How Simplicity’s Jets and Combinators Enable CTV and APO

[Applause] Simplicity what it gives you is Expressivity right so right now every Layer Two comes with a new OP code comes With extensions to bitcoin script Because apparently we cannot do what we Want to do on layer one right now and This is we want to change that right we Want to there's a need for more Functionality on layer one but at the Same we all know that this is dangerous Right we we have for instance an Alternative which is the evm but it does All these things that we might not want And it's unpredictable it has state it Has uh gas and all these things that we Don't want on bitcoin and so Simplicity Extends massively extends layer one Using a very small Footprint which you can verify and um we Actually proved that you can compute any Verification any function that verifies Data on layer one this is not a Conjecture this is actually a proven Fact and so Simplicity is POS is is able To be as expressive as you might as you Might want Simplicity gives you these Nine com these building blocks to Compute any function that you might want And there is a caveat to this which is Consensus limits you imagine these Combinators they are like keywords and You combine them to form string Simplicity

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Expression and most of these expressions Are pretty large at some point you have A very large expression that doesn't fit Into a bigcon block or you don't want This you don't want to put this into a Bigcon block and so most expressions are Actually disallowed by consensus so what Do we do we introduce shortcuts which we Call Jets and these shortcuts basically Compress a large expression into one Small shortcut one small atom and we say If we see if we see the shortcut we Actually execute a dedicated op Optimized C code and we prove formally Because of simplicity's formal nature That this optimized C code does exactly The same as this very large expression That we could not put on the blockchain That might be too large to pay the fees For so we have a catalog of jets and um We have the combinators and with this we Can we can be we can combine them we can Express quite a lot for most things for Let's say op CV or any pref out you Wouldn't need a softwork you could just Use the Jets and the combinators to Combine them in some Form for most of these use cases you can Just deploy this on on the blockchain Right now if it had if it had Simplicity And if you want to optimize it later you Can you can already deploy it you can Already see how it works you can deploy It for years and then later when you

Decide this makes sense you can Introduce a jet for this specific Purpose to compress it even more so this Is what Adam meant I think by the last Sof because Simplicity makes many sofs Just not no longer necessary you can you Can skip them because you have the power Of jets and comers to to do a lot in Within Consensus

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