How to Connect Ipollo to Nicehash

I've been slacking I apologize guys so That is why you're starting to see a lot Of howtos because there are little Things that I have known how to do that I have not made videos on today I'm Going to show you guys how to connect I Polo miners to nice has let's go ahead And get into [Music] It welcome back everybody this should Work for all I Polo miners the Nuance or The little bit of change that you need To make when mining with I Polo 2 nice Has is actually quite simple we're going To go ahead and go over it real quick if You are not familiar with nice has you Can check out my videos on how to mine To Nash in general and then if you are Interested in the ey poos in as well There is a Black Friday sale coming up Of course I am not sponsored by I poloo Nor do I get any Kickbacks for Affiliates at this point hopefully that Will change in the near future let's go Ahead and talk about getting get the Information you need from nice has the First thing you're going to need to do Is log into your account and then click Manage Rigs and view stats I will leave An affiliate link for nice has down in The description as well from here you're Going to click download minor or add Asic and then from here you are going to Click add your or connect your Asic

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Device now for the I poo that we're Utilizing today we are utilizing the I Poo V1 mini this minor in particular Supports both ET and Etc hash you will Need to basically determine which one is More profitable and then select that now In nice hash ET is still denoted as Dagger hash Emoto so you would select That for ETC hash you would select the ETC hash now in this case I'm going to Do the dagger hash Hashimoto and then I'm going to name my rig I Polo mini and And then all I need to do is insert this Information into the IP poo to find your IP poo IP address you can use a popular Tool called Advanced ip scanner it is Completely free you basically install it And then click the scan button and it Will begin to scan your network when you Are looking for the I Polo itself it Should come up by default under I Polo In some cases you may have renamed it And they'll come up as something Different you can see here it came up is I poo and it's 7 on this particular setup So you can see we are already navigated To there the default username and Password for the I poos is root and root To get logged in and then you're going To want to go down to the minor Configuration tab we went over updating The firmware here I do have to actually Pause my antivirus for this particular

Setup because it tries to download some Stuff that's okay I'm going to go go Ahead and pause it real quick and Refresh we'll just pause for a little Bit and this is what your page should Look like if you have a v issues make Sure that you go ahead and add a bypass For that particular IP address if you Need to make these changes so since we Did the ET has we're going to select the Coin as ET in this particular setup and Then we are going to basically come over Here copy the stratum URL paste that Into the stratum URL right here we are Then going to copy our username and then Come over here and paste the username in And then we are going to have the Password as X the last thing that you Need to do is add the notation for nice Has so you'll do Dash Dash and nice has And that is how you hack the system into Supporting nice hash from here you can Click the save and apply button and then Very shortly it will go ahead and apply The configuration changes and then you Can go to your running overview to make Sure that it goes ahead and starts Calculating mine's had this interesting Alert message with the fan speed low This goes away after it starts mining I Don't know why it's been here typically If I go check out my a logs and stuff it Seems to clear out so I'm not too Worried about it let me know if you're

Having that issue on some of your io1 Minis as well so you can also go into The information and make sure that it is Connected ing Etc and then you can move On from there is status alive and Stratum active true you'll start to get A difficulty and start to begin to get Work it'll still take a little bit Longer for it to start calculating out The hash rate so you'll have to give it A little time there as well will take Time to actually fully resolve you can Go over to your nice hash dashboard and Close out of there you'll see a new ad a New ad for a rig and you can scroll down And just confirm that you have the iolo Mini as you named it going ahead and Reporting in the device it'll then tell You how much your profitability on that Particular device will be Etc as it Settles out so thanks everybody for Watching this howto and if you found it Helpful at all be sure to hit the like Comment subscribe and notification bells Down below so you're notified when I Have new videos don't forget to check me Out on locals for my daily moves at Sun Of. and don't forget to Purchase my Crypt mining ecourse at Sonof before it's too late I.E The next Bull Run which appears to be Happening really quick I'll see you next Tuesday

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