How to Dual Mine Karlsen and Rethereum AKA Hypra

What's up Sons it's blind rod with son Of attch once again and today I'm going To show you how to dual mine Reum with Carlson right now Carlson just Got listed over on trade ogre and is Showing as the most profitable coin on Hash rate. for most gpus but it gets Even better we have a new release from LOL Miner that adds dual mining support For Carlson and then a memory heavy Algorithm like rether you could Presumably do this with your chosen Memory heavy heavy algorithm like Etc or So on but let's go ahead and get into [Music] It welcome back everyone so popping Right in you can see we have version 1.78 and there is added support not only For heavy hash and Carlson but dual Mining with this particular one with Carlson du this is going to increase of Course the profitability on your GPU Farm and comes at a fantastic time when We currently have those winter Temperatures outside right now I Currently have it running on a mix of 1660 supers and p106 90s I'm going to go Over the process with you on my 1063 GB Rig but of course it's going to be a Little bit spotty because of the limited Amount of memory on it but I want to Show you how to configure it so to go Ahead do it you're going to open up your Hiveos and then click into the rig that

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You are wanting to upgrade on make sure That you have already installed LOL Minor previously by running a flight Sheet that basically runs LOL Miner and You should be able to continue with the Process after that you're going to hit The remote access And Hive shell start Once Hive shell has started you will Click into it and then go into your Shell and you will need to go back to The GitHub page which will be linked Down below scroll down and find the hios Update for your console highlight it Right click and say copy then go back to Your hive shell right click and say Paste from browser paste this into the Box and click okay and then press enter At this point it's going to update LOL Minor packages to the latest version 1.78 it will need to exit and then Restart LOL Miner once it has you can Type in Miner to go ahead and confirm You'll see it begin to load and at the Top basically if you got in there quick Enough it'll say LOL minor version 1.78 We didn't quite get in there fast enough But there's one more thing that you need To do to get to dual mining with Carlson Let's go back to our flight sheet and Then click the ellipses and click edit Now you don't have dual mine support Right here so you can leave ethereum and Your wallet for that and the pool Configured all there we just need to add

The information in extra configs under Our setup minor config so we're going to Click set up minor config and under the Extra config arguments you're going to Want to paste this I will leave it Linked down below for you to go ahead And copy and paste out but you'll do the Dual mode and then put Carlson duel in All caps the Dual pool you'll put the Carlson pool that you wish to mine to in This example it is hero miners let me Add that five for the port proper port Number there and then you'll do the Das Das dual user and then you will put in Your basically your Carlson address if You haven't created a Carlson address Yet please check out my video on how to Basically create a Carlson node get your Wallet created and start syncing it's Important to note that that one is the Only one that's allowing send outs so Get familiar with command line if you Need more help with Linux command line Please check out my series over on Locals at son ofate tech. Where I go over beginner steps to Getting comfortable with Linux now at This point once you have the extra Config arguments applied you can go Ahead and click apply changes and then Update and then all workers or if you're Just testing it on new sheet do create New flight sheet in this case it's the Only one running on it so we'll go ahead

And say go now I'm not positive actually That this will work on a 1063 gig series But we're going to see I think it will Because I think the dag is low enough And so you're going to see it cancel out Here and then we are going to reopen the Minor you can see here this is the Example I was talking about earlier it Said LOL minor version 1.78 you can see That we have now connected to the Carlson server as well so then it will Go through and you will get your speeds For the ET B3 and the heavy hash Carlson And you can see that we are already Starting to mine it'll take a little bit To build the dag out for the eb3 but Once it does we'll have both of them up And running thanks everybody for Watching I hope you found this helpful If you did hit the like comment Subscribe and notification bells down Below there's two ways to support me Directly as I try to keep a very limited Amount of sponsors on this channel one Way is to head over to sonof and Purchase my crypto mining ecourse which Gives you a macro view of the Bitcoin Cycle when to purchase equipment Etc and With that you do get a free month of Supporter status over on sonof A.l.c. share my daily news with the Community and what moves I am making on That day-to-day basis it's a little bit More Insider information as far as

That's concerned once again hit that Like comment subscribe down below and I Will see you next Tuesday

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