First one you can do the second one and The third one if you like as well and You can register to each pool so Basically it's going to look like this The only thing that we need to change Here at this point is going to be the Password we'll do c see next Tuesday Please create a secure password and this Is what we need to run in our Powershell

So now we'll go back to Powershell right Click into here and press enter and it Will begin mining now here is the kind Of I suppose caveat to all this when you Restart you want to restart with your Current setup what is already registered Otherwise it won't register it to that One and you'll keep re-registering so There's actually a second setup here Where you would essentially get this Pool right copy the pool put that down Here paste it here and then there's this Password which we put up there so we'll Redo this password oh and I was doing The wrong one we need to be down here Apologies so we need to go down to this One this is for after we've registered We're going to put that here see and Then we need to find our username the Username will be stored now in your Account the pool service account here so You're going to right click and say edit Scroll down to the bottom and you will Have your username equals everything After the equals you will want to copy Go back to this command and paste it Into here now and then what you can do Is just save this later to make it Easier you can now stop the minor with a Contrl c and then now when you restart The minor you will utilize this command That you've now created instead of Re-registering every time and you can Press enter now the downside to this is

That you will need to essentially go and Basically set the wallet on each one of Your Miners and then when you do that Though you would not essentially have to Register in the same way you can just Start the minor there what this is going To allow you to do is go back to the Pool and click the signin button and you Guessed it the signin will be of course The username that we generated there and Then the password that we are utilizing We will click sign in and since we only Registered with Alicia you'll see that We're green on Alicia and we'll click Continue and you can see that we can see How much able we have Min so there you Go that is how to mine a billion on Basically Windows machines get it all Configured it is a little bit more Complicated than some of the other Processes as far as mining goes this Probably will change as things evolve a Little bit more and more support for This project comes into fruition if you Are interested in more about this Project please let me know down in the Comment section below and no worries we Will definitely be covering the Linux Side of things and solo mining to your Own node in the future please hit the Like comment subscribe and notification Bells down below if you'd like to get Early access to guides as well as Written access to guides or written

Guides please check out my locals at Sun Of tech. where you can become A supporter for $5 a month or $55 a year Or you can get a free month of supporter Status on locals with a purchase of my Crypt mining ecourse at sonof Which of course is a very important Course to take advantage of right now Because of the market current market Conditions thanks for watching see you Next Tuesday

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