How to Create a Karlsen Wallet | Windows Command Line

What's up Sons it's blind rod with son Of tech once again and today I'm going To do a real quick howto on how to set Up a carlen node and get your wallet up And running so that you can begin mining It I will cover the WTF is Carlson in a Later video as well as how to mine it in A later video but I realize that a bunch Of people are wanting to figure this out So this part we'll get into right [Music] Now Welcome back everyone so first things First we're going to want to create a Folder that we can add to exclusions We'll be utilizing Windows today I also Recommend that you do not install this On a device that you have any personal Information that you want to protect on Just in case there's any viruses Etc on It we're going to go ahead and do new Folder and then we are going to just Name it Carlson and press enter and then We'll will have our little folder here For everything that we need next we're Going to go into our virus threat and Protection and you can just do a quick Search for that we're going to scroll Down and look for our settings and then Once we're in settings we're going to Scroll down and look for exclusions We're going to add or remove an Exclusion and click yes when the Security prompt comes up we're going to

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Click the add exclusion click the folder Going to go to to our desktop and select The Carlson folder and then say select So now the files won't get automatically Deleted by our antivirus when we Download it so we're going to go ahead And get the latest release which is just Version 1.0 of Carlson and we're going To be getting the win 64 zip version We're going to go ahead and click it When it asks us to save it we do want to Save it to that new folder that we Created and that will make sure that we Don't have it deleted on us and we'll Click save all right now that that is Downloaded we're going to go ahead and Double click we're going to then open This file or folder and we're going to Right click and say extract all I'm Going to say browse and then just select That Carlson folder again and that way It'll just put the binaries directly in That Carlson folder as you can see makes It just a little bit easier for us as Far as this is concerned so now the next Step that we are going to do is create a Batch file so what I'm going to do is Just say rightclick and then new and Then text document I'm going to name it Carl send meaning Carl send Damon and Then I'm going to change the last 3.txt To batch if you can't find the extend Mention you will need to basically go Into your show hidden files and file

Explorer options and then from here you Will see under file explorer Options Under system you have the option to show File extension so if you don't see the Txt you need to come in here and change That so now we're going to right click And we're going to edit you can just Edit with a notepad as well just Rightclick edit and it will open it up In your notepad here it'll be a clean Document we're going to go ahead and Paste this in and it'll be the colon XXX And then carl. exe D Utxo Index and the go to XX this will Just restart it uh in the case that it's Not running it still won't start on Startup that would be a different Process but then we can do a controls or A file and save and that batch file will Be ready to execute so at this point we Can doubleclick the batch file to begin Executing it we'll need to allow the app Access and then it will begin to syn This sinking time can take a couple Hours so right now because it is Building you're just going to need to Give it some time to go ahead and sync But that doesn't mean that you can't go Ahead and get your wallet address added So the way we can get a wallet address Is we're going to copy right here the The path to our binaries we're going to Run open a new tab and we're going to Say change direct well we need to open a

New command prompt tab so we can click This little down arrow in Windows 11 Click command prompt CD for a change Directory and then we'll just rightclick What we copied from the other spot and Press enter and you can see here now we Are in this directory so if we run a dur Command di or directory command and You'll see that we have all the Executables here that we are looking for So the next step is to go ahead and Create the wallet we are going to go Ahead and get it running but it won't be Synced so you have to wait for the full Sync to actually do any transactions or Anything like that but you can still Create the wallet and generate the Address so the first thing we need to do Is create a wallet to do that we're Going to do Carlson wallet. Executable and then the create wallet Command with just create we'll ask you For a password you'll type in a password And then press enter twice and then it Will give you an extended public key and Then it'll give you a couple Instructions here so you need to get Your secret key so to get your secret Key what you're going to do is copy this And then you're going to rightclick it That will copy it and then rightclick Again and that will paste it into the Actual deal there and you can press Enter and it will ask you if you want to

Continue and you'll press yes you will Type in your password and then once you Do that this is your pneumonic phrase so What you'll want to do is highlight it Right click it we'll open a notepad say File and new tab we'll paste that into Here and then we'll just say file and Save as you can go to your desktop and Then wherever you want to save it that's Safe and just name it you know seed Phrase or whatever and press save I Recommend putting it on of course a Encrypted drive or at the very least if You just want to you can write it down And put it in a safe that would be the Safest way to store it but don't store It anywhere in the public eye because That has access to all of your Information so next what we're going to Need to do is open another command Prompt here we're going to go back and Copy the directory out again and change Directory into there and at this point We can start the Damon so if we run a Directory command you can see here we Have the Carlson wallet we'll highlight That right click and then right click Again and that's an easy way to go ahead And add it in and then we're going to Say start- Damon and press enter and the Wallet will sync but that doesn't mean That your node synced and the wallet is Syncing to the node so for you to be Able to actually send transactions Etc

Or check your balance you'll have to Still wait until the node is completely Synced but what you can do now once that Is running is that you can get your new Address so you see here that's going to Be the Carlson wallet space new address Highlight that right click and then Press enter you can begin mining to this Address right away before your Note is Synced like I said you just won't be Able to send any trans transactions out Or check your balances or anything like That to check your balances you can just Highlight the wallet command again do Space and then you can do balance and It'll give you the balance there of Course we don't have anything in there Nor is the node synced at this time but It'll give you the balance later on once Your node is completely synced in Addition to that if you're trying to Send it to an exchange later there are Commands to go ahead and send That out and to do that what you would Do is basically run the Carlson wallet Again and then you would do send and Then Dash V the amount of Caspa you want To send like whatever that is 1,000 and Then you would do the space and the Dasht and you would put the wallet Address to of the exchange wallet you're Trying to send to for an example or to Whoever you're trying to send it to and Then you would press enter and it will

Send that out so that's how you send That's how you check your wallet balance And then of course that is how you Create your wallet address for mining so There you go you can go ahead and get Started with Carlson today it is Basically a supposed to be an Asic Resistant version of Caspa it has quite A bit different emissions be talking About all this in a WTF is video so if You're interested in it please make sure To let me know down the comment section Below hit the like comment subscribe and Notification Bell so you're notified When I release a new video and I will See you next Tuesday don't forget to Check out my Crypt mining ecourse at Sonof And also check out locals at sonof tech. where you can get the latest And greatest spec minable coins that I Am currently mining

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